Nam Em gives up the dream of "princess", wants to be brave to become a "queen"

Hoàng AnhDec 21, 2022 at 15:26

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Experiencing many noisy stories related to emotional issues, perhaps Nam Em wanted to become stronger.

On his personal page, Nam Em released a series of moments with ecstatic visuals when he and his twin sister matched on the red carpet. In addition to the "top of the top", Nam Em reminded himself of a profound philosophical statement. The beauty wrote: "Don't dream of becoming a princess to be picked up by the prince. Have the courage to become a queen yourself."

Nam Em gives up the dream of "princess", wants to be brave to become a "queen" - Photo 1

It seems that through too many ups and downs, Nam Em realizes that what she needs most right now is the courage to revive her spirit after heartbreak. The beauty does not allow herself to be weak, the more storms she experiences in life, the more confident she must be, raising her head to move on.

Nam Em gives up the dream of "princess", wants to be brave to become a "queen" - Photo 2

Below the article, many viewers sent words of encouragement to Nam Em such as:

- Now what to do with the prince, be a strong queen, f.ight all the forces that stand in your way. I wish you always happy and forever beautiful.

- The Queen's aura was created by herself. Stay strong, Nam Em.

- That's right, honey. I wish you beautiful success, always keep positive energy.

- Be yourself, always be beautiful and happy, happiness will come to you without having to be sad for anyone.

Recently, the social network was suddenly stirred by the "question" of the Nam Em - Bach Cong Khanh couple having friction and "emotional fracture" by the act of "ignoring" each other at a music night. Bach Cong Khanh was caught in a wave of intense criticism from the public, most of the audience turned to defend Nam Em.

Nam Em gives up the dream of "princess", wants to be brave to become a "queen" - Photo 3

In this market storm, although she helped Nam Em become more mature, she also lost many things. Nam Em could not hide her sadness because her FC had disbanded.

Nam Em also sent a message to his fans, saying: "I am grateful and thankful to the 4-leaf clover family for walking together on a road we call youth. But everyone has their own life. I I hope everyone will have their own lives. Don't waste time on me too much. I can't stay with you guys forever.

Nam Em gives up the dream of "princess", wants to be brave to become a "queen" - Photo 4

So what I needed to say has already been said. I won't say it again either. If you lose an artist named Nam Em. You are still Queen. Queen is yours. Feel free to express your dreams behind this mask. You will be free. I have also devoted 8 years to my best. Tired too. Just give way to someone else. Can't stand here forever, everyone. From time to time go to the battle to f.ight the addiction. Get some retirement pay."

After that, Nam Em also posted a moment of performing at a music night. She appeared with puffy eyes and shared: "Naturally, I feel sorry for myself. It's been a long time since I've been on a trip. I have recovered my energy. Must have arranged more time for myself. Dedicating a lot. That's almost enough. I've worked hard. Let's rest."

Nam Em also revealed about his FC status: "In the end, my FC only had 3 people left, FC disbanded only 3 people. OK, one person is also FC".

Nam Em gives up the dream of "princess", wants to be brave to become a "queen" - Photo 5

It seems that her recent controversies have displeased the fans, leading to their abandonment of her.

Before that, when facing the market, Nam Em once comforted himself saying: "Let go, everyone. Whoever's life is responsible for himself. Finally, I want to. Dedication to the arts. I respect Khanh, but this road is no longer predestined to go together. Well, I have a new life. Be positive and optimistic."

Talking about the story with Bach Cong Khanh, long-legged 9X explained: "I also would like to add more about the words I said but were distorted by some people. Is Khanh your ideal type? I answer The answer is: 'If I choose a man to be my husband, I will choose someone like Bach Cong Khanh. Because he is tolerant, kind and kind.' And I have never said that I love Bach Cong Khanh and want to marry him. Husband. What I say and the way the editing department is pushing things too far. I'm just adding that. So sometimes I get bored and don't want to say more."

Nam Em gives up the dream of "princess", wants to be brave to become a "queen" - Photo 6

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