Mai Son: Divorced Kieu Linh after 12 years of marriage, praised by his ex-wife

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Mai Son is an artist specializing in comedy. In terms of personal life, he used to have a happy life with his wife - actor Kieu Linh. However, after more than 10 years of marriage, the couple decided to go their separate ways, making the audience regret.

Being a native of Saigon, Mai Son jumped to Lam Dong to work as a worker at the Tea Company. With an order to enlist in the army in 1978, Mai Son also stopped working as a worker. Entering the military field, the commander looked at Mai Son's resume and saw that Mai Son had the ability to draw. After verifying, Mai Son was taken to the team specializing in painting and promoting posters. This means that he did not have time to practice rolling cows, guns, and navigation maps, Mai Son hurriedly took off his soldier's shirt to do other work.

Mai Son: Divorced Kieu Linh after 12 years of marriage, praised by his ex-wife - Photo 1

More than two years later, Mai Son left the army. Bored of Lam Dong, he moved back to Saigon with dance troupes to tour everywhere. Still the old profession, in the evening of the Cai Luong troupe, Mai Son took care of drawing signs and advertising names for the main and secondary doubles. After work, sit in the chicken wings and watch the artist perform.

At that time, two comedians Bao Quoc and Duy Phuong made a storm at comedy venues. Where you want to have an audience and make a profit, you must invite Duy Phuong and Bao Quoc as the highlight of the night. Mai Son learned many accents from the nights of sitting in the chicken wings watching idols like that.

Mai Son: Divorced Kieu Linh after 12 years of marriage, praised by his ex-wife - Photo 2

Each night, Bau So will mix many performances together to reduce the economic burden. Just after the comedy, there is a circus performance, after the circus, there is magic, then excerpts from Cai Luong, music... The village maid cellar is enough.

In the morning, when Mai Son was still sleeping and baking, the circus leader shook his legs and got up and asked: "Can you do a circus". "Yes, okay," Mai Son replied. So he became a circus actor.

After performing the magic circus for a while, magician Alicaba brought Mai Son to introduce to artist My Chi, with the guarantee: "This guy performs well". My Chi looked at General Mai Son and agreed to join the group. Still petty roles, sometimes playing soldiers, sometimes playing servants... Running from the chicken wing, crossing to the stage, saying a funny sentence or two, and then running quickly to hide and wait for the next performance.

Mai Son: Divorced Kieu Linh after 12 years of marriage, praised by his ex-wife - Photo 3

Mai Son had more than a thousand days of playing such roles until the day he spoke to artist My Chi, allowing himself to form his own comedy group. "Can you do it, Grandpa? It's easy, but it's not easy," My Chi warned. "I allow you to try it, okay, I can continue to do it, otherwise I will run to you again. I carry you," Mai Son pleaded. Artist My Chi agreed.

Mai Son asked the magician Alicaba to drive her to the house of artist Thanh Tung, inviting her to form a duet group. Thanh Tung has an indescribable style of acting and comedy. Accustomed to calling Thanh Tung bald.

Mai Son: Divorced Kieu Linh after 12 years of marriage, praised by his ex-wife - Photo 4

After a short time together, the pair Mai Son - Thanh Tung won big with the skit Seeing him off. The skit has a summary of the content of the two brothers gathering together to perform comedy to see off the young man on his way to enlist in the army. But due to the lack of roles, Mai Son played the role of a g.irl as Thanh Tung's lover. That's all, then relaxed, juggling more salt sauce so that the audience laughs.

Divorce considers ex-wife as a soulmate

Kieu Linh and Mai Son got married in 2008, used to be a couple admired by many people in Vietnamese showbiz. They were teachers and students, 20 years apart. In the early days of living together, the marriage of the two encountered many turbulences because of the age difference. However, they have had 12 years of happiness and wealth.

Mai Son: Divorced Kieu Linh after 12 years of marriage, praised by his ex-wife - Photo 5

In 2021, the two were entangled in rumors of a marriage rift when Kieu Linh constantly wrote sad mood lines on her personal page. Besides, Kieu Linh and Mai Son also no longer interact with each other. At that time, the actress refused to share specifically but was in limbo that: "People meet by fate, love each other because of debt and break up due to fate. If the life of husband and wife is no different, Linh will also learn to accept."

Mai Son: Divorced Kieu Linh after 12 years of marriage, praised by his ex-wife - Photo 6

Recently, at the program 'Knocking on the door to visit the house', actor Kieu Linh admitted that her marriage with Mai Son broke down 4 years ago.

Actor Kieu Linh said that over the past time, there has been a lot of incorrect information about her private life. Through the program, the actress admitted for the first time that she had broken up her marriage with artist Mai Son.

Mai Son: Divorced Kieu Linh after 12 years of marriage, praised by his ex-wife - Photo 7

She shared: "Up to this moment, Mr. Son and I are like each other's soulmates. Mr. Son is still worried, giving me big things in life that a woman can't do. Currently, Mr. Son is in Da Lat to help me build a house on it, not in the name of a husband but in the name of a soulmate. If I share it, maybe people don't believe it, but it's really been like that for the past 3 or 4 years. Even Mr. Son's 2 stepchildren live at my house, Mr. Son still comes to the house from time to time. Currently, we don't have anyone new, that's why we can take care of each other, but only at the level of soulmates."

According to the movie actress Mai, artist Mai Son is a good person, does not have many friends outside, but only knows his wife and children. However, she said that he was so carefree that he was heartless and this could not be fixed. Meanwhile, Kieu Linh lives very introspectively and emotionally, wanting to be cared for from the smallest things, but Mai Son forgets that.

Mai Son: Divorced Kieu Linh after 12 years of marriage, praised by his ex-wife - Photo 8

The 8X actress said: "I'm a person who doesn't say it but wants people to understand. But Mr. Son is an incomprehensible person. It is not called a fault but the personality of each person. Neither he nor I are bad, it's just that when we put them together, we can't match."

Mai Son: Divorced Kieu Linh after 12 years of marriage, praised by his ex-wife - Photo 9

After the breakup, Kieu Linh affirmed that she is currently very happy and happy with what she has even though it is not complete. For the actress, Mai Son has always been a great benefactor in her life. Because from the early days of entering the arts, Mai Son was the one who protected and taught the actress many things.

Mai Son: Divorced Kieu Linh after 12 years of marriage, praised by his ex-wife - Photo 10

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