Push Puttichai and his wife did not visit Tangmo The Gone Leaf, is this reason too accidental?

Hoàng PhúcMar 14, 2022 at 07:12

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Thai netizens were outraged when Push Puttichai and his wife revealed the reason for not visiting Tangmo Nida. Many viewers thought that the actor and his wife were too indifferent to the ill-fated colleague.

Recently, the couple Push Puttichai - Jui Warattaya had the opportunity to appear on the program of the television station GMMTV. Here, when the couple's appearance time has not come, Push and Jui are waiting at the backstage, which is having an entertainment news update about the funeral process of actress Tangmo Nida. After that, male MC Moddam took the opportunity to say that when he finished his work here, he would visit his colleague and ask loudly if the couple would visit or not.

Push Puttichai and his wife did not visit Tangmo The Gone Leaf, is this reason too accidental? - Photo 1
Push and his wife had the opportunity to appear on a talk show of GMMTV

Next, actor Jui who is also Push's wife replied, "I didn't attend because I didn't have the opportunity to work with or get close to Tangmo. But I also shared my condolences with the family on social networks. hey!" Her sharing surprised Thai netizens.

Worth mentioning, the guy Push sitting next to him when he heard his wife say that also expressed his agreement, pushing the matter to a c.limax. Because before that, Push had the opportunity to collaborate with Tangmo in Gone Leaf, the two also played the role of husband and wife. So the fact that he did not visit Tangmo's funeral was considered too careless and indifferent.

Push Puttichai and his wife did not visit Tangmo The Gone Leaf, is this reason too accidental? - Photo 2
Because of his nodding move, he received mixed opinions

Of course, there are many opinions that the guy should post a post to commemorate his colleagues when the two have filmed together, posting stories and will be deleted after 24 hours with a slight disregard for Push's friendship. and Tango.

Push Puttichai and his wife did not visit Tangmo The Gone Leaf, is this reason too accidental? - Photo 3

Many fans think that posting stories in memory of Tangmo is a rather sketchy act

In 2019, both Push Puttichai and Tangmo Nida appeared in The Flying Leaf. The two have played husband and wife since the first episode, although the last part had to divorce, the fact that Push and Tangmo had many scenes together is undeniable. Currently, Push Putticchai and his wife have not made any move before this news.

Push Puttichai and his wife did not visit Tangmo The Gone Leaf, is this reason too accidental? - Photo 4
Push and Tangmo did a lot of scenes together in Gone Leaf

Over the past few days, Tangmo's close colleagues have come to the funeral site for the last time to see her off. Some names can be mentioned such as Baifern Pimchanok (co-star in the movie The Flying Leaf), Young Kanchai, Thailand's "entertainment queen" - Aum Patcharapa, Cheer Thikamphon, A Supachai, Ning Panita, Mae Fuengar .

At the farewell of the actress, Ae Supachai, a famous actor and producer, recounted fond memories with Tangmo. He confided that when he first met Tangmo, they both participated in a Channel 7 drama project.

At that time, the two brothers did not have much m.oney, had to share a plate of rice 15 baht (about 10 thousand VND) in front of Ramkhamhaeng University. Since then, Ae and Tangmo always encourage each other when they are tired, and every year they meet to congratulate each other on their birthdays.

Push Puttichai and his wife did not visit Tangmo The Gone Leaf, is this reason too accidental? - Photo 5
Ae's story touched the audience. Photo: Khaosod

Push Puttichai and his wife did not visit Tangmo The Gone Leaf, is this reason too accidental? - Photo 6
Those present at the funeral were filled with sadness. Photo: Khaosod

Besides the famous stars, the actress's manager was also present at the funeral. However, Kratik caused a lot of controversy when he only appeared to see off his best friend for about 15 minutes and then left. When she arrived at the funeral, she repeatedly sobbed, appeared apologetic and depressed.

This action of the female manager made fans angry, criticizing her for not being sincere in sending off her best friend. In particular, she is also the person involved in the departure of Tangmo.

Push Puttichai and his wife did not visit Tangmo The Gone Leaf, is this reason too accidental? - Photo 7

The audience thought that Kratik did not sincerely come to see his best friend

Besides Kratik, the group of people on the fateful yacht was equally controversial. In it, Por and Job came to greet and act extremely close to Tangmo's biological mother, Panida. This image makes the public confused, outraged and recalls the interview of Ms. Panida when she said that she had 100% forgiven the 2 drivers. At the same time, the actress's mother also calculated to receive a compensation of 30 million baht (21 billion dong).

Push Puttichai and his wife did not visit Tangmo The Gone Leaf, is this reason too accidental? - Photo 8

Notably, during the memorial ceremony, Tangmo Nida's biological mother suddenly announced the postponement of her daughter's funeral. The reason why Ms. Panida made the decision to postpone the funeral on March 14 was because she witnessed with her own eyes the wound on Tangmo's b.ody. The injuries to the eyes, face and legs of the actress made Ms. Panida question whether her daughter fell off the boat due to an accident or not. After being advised by everyone, Ms. Panida decided to listen and postpone the cremation funeral, continuing to pursue the case to find answers about her daughter's d.eath.

Push Puttichai and his wife did not visit Tangmo The Gone Leaf, is this reason too accidental? - Photo 9
Por and Job attend Tangmo's funeral. Photo: Khaosod

In addition, fans who were unable to attend Tangmo's funeral in person have now brought many flowers and prayers to the Chao Phraya River to see off the actress. Looking at this image, the audience felt very sorry for a talented actress who lost her life.

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