Ly Hao Nam's d.eath was unfounded, Lam Chan Huy appeared, the family was shocked because their son was missing

Phúc SenMar 25, 2024 at 14:43

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The news that male singer Ly Hao Nam passed away has caused people to stir in recent days. However, recently, a close friend, Lam Chan Huy, shared that this is baseless news. Ly Hao Nam's family also has new moves.

Accordingly, the information about Ly Hao Nam's d.eath came from a post by singer TiTi - a former member of the group HKT (the group has 3 members: Gia Hung, Tuan Kiet, TiTi), and was then spread by fanpages. Many viewers and fans left comments under the post about Ly Hao Nam, expressing their condolences for the male musician. However, currently, singer TiTi has deleted this post.

On the evening of March 23, singer Lam Chan Huy and his wife - colleagues and close friends of Ly Hao Nam - clarified the information. Ms. Thu Huong - wife of singer Lam Chan Huy - said "Ly Hao Nam passed away" is baseless information.

Ly Hao Nams d.eath was unfounded, Lam Chan Huy appeared, the family was shocked because their son was missing - Photo 1

"I saw that the rumor "Ly Hao Nam passed away" came from one person, but I don't know where that person got the information from. Then social networks as well as some newspapers reported the news, without confirmation. from family," Ms. Thu Huong said.

Ly Hao Nams d.eath was unfounded, Lam Chan Huy appeared, the family was shocked because their son was missing - Photo 2

Singer Lam Chan Huy's wife also said that when false rumors spread and reached Ly Hao Nam's family, it made the male musician's father confused and mentally depressed. Ms. Huong added that recently, musician Ly Hao Nam often moved from his hometown to Ho Chi Minh City to receive royalties from his works. However, since arriving in Ho Chi Minh City about 3 months ago, Ly Hao Nam has c.ut o.ff contact with his family as well as singer Lam Chan Huy.

Ly Hao Nams d.eath was unfounded, Lam Chan Huy appeared, the family was shocked because their son was missing - Photo 3

Ms. Thu Huong said that her husband and musician Ly Hao Nam have collaborated on many music projects, including the hit song Look Up at Life, so their relationship is very close. Not only that, singer Lam Chan Huy's family and Ly Hao Nam's family often visit each other and ask about each other's health. Since Ly Hao Nam disappeared, singer Lam Chan Huy often called to comfort Ly Hao Nam's father.

"Nam's mother passed away a few years ago. Nam's father is old. When he heard rumors about his son, Nam's father was very worried. Recently, Nam's family as well as my wife and I have been looking for Nam everywhere. Even though we didn't We could contact them, but we couldn't report Nam's d.eath so baselessly," Ms. Huong expressed.

Ly Hao Nams d.eath was unfounded, Lam Chan Huy appeared, the family was shocked because their son was missing - Photo 4

Ms. Thu Huong also shared that before losing contact with friends and relatives, Ly Hao Nam's health was not good. "There are many things that Nam makes Huy sad, but Huy still loves Nam very much like a brother in the family. He and I also helped Nam many times when he was in trouble. Huy even bought a phone for Nam. Currently the family Nam's family and my husband and I are also looking forward to finding Nam," Ms. Thu Huong shared.

Speaking further with the media, Ms. Thao, Ly Hao Nam's cousin, said the family was confused by the news of the male musician's d.eath. "Mr. Nam's father is very shocked right now. Because his family has lost contact with him for 3 months now. He is mentally unstable and does not use the phone or social networks," relatives said.

Ly Hao Nams d.eath was unfounded, Lam Chan Huy appeared, the family was shocked because their son was missing - Photo 5

According to Ms. Thao, the author of the song "Nang Kieu Missing Step" has experienced many incidents. There was a time when Ly Hao Nam received help from Lam Chan Huy and his friends to treat his illness. After treatment, he returned to live with his family but his illness relapsed. "Currently, the family does not have any accurate information. Before, the family was already sad, but now that there is more information like that, it is even sadder," relative Ly Hao Nam confided.

Ly Hao Nams d.eath was unfounded, Lam Chan Huy appeared, the family was shocked because their son was missing - Photo 6

Lam Chan Huy said that in 2021, out of pity for his colleague's situation, the male singer took Ly Hao Nam to the hospital for treatment. "At that time, it was during the epidemic period, so it was difficult. But I think it's my brothers, so I should do whatever I can to help. Some friends and I took care of Nam's treatment costs for a year," he shared. According to the male singer, after his health was stabilized, Ly Hao Nam was brought back to live with his family. However, the old illness relapsed, causing the author Nang Kieu to accidentally leave home.

Ly Hao Nams d.eath was unfounded, Lam Chan Huy appeared, the family was shocked because their son was missing - Photo 7

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