Lan Huong FapTV: U30 rich lady, "forever young" beauty after 10 years

Bút MựcMay 16, 2024 at 17:35

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At the end of 2013, while a student at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH), Le Ly Lan Huong (born 1994) suddenly became famous online thanks to an ID photo.

From an ordinary f.emale s.tudent, she attracted public attention and was nicknamed "hot photo girl" or "ID photo doll".

Lan Huong FapTV: U30 rich lady, forever young beauty after 10 years - Photo 1

Immediately after becoming known, many card photo shops used Lan Huong's image for advertising. Fame came so quickly that the 19-year-old g.irl was somewhat "overwhelmed".

"It's not really called changing my life overnight like everyone says, it's just that my life is a bit chaotic. Suddenly I got a lot of attention, my personal page continuously increased the number of followers... also Thanks to that, more opportunities opened up for me," Lan Huong shared

Lan Huong also feels annoyed because many people compare, pay attention to, and even flood her personal page with negative comments about her appearance and figure. Therefore, although she really liked participating in art, she decided to focus on studying.

Lan Huong FapTV: U30 rich lady, forever young beauty after 10 years - Photo 2

After graduating, she accepted an invitation to be a lookbook model (photo model), fell in love with web drama (short series of films shown online) and became a young actress. She attracted attention when participating in FAPTV's school short film You belong to me, I belong to no one else.

For Lan Huong, everyone in FAPTV is as close as a family. 9X happily recalled the memory: "I was the one who could never drink beer, but while traveling with everyone, I accidentally drank a lot and got drunk. Fortunately, the sisters took care of me all night, but Confiding in me makes me feel so warm."

Not knowing anything about acting, in the first days, the "hot photo girl" was not at all confident when standing in front of the camera. However, the initial feelings of anxiety and shyness passed quickly. With great effort, her acting ability improved day by day and was recognized by everyone.

Lan Huong FapTV: U30 rich lady, forever young beauty after 10 years - Photo 3

Success came to her soon after when she participated in a series of other sitcom projects such as: Big Brother's First Love, Love the Wrong God, Five Dragons, That Year We Were 18...

At the age of 25, Lan Huong made many people admire her when she bought her own house in Ho Chi Minh City. She said the apartment is not big, but she is happy to be able to decorate and buy things herself according to her preferences. It's the result of many years of hard work and own business, so it's even more meaningful.

Despite emerging with a pure and cute style, 9x is not afraid to change her style to be accepted by more people. She said she has transformed into a more seductive image but still maintains a discreet and appropriate outfit choice.

The h.ot g.irl confided that she can't always dress like a teenage g.irl. And she is grateful to the fans who have accompanied her and witnessed her growth over the years.

Lan Huong FapTV: U30 rich lady, forever young beauty after 10 years - Photo 4

Expressing herself in many roles, Lan Huong admits that she is not the best, but is the best version of herself. She always tries to do everything well. When modeling lookbook photos, Lan Huong must take care of herself, take care of her skin, exercise, and eat moderately to have a beautiful "dressed" b.ody.

Therefore, sometimes when she craves food, she does not dare to "relax" because her b.ody easily gains weight. Regarding filming, Lan Huong spends a lot of time honing her acting skills. She likes to write movie scripts and has had several works that were well received. "I'm getting older and more mature in both personality and appearance. My fashion sense and make-up are also very different from before," she said.

Lan Huong is also the type of person who has clear goals and plans and does not spend wastefully. Whether moving fast or slow, she wants every step to be certain. If chosen again, Lan Huong still wants to be famous for her ID photo like last year. Because even though she had to endure a lot of pressure, she admitted that it was the lever that helped her achieve the success she has today.

Lan Huong FapTV: U30 rich lady, forever young beauty after 10 years - Photo 5

When asked if she was afraid of being called a "faded h.ot girl", Lan Huong smiled and shook her head. She is confident that she is working hard and constantly developing, so even if she no longer has the title of h.ot g.irl, she is still an actress, photo model or content creator on social networking channels.

Regarding love, Lan Huong once had a well-known love affair with Luong Gia Huy - her co-star in many school sitcoms. During their relationship, the two also often posted funny moments on social networks. At the end of 2020, Lan Huong and Gia Huy stopped in silence and decided to return to being friends.

Lan Huong FapTV: U30 rich lady, forever young beauty after 10 years - Photo 6

In 2023, the audience met Lan Huong on television when she sat in the h.ot seat of the show Perfect Love Confession. She said the reason she joined was "seeing that I'm getting old". "I want to find my own half, have someone to accompany me and love me like other girls," she said.

With outstanding beauty, Lan Huong quickly attracted the attention of many male leads in the show. However, after receiving love confessions many times, she still hasn't been moved by anyone.

Lan Huong FapTV: U30 rich lady, forever young beauty after 10 years - Photo 7

Currently, Lan Huong rarely mentions love stories on social networks. She said she would take the time to love herself more and not be in a hurry because she believes that "the important thing for women is to be beautiful and financially independent, it's not too late to get married at 40 years old."

Lan Huong FapTV: U30 rich lady, forever young beauty after 10 years - Photo 8

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