Rival Tuong San at Miss Transgender rolled onto the floor as she was named crowned

Phi YếnFeb 06, 2024 at 12:34

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As soon as she was named for the top position of Miss Transgender Thailand 2024, beauty Saruda Panyakham crawled on the floor, laughing and crying, surprising everyone.

On the evening of February 4, the Miss Transgender Thailand - Miss Tiffany's Universe 2024 pageant officially ended with the victory of Saruda Panyakham. The most striking feature of the finale, was the moment when the Top 2 held hands on stage waiting for the results.

Rival Tuong San at Miss Transgender rolled onto the floor as she was named crowned - Photo 1

When she was named Miss Saruda suddenly collapsed to the ground, repeatedly slamming her hands on the floor and holding her head. After that, this beauty did not stand up either, but began to divert in front of the center of the stage, while collapsing her face and crying.

It took a long time for Saruda to regain her composure and was helped to her feet by 1st runner-up Bruze Kachi-sarah. The funny video of the new Miss Transgender Thailand immediately went viral across social media platforms.

Rival Tuong San at Miss Transgender rolled onto the floor as she was named crowned - Photo 2

Rival Tuong San at Miss Transgender rolled onto the floor as she was named crowned - Photo 3

Her coverage also skyrocketed after her "1-0-2" celebration. Many people think that Saruda Panyakham is too happy and emotional because after 5 times of hard work in the Miss Transgender Thailand pageant, she was finally crowned.

It is known that with the victory at the national pageant, Saruda will represent Thailand in Miss Transgender International - Miss International Queen 2024. That means, she will become a rival of the beauty Tuong San - representing Vietnam at this playground.

Rival Tuong San at Miss Transgender rolled onto the floor as she was named crowned - Photo 4

Saruda Panyakham, 28, graduated in education from Rajabhat University in Chiang Mai and is now a flight attendant for American Airlines.

Possessing a slim b.ody with an impressive height of 1m78 and feminine facial features, she wishes to become a role model, an inspirational person in society, advocating for equal rights and freedom for everyone.

Rival Tuong San at Miss Transgender rolled onto the floor as she was named crowned - Photo 5

Not only has an excellent physique, but the Thai representative at Miss Transgender 2024 is also highly appreciated for her good language skills, fluent behavior and impressive compassionate projects.

As evidenced by the fact that in the last finale, Saruda thanks to convincing answers won the top spot. Specifically, she shared: "I have stood here for 5 years and remain faithful to my dreams, my heart.

Rival Tuong San at Miss Transgender rolled onto the floor as she was named crowned - Photo 6

I want to be an example for everyone, spreading the message that if you have a dream, f.ight for it, pursue, believe and act because the future is yours."

Currently, the Miss Transgender International 2024 pageant has no scheduled date. It is recorded that 14 contestants participated in the race to conquer the noble crown.

Rival Tuong San at Miss Transgender rolled onto the floor as she was named crowned - Photo 7

Last season, the beauty from the Netherlands won but did not impress the beauty community too much. The 1st runner-up was Qatrisha Zairyah Kamsir (Singapore), the 2nd runner-up was Melony Munro (United States).

Thailand was represented by the beauty Arissara Kankla in the Top 6 overall. Nguyen Ha Dieu Thao of Vietnam finished in the Top 11 with the Best National Costume sub-award and the winner of the voting prize.

Rival Tuong San at Miss Transgender rolled onto the floor as she was named crowned - Photo 8

Notably, after Diu Thao lost her spot in the top 6, social media erupted into controversy. In addition to comments that the organizers are unfair, some people are willing to use offensive words, disparaging the appearance of the American runner-up, saying that "Diu Thao is the one who deserves it", "demanding justice for Diu Thao".

Miss International Queen is the largest beauty arena on the planet for transgender women, organized by Tiffany's Show Pattaya Co., Ltd. Thailand is a country where many transgender people participate in entertainment activities, so creating this playground is a way for Tiffany company to promote its image.

Rival Tuong San at Miss Transgender rolled onto the floor as she was named crowned - Photo 9

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