A scandalous hair salon donates hair to charity but sells 1kg for 18 million?

T.PJun 13, 2024 at 11:51

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The online community is extremely excited about the incident of a famous hair salon in Hanoi, which was recently "scandalized" when netizens accused this establishment of cheating. Said to donate hair to cancer patients, but actually sold it for m.oney, 1kg costs 18 million.

Recently, on social network Facebook, an article was shared about hair donation activities at a famous hair salon in Hanoi and received a lot of attention from the community. Accordingly, many netizens believe that this salon received 700 hair sets from donors, but only donated 50 sets, the rest were for sale. Depending on the length, the hair will have different prices, the most expensive is 18 million VND for 70 cm of hair.

A scandalous hair salon donates hair to charity but sells 1kg for 18 million? - Photo 1

On a community group, the anonymous post owner revealed: "A hair salon donated 700 sets of hair, donated 50 sets for coloring, and sold 650 sets. Getting rich is not difficult." Below the post, an account named CT also revealed the name of the famous hair salon, surprising many people. According to revealed information, 1 kg of hair with a length of 40-45 cm is sold for 6-8 million VND. Meanwhile, 1 kg of hair with a length of over 70 cm is sold for 16-18 million VND.

A scandalous hair salon donates hair to charity but sells 1kg for 18 million? - Photo 2

Another post revealed more about the hair salon owner's unstable attitude when appearing at a charity event at a provincial hospital near the city. Hanoi: "The hair salon is known nationwide on Tiktok, in the hair industry with the reputation of specializing in charity work donating hair, but when I personally witnessed it, the owner of this hair salon was not what I saw. ..

While the local hair salon guys are focused on working, washing and fixing patients' hair, this guy doesn't do anything except bring along a media team, wherever he goes he pretends to do a few operations with them. The patient was a junior who ran after him, taking pictures. I watched from start to finish, he even took pictures with his fans because they thought he created these hairstyles to give to the patients. He acted a little from each angle so his juniors had time to film and take photos. about advertising, polishing his name".

A scandalous hair salon donates hair to charity but sells 1kg for 18 million? - Photo 3

In addition, below the posts "exposing" the famous hair salon, many customers also expressed their frustration that when they first came to donate their hair, the staff's attitude was very negligent, and then they deliberately advised on what to do. hairstyle at an expensive price: "My client got sick so she charged him 3.7 million for layered hair up to his shoulders. She said that when she was healthy, she donated her hair to about 40 cm, the wig was jagged."

A scandalous hair salon donates hair to charity but sells 1kg for 18 million? - Photo 4

The above post has received many negative comments, supposedly from people who have donated hair at this salon. Account Nguyen Van Anh posted a comment: "If the story of 700 hairs is true, please return my c.hild's hair." Sharing the same opinion, Ms. Nguyen Thuy Linh expressed: "Give my sister back her hair, after donating it, lure her into having her hair done for 1,600,000, but if she doesn't do it, she will immediately react. So disappointed, I thought it was just is commercial".

A scandalous hair salon donates hair to charity but sells 1kg for 18 million? - Photo 5

Mr. PN, who is part of the charity barber club in Bac Ninh, also expressed extreme disappointment and frustration at the above incident: "The next time the charity program has this salon, there won't be me and the charity barber club brothers. wish Bac Ninh."

A scandalous hair salon donates hair to charity but sells 1kg for 18 million? - Photo 6

In the past 2-3 years, this salon owner's story of receiving donated hair for cancer has spread strongly on social networks. To spread this humanitarian work, the owner and his team re-uploaded videos and stories of people donating hair to various social networking platforms. The sincere sharing of people who came to the salon to donate their hair touched the community, receiving hundreds of thousands of views and interest.

A scandalous hair salon donates hair to charity but sells 1kg for 18 million? - Photo 7

However, when faced with the information that the hair donated by people was not actually used for charity purposes, many people were very upset. The salon's fanpage has received many angry comments and negative comments. The salon has limited comments and expressions on the fanpage.

A scandalous hair salon donates hair to charity but sells 1kg for 18 million? - Photo 8

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