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Bach Cong Khanh strongly accused Nam Em, speaking out about being slandered and taking down the FC page

Pinky14:30:34 12/12/2023
Male singer and actor Bach Cong Khanh has just officially shared information surrounding the noise with Miss Nam Em, a character who has been making waves all over the internet these past few days. He spoke up for the first time, saying that Nam Em accused him and the company of playing a bad role.

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Nam Em was accused by a former team of a gameshow like no other, fans heard 1 detail to frown

Pinky06:33:10 04/12/2023
Nam Em continues to storm the media, when amid a series of dramas revolving around her fiancé, anti-fan, Bach Cong Khanh,... but recently caught a stone, when one of the former crew of the gameshow she once participated, spoke out about Nam Em's personality.

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Nam Em said Bach Cong Khanh was LGBT, 'over the drawbridge', close was just fun

Thanh Phúc08:21:28 02/12/2023
Nam Em caused a stir when there was a post accusing actor and singer Bach Cong Khanh of being from the LGBT community, the previously rumored romance was completely bogus, saying that Bach Cong Khanh was the one who crossed the drawbridge.

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Nam Em and Bach Cong Khanh suddenly revealed something unusual, the audience had to nod in recognition of one thing

Mưa13:50:33 27/10/2023
Running the show on two different stages, Bach Cong Khanh and Nam Em made many fans excited by having the same action of constantly dancing and swaying extremely rhythmically. Even though they run independent shows, this couple still has similar moments from time to time

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Nam Em duet with Bach Cong Khanh: constantly wiping away tears, the audience criticized heavily for "singing without breath"

Nhật Hân10:39:59 04/10/2023
The recent duet between Nam Em and Bach Cong Khanh after many scandals attracted the attention of netizens. Accordingly, each move of the long leg makes the people unable to understand.

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Nam Em was pitifully "shamed" by Bach Cong Khanh, refused to get involved, and asked to "let it go" when mentioning one thing.

Quỳnh Quỳnh10:52:31 21/09/2023
Once a very good duet couple, Nam Em - Bach Cong Khanh no longer appear together. Even on stage, both of them refrained from mentioning each other or re-singing songs they had duet together.

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Nam Em said one thing straight when receiving a gift from Bach Cong Khanh's fan after a noisy o.ff her husband

Mộc Trà16:53:28 01/08/2023
As a singing beauty that receives a lot of support from the audience, it is not difficult to understand that after every performance, Nam Em always receives a lot of gifts, making her work hard to bring them all home.

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Nam Em said strangely in the middle of the night: "Pity those who are trying to destroy me, a pile of broken souls"

T.P13:32:57 13/04/2023
Nam Em once again stirred up the online community with a statement full of meaning in the middle of the night, sending a statement to those who were trying to bring down and even "destroy" her, netizens were confused at the same time. what is happening. Miss, Singer Nam Em is...

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Nam Em - Bach Cong Khanh "falls in love from the beginning" after being noisy and openly posting pictures of the other party?

Chi Chu14:14:44 25/03/2023
Despite a lot of controversy, Nam Em and Bach Cong Khanh are always a couple that is loved by the audience. Recently, the female singer made a move that surprised many people when she publicly posted Bach Cong Khanh's photo on her personal page, Specifically, recently, Nam Em...

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Nam Em makes fans warm in the middle of the storm with the news of reuniting with Bach Cong Khanh

Tin11:57:41 06/02/2023
Nam Em is now a familiar name to the audience, making its mark on fashion catwalks, beauty contests and Vietnamese music villages. Not only distinguished by his gentle voice full of affection, Nam Em also received much love and attention from the audience when possessing a...

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Nam Em publicly "new person" after being bullied by Bach Cong Khanh, love to dress up together

N.P13:22:28 02/01/2023
Used to be a good duet with Bach Cong Khanh, but after the noise, perhaps Nam Em has found a new co-star. The "new person" of the female singer caused a fever when she was extremely handsome, the two even wore couple outfits on stage. On the evening of December 31, Nam Em had a...

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Nam Em has not finished the case of Bach Cong Khanh, shocked when he spoke about Song Hye Kyo - Song Joong Ki

Tiểu Yến Tử10:05:31 30/12/2022
Recently, Song Hye Kyo accidentally received criticism and sarcasm from a part of the Korean audience after her ex-husband Song Joong Ki announced his new girlfriend after 3 years of divorce. Although the actress has kept quiet about the above noise, her every action on social...

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Nam Em had a stressful situation and had to ask for help, Bach Cong Khanh wetly sang 'Ex-lover' after breaking up with love

Nắng12:16:14 25/12/2022
Recently, the online community shared a clip recording the performance of Bach Cong Khanh during a music night in Da Lat. Accordingly, besides his songs, Bach Cong Khanh also performed the hit "Old Lover" to dedicate to the audience. Appearing on stage with an elegant suit, Bach...

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Nam Em implied that Bach Cong Khanh spoke badly about himself, calling in the middle of the night to question the truth

Tu Ron11:49:25 23/12/2022
Miss Nam Em caused a stir when sharing the status line between the drama. In the article, the long-legged born in 1996 mentioned being treated unfairly, even though she did the right thing, she was still stoned by public opinion. On the afternoon of December 22, Bach Cong Khanh...

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Bach Cong Khanh spoke up when he was said to "take a fan" of Nam Em, clearly stating that he spent m.oney "playing bad" female singers

L.T16:47:20 22/12/2022
Bach Cong Khanh declared that he was ready to confront if there was evidence of hiring someone to take down Nam Em's FC page. It is known that in the process of singing together on stage, the two had conflicts related to professional issues. So inevitably the discomfort and...

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Nam Em appeared full of instability, causing fierce controversy after being noisy with Bach Cong Khanh

Nắng09:11:53 22/12/2022
Recently, on a show night in Da Lat, Nam Em continued to have "throw pieces". However, her limit was no longer in the exchanges, but brought that joke directly into the music. In the comments section, many comments expressed their disgust with Nam Em's attitude when performing:...

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Nam Em posted emotional music because of a special person, getting brighter and brighter after being noisy with Bach Cong Khanh

Sunny15:27:42 19/12/2022
Recently, on his personal Instagram page, Nam Em shared a story about one of his elderly fans suffering from a terminal illness. Specifically, the beautiful Tien Giang posted the status line: "Today I read a message from an elderly Fan. She said that she has cancer. But because...

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Bach Cong Khanh is in love, Nam Em shows alarm signs, had to be hospitalized urgently

N.P13:29:06 16/12/2022
In the face of market controversies from the "face-to-face" story with Bach Cong Khanh, Nam Em recently earnestly begged for one thing. The beauty also makes fans worried because of her worrying health condition, before that, Nam Em fainted on television and had to be...

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Nam Em - Bach Cong Khanh unfriended FB, the g.irl went to sing with puffy eyes: 'No longer charming'

Nắng10:02:58 13/12/2022
In recent days, social networks "wake up" before rumors of emotional rift between Nam Em and Bach Cong Khanh. The source of the incident stemmed from when the two publicly ignored each other at a December 9 concert. After many days of meaningful sharing on social networks...

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Nam Em caused grief when he burst into tears for Bach Cong Khanh: Growing affection

Nắng10:03:08 30/11/2022
Referring to the TV projects storming from the beginning of the year to the present, Duyen Kiep is a work that cannot be ignored. With attractive content with a young cast such as Bach Cong Khanh, Huynh Dong, Oanh Kieu,... In particular, the appearance of Truong My Nhan as Hui...

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Nam Em "ignored" Bach Cong Khanh after the question of dating, openly wanting to have children with other male stars?

N.P15:53:20 15/10/2022
Not Bach Cong Khanh, Nam Em recently had many romantic actions with Thuan Nguyen, even when asked if she thought about having children together, the beauty did not hesitate to admit "yes". Recently, the couple Nam Em - Bach Cong Khanh is one of the most enthusiastic fans in the...

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Nam Em out of love Bach Cong Khanh announced that he wanted to date Quang Hai, what's going on?

Hoàng Phúc11:39:01 02/07/2022
Nam Em is the twin sister of Le Nam (Nam Anh). Recently, two sisters Nam Em and Nam Anh received more attention from the public when they signed up to participate in two Miss Vietnam contests together. When Nam Anh slipped in the Top 10, all attention was focused on the two...

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