Minh Sang: Hiding his family in showbiz, men once offered him $2,000 to "go out"

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Possessing a tall and handsome figure, a beautiful, powerful voice, and being well-trained through school, singer Minh Sang is increasingly building a name and success in his career.

Minh Sang was born in 1984 in Hai Duong. He once reached the top 12 of the Ho Chi Minh City Television Singing Contest while still sitting at the Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music.

He participated in the second season of The Voice, was in the top 4 of Dam Vinh Hung's team and continued to leave an impression on the public in the first season of X Factor.

Minh Sang: Hiding his family in showbiz, men once offered him ,000 to go out - Photo 1

Besides, he also tried his hand in the film industry by participating in a number of films such as: Bringing Love Back, Can't Stop Loving, Love Song for You, Where Love Stays.

After more than a year away from art due to an incident, Minh Sang returned to the singing path and won runner-up prize in Love Story Teller 2019, first prize in the Shining Stars competition with singer Duyen Quynh 2022.

Minh Sang: Hiding his family in showbiz, men once offered him ,000 to go out - Photo 2

Minh Sang: Hiding his family in showbiz, men once offered him ,000 to go out - Photo 3

Besides, singer Minh Sang is also known as a successful businessman. But, behind that success is a road filled with many thorns, sweat, tears and tireless efforts of the male singer.

Struggling to pursue artistic dreams

From a young age, Minh Sang had a special interest in music. He is an active member in cultural activities of the school, class, commune, ward,...

Seeing my c.hild stand on stage and sing for everyone to enjoy, the family feels very happy and proud. However, when Minh Sang mentioned pursuing a professional singing career, no one in his family supported him.

Minh Sang: Hiding his family in showbiz, men once offered him ,000 to go out - Photo 4

The male singer's parents feel worried if their son chooses this direction, because the view that "the artistic environment is very complex and full of pitfalls" is deeply ingrained in many people's minds.

Understanding his parents' thoughts, Minh Sang decided to both attend university and secretly take vocal classes.

During the next year, Minh Sang encountered many difficulties because he had to do many extra jobs to have m.oney to pay tuition and keep his dream of becoming a singer alive.

Minh Sang said: "At that time, to prepare for the entrance exam to the Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music, I took vocal and vocal classes with a tuition fee of 400,000 VND/hour nearly 20 years ago. Every week I only dared to study. 1 session, only when I have a lot of m.oney will I dare to study 2 sessions. At that time it was very difficult. I had to earn every penny, every penny to pay for exam preparation.

Minh Sang: Hiding his family in showbiz, men once offered him ,000 to go out - Photo 5

Waiting for the results is a very nervous time. When I received the results, I was lucky to be in the top 3 students with good exam results that year. Extremely happy and excited, I arranged to run back to my hometown immediately to meet my parents and say that this is my passion and what I want to do, hoping to receive their support" (source: Artist's Life - VTV9) .

Stable income, doing art purely for passion

Possessing a bright appearance on stage, a beautiful, powerful voice, and being well-trained through school, Minh Sang is increasingly building a name and success in his career. He is a familiar face in music competitions with impressive achievements.

In every competition Minh Sang participates in, he is always a strong candidate, making other competitors wary. However, although he often reaches the top, when the decisive moment comes, the male singer rarely touches the top position.

Minh Sang: Hiding his family in showbiz, men once offered him ,000 to go out - Photo 6

Sharing about this, Minh Sang said that when participating in a competition, reaching the final for him is something very precious. He doesn't put much emphasis on w.inning or losing: "The important thing is to live your life to the fullest with music, and the results sometimes depend on luck."

Besides his musical career, Minh Sang is also known to be quite successful in his business career. The male singer shared that right from the time of preparing for the conservatory entrance exam, he learned for himself experiences and lessons about economic issues.

When setting foot on the artistic path, he always considered spending in the most reasonable way, and at the same time had to build a reserve fund for himself when events happened in life.

Minh Sang: Hiding his family in showbiz, men once offered him ,000 to go out - Photo 7

"I always think, besides singing, I have to do something. What if tomorrow no one calls me to perform again? Showbiz today has many singers, competition is inevitable.

It was those thoughts that brought me to the path of online business. I think, doing business is also a good thing, it helps me keep spending. At that time, I will focus on art and completely devote myself to my passion."

Minh Sang: Hiding his family in showbiz, men once offered him ,000 to go out - Photo 8

I was once offered s.ex by a man for 2000 USD

Possessing a tall appearance with a b.aby face, a scholar, during his early singing days, Minh Sang received many solicitations, promising to help: "Some people give gifts of 5.10 million, some people bluntly offered 2000 USD to invite me to spend the night, but for some reason, the people who solicited me were all men.

Minh Sang: Hiding his family in showbiz, men once offered him ,000 to go out - Photo 9

There are even acquaintances. I also almost wavered many times thinking that with someone supporting me, I would have m.oney to make a MV and invest in music. However, because I didn't want to be bound and have to make trade-offs, I refused."

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