My Girlfriend is a Fox after 12 years: Shin Min Ah is getting married, Lee Seung Gi is stoned for love

Như ÝFeb 16, 2022 at 16:53

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Officially released in 2010, up to the present time, the TV series My Girlfriend is a Ho Ly has turned 12 years old.

At the time of broadcast, the explosive "chemistry" of the lovely fox Shin Min Ah and "national son-in-law" Lee Seung Gi created a sensational fever throughout Asia.

My Girlfriend is a Fox after 12 years: Shin Min Ah is getting married, Lee Seung Gi is stoned for love - Photo 1

After the success of the film, the two actors have become A-list stars and their private life is equally interested by the people. In particular, the love story of the two actors is most interested by the people. After 12 years, while Shin Min Ah had a strong love story with Kim Woo Bin, Lee Seung Gi had a storm with two beauties Yoona (SNSD) and "Mama Chuê's daughter" Lee Da In.

Shin Min Ah is happy with Kim Woo Bin, about to get married?

Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin make the public more confident in showbiz love. The two actors met at a promotional photo shoot in 2015. Despite the 5-year age gap, the sisters have been extremely affectionate and romantic for the past 7 years. What makes the public admire and move the most about Kim Woo Bin - Shin Min Ah is always accompanying each other in the most difficult moments.

My Girlfriend is a Fox after 12 years: Shin Min Ah is getting married, Lee Seung Gi is stoned for love - Photo 2

In 2017, when Kim Woo Bin had to temporarily suspend his artistic activities to treat throat cancer, Shin Min Ah always stood by his lover's side, being a source of encouragement to help him become stronger to overcome the disease. When the actor recovered from his illness, Shin Min Ah encouraged her boyfriend to return to showbiz. Early last year, Kim Woo Bin also signed a contract with AM Entertainment, officially joining the same management company as Shin Min Ah.

Most recently, netizens stirred up at the news that the couple was about to get married at the end of this year. Although the truth is unknown, everyone is looking forward to seeing the couple holding hands and walking into the aisle soon.

Lee Seung Gi broke up with Yoona (SNSD), was opposed by fans for his love with "Mama Chuê's daughter" Lee Da In

Contrary to Shin Min Ah's happy love story, after 12 years, Lee Seung Gi was entangled in an emotional controversy. Lee Seung Gi and Yoona (SNSD) used to be the most beautiful couple in showbiz, but they broke up. Up to now, the "national son-in-law" has been dating new people but has been strongly opposed by fans.

Lee Seung Gi - Yoona publicized their love story in early 2014. Lee Seung Gi was dubbed the "national groom", with great success in many fields from singing, acting to MC; and Yoona is the cult beauty of SM, the center of SNSD, outstanding talent and success when encroaching on acting. This couple's love couple is fully supported by the people. But in August 2015, the couple announced "everyone's way", making the audience extremely regretful.

My Girlfriend is a Fox after 12 years: Shin Min Ah is getting married, Lee Seung Gi is stoned for love - Photo 3

In May 2021, after 6 years of breaking up with Yoona, Lee Seung Gi officially announced his second public love affair with "Mama Chuê's daughter" Lee Da In. It is known that the couple even debuted their families. However, if Yoona was praised by Lee Seung Gi's fans, her relationship with Lee Da In was strongly opposed because her acting career was quite lackluster and her family was entangled in many scandals.

In 2009, Lee Seung Gi's future mother-in-law - "Mama Chuê" Kyun Mi Ri was investigated for stock manipulation. The actress denied the suspicion of fraudulent business, asserting that she was just a profitable investor but was still fiercely criticized by the audience. In 2018, Kyun Mi Ri's husband - Lee Da In's stepfather was also arrested for the same act. Mr. Lee used the name of his wife Kyun Mi Ri to recruit investors, inflated and manipulated the stock price of a company to profit.

And yet, Lee Da In's biological father is also entangled in many private scandals. In January 2020, Mr. Im Young Gyu was arrested for obstructing business and was sentenced to 6 months in prison plus 2 years of probation. Nine months later, the actor got drunk and got into a f.ight at a bar. This caused Lee Da In's family to be labeled "scammers", "rogue", losing public sympathy.

For the above reasons, many fans think that Lee Da In is not worthy of "national son-in-law" Lee Seung Gi - who is always clean of scandals. After Lee Seung Gi confirmed his new relationship, the actor's fan community sent protest trucks to his house. On the car was written: "There are too many victims of their family (Lee Da In). Are you ready to destroy your 17-year career? You need to make a decisive decision. We protected me for the past 17 years. Now it's my turn to protect Airen (Lee Seung Gi's fandom)."

My Girlfriend is a Fox after 12 years: Shin Min Ah is getting married, Lee Seung Gi is stoned for love - Photo 4

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