Bach Cong Khanh took a special action with FC Nam Em, while the beauty revealed her marriage

Hoàng AnhFeb 03, 2023 at 16:06

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Recently, the online community shared a clip recording images during a night of Bach Cong Khanh's performance. Besides the performances that Bach Cong Khanh brought to the music night, a moment when the male singer was sent flowers by the audience, many people could not help but notice.

Bach Cong Khanh took a special action with FC Nam Em, while the beauty revealed her marriage - Photo 1

Accordingly, after receiving gifts from the audience, Bach Cong Khanh read the messages sent with flowers: "May you always be strong to stay happy. Fan Co". Right after that, the male singer smiled and asked the audience, "Do you know who Fan Co is?" and after receiving the actions of shaking his head to show his ignorance from the audience, Bach Cong Khanh laughed loudly and thought that the audience was "fake".

Bach Cong Khanh took a special action with FC Nam Em, while the beauty revealed her marriage - Photo 2

It is known that Fan Co is Nam Em's 4-leaf clover FC. It can be seen that FC Nam Em took a nice action when sending flowers to Bach Cong Khanh even though the beauty did not have a schedule with the male singer. However, this is only a long moment shared by netizens again by Bach Cong Khanh's happy reaction to a gift from Nam Em's fan at a time when the two still had a pretty good relationship, between 2 FC also often take actions to support the opponent.

After the "crash" noise not long ago, Nam Em and Bach Cong Khanh still regularly update their acting photos, but now the two no longer appear together as a duet. Instead, each still receives support from the audience with their own projects. At the same time, since that "crash" story, fans have no longer seen the two mentioning each other on stage and in media.

Bach Cong Khanh took a special action with FC Nam Em, while the beauty revealed her marriage - Photo 3

South Em, recently, she attracted attention when she appeared in a fan meeting, promoting the Miss Mekong Delta contest. The beauty showed off her radiant beauty at the event. She had the opportunity to share her journey of 8 years in office and her future plans.

Nam Em said that he was quite surprised when the contest he was crowned was reorganized after 8 years. When receiving the official information from the organizers, the beauty couldn't help but be excited because "it's time to hand over the crown to the successor to still carry out a new mission". Talking about the pressure of w.inning a beauty contest, the beauty of Tien Giang province shared: "You wear a crown on your head like a diamond ring, how do you deserve the position you have? I have to do it for the girls who can't."

Bach Cong Khanh took a special action with FC Nam Em, while the beauty revealed her marriage - Photo 4

Nam Em said in the past, people thought that she always lived true to her personal feelings was a disadvantage when operating in the showbiz environment. Looking back now, the beauty of Tien Giang is happy because she still has the support of the audience. From a personal story, Nam Em hopes everyone never give up on challenges.

She said: "Maybe my personality is not really suitable for this period, but the next stage will be suitable. Be yourself, follow the path you are choosing. I won the coronation and did not expect to enter showbiz but 8 years later, it becomes a very h.ot name when it comes to it. I don't set a goal to do it for this or that purpose. Simply doing what I'm passionate about, the universe will lead you in the right direction." .

Bach Cong Khanh took a special action with FC Nam Em, while the beauty revealed her marriage - Photo 5

Looking back on his 8-year incumbent journey, Nam Em said that he has worked non-stop, so he has no regrets. She hopes the next g.irl will love the job because according to the beautiful 9X, it is the "key" to overcome the challenges. Nam Em considers the negatives in the process of artistic activities as experiences and believes that "after the rain, the sun will shine". At the same time, when asked about the goal before the age of 30, the voice of the supporting role confided: "By the age of 30, my goal is to have a happy family, to give birth to a g.irl and a b.oy." .

Bach Cong Khanh took a special action with FC Nam Em, while the beauty revealed her marriage - Photo 6

Talking about the loss after being crowned Miss Mekong Delta, Nam Em said she "got" a crown. The beauty wishes to bring this memento to auction, help poor children in difficult circumstances or display it in a more solemn place. "I do this not to criticize or not want to keep the crown. I want someone who has sadness, feels distrustful in life, you look at that memento to see that my success is not easy. I I want to inspire you to see my series of ups and downs so that you can overcome. We all have the right to live for ourselves", the beauty born in 1996 confided.

Bach Cong Khanh took a special action with FC Nam Em, while the beauty revealed her marriage - Photo 7

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