MCK and T Linh - The hottest couple in Vietnamese rap broke up, what's the reason?

Hà HàOct 13, 2021 at 20:50

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Recently, when a fan asked a question on MCK's Instagram story about rumors of breaking up with T Linh. The male rapper confirmed that the two had "go their separate ways".

He replied to the fan: "The breakup was lost. But it was beautiful, the ending was gentle". In addition, MCK also shared the reason that even though they broke up, both of them did not delete each other's photos: "Because we are the ones who miss".

MCK and T Linh - The hottest couple in Vietnamese rap broke up, what's the reason? - Photo 1

Soon after, T Linh made a move on her Instagram story. The female rapper freely expressed her thoughts: "Maybe you already know, maybe you don't know but well... T Linh and MCK broke up. Yes. Alas! A very heartbreaking news for a lot of people. a lot of people but that's okay, the problem is, it's a great love It's a new beginning, so let's celebrate and celebrate the high-class love story of these two."

MCK and Tlin are a Gen Z couple loved and known by the audience from the season 1 Rap Vietnamese program. During their dating, they were praised by fans for their age. The two did not hesitate to share moments of love and sweetness that made the online community jealous. The rapper couple possesses great talent and style, matching from personality to making music.

RPT MCK's real name is Nghiem Vu Hoang Long, born in 1999. In Rap Viet, MCK belongs to coach Karik's team, distinguished by the rap melody and is called "the heir of JTee (JustaTee)". Before participating in the contest, MCK had the stage name Long Nger, had many favorite songs, especially the hit "Bitter Love Like Ly Coffee". MCK is quite multi-talented when he can perform many genres of music.

MCK and T Linh - The hottest couple in Vietnamese rap broke up, what's the reason? - Photo 2

The success of "Vietnamese Rap" season 1 has helped a series of young rappers be loved and known more widely by the public. With what MCK showed at the show, it not only helped him to be in the Top 8 of the show, but also helped MCK become a name that is considered as a potential element of rap music in the future. After the contest ended, MCK continuously achieved many admirable successes. The male rapper became the owner of a big a.ward and his music products also received a warm reception from a large number of fans.

T Linh's real name is Nguyen Thao Linh, born in 2000 in Hanoi. She used to be a student at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy at Hanoi National University, whose parents are both dentists. Tlinh once entered the top 8 finalists of Rap Viet and was judged by the JustaTee judge as the most versatile female artist in Vietnam today.

The news that MCK spoke to confirm breaking up with T Linh after more than a year of dating made fans extremely regretful. MCK - T Linh is known for her romantic love story but also very cute when participating in the first season of Rap Viet. The couple did not hesitate to broadcast "wage crane" anytime, anywhere, from the show, backstage to real life, making people around "gato" many times non-stop.

MCK and T Linh - The hottest couple in Vietnamese rap broke up, what's the reason? - Photo 3

In the round of Vietnamese Rap Breakthrough, although they had to confront each other, the energy of MCK and the spirit radiated, making the audience extremely excited. Despite losing the match against MCK, T Linh still gave many winged compliments, hugged tightly, and congratulated her boyfriend on the victory. The intimate moment between MCK - T Linh was enthusiastically supported by many fans.

Before coming to the final night of Rap Viet, MCK was once in trouble when re-posting a controversial clip of Gonzo's vulgar statement, in order to support his senior. MCK expressed his opinion that he was not wrong so there was no need to apologize. T Linh then re-shared this post to support MCK and Gonzo.

Most netizens "stoned" MCK because they thought that he had made an inappropriate statement while still under the framework of the contest, affecting the reputation of the program. Before the noise, the contestant of team Karik apologized to the audience on his personal page. MCK believes that there is no need to respect those who have dug up his private life in the past, who intend to slander his brother. T Linh then also admitted the mistake of her own behavior and posted an apology letter to the audience.

MCK and T Linh - The hottest couple in Vietnamese rap broke up, what's the reason? - Photo 4

Right on the night of the final night of Rap Viet, MCK made the audience extremely admired when he returned with the image of a gentle, innocent, and infatuated b.oy, humming the rap love Va On This Melody written about a love story with Tlinh. . In an interview, MCK - T Linh once shared about their love story. Talking about publicity, distributing "crawl salary", embracing each other anytime, anywhere, MCK said: "The story will be calculated later. Now love each other not in public for fear of something later. then it sucks." T Linh then also added: "Why not live right now? Now I'm so proud of my lover that I'm not allowed to post it or what? I love my lover so much I'm not allowed to o.ff You guys? Have to keep it in my heart? No!".

MCK affirmed: "It's very normal to love each other publicly. It's normal. Because of humans, no one can argue with my heart. When it speaks, we must listen. If you don't listen, try to bury it. If it keeps talking, I'll go crazy!". Unlike many other couples, despite breaking up, T Linh - MCK still follow each other on social networks. MCK also revealed that the guy and T Linh ended gently and smoothly.

MCK and T Linh - The hottest couple in Vietnamese rap broke up, what's the reason? - Photo 5

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