Lee Kang In: Asian Messi, bad temper, team fighting, Kpop idol dating

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Only 1.73 m tall, left-footed, can both score and assist, those factors combined with Lee Kang In's ability to dribble regularly help Lee Kang In be compared to the famous Lionel Messi.

Lee Kang In's talent

The fact that Lee Kang In is not afraid to dribble anywhere, from the wings to the edge of the defense, sometimes becomes a double-edged sword. Some coaches will be concerned that it will affect their ability to switch statuses. However, others appreciate the player with good dribbling ability, because it creates creativity as well as brings high mutation.

Lee Kang In: Asian Messi, bad temper, team fighting, Kpop idol dating - Photo 1

Lee Kang In can play two-legged, handle the ball well. He is in the group of "running machines" with speed and agility, which makes it easy for him to escape the clinging of opponents. The low center of gravity helps Lee Kang In stay firm, difficult to tackle.

After Park Ji-sung, Son Heung-min, Hwang Hee-chan, Korean football has more promising talents. A quality player and only 22 years old. It was Lee Kang In.

Thanks to being trained in the European football environment since childhood, Lee Kang In has made great developments. After training at Valencia's training camp, the South Korean striker made his first-team debut and played in La Liga in 2018. Three years later, Lee Kang In moved to Mallorca, beginning to build a reputation.

In the 2022/23 season, the South Korean striker scored 6 goals and had 6 assists. By the summer of 2023, Paris Saint Germain spent 22 million euros to recruit Lee Kang In.

Lee Kang In: Asian Messi, bad temper, team fighting, Kpop idol dating - Photo 2

At first, this player seemed to serve only commercial purposes, but coach Luis Enrique saw the special qualities of the student.

Up to now, Lee Kang In started 10 matches in Ligue 1, scoring 1 goal and having 2 assists, In the UEFA Champions League, the player has 210 minutes of play, scoring 1 goal. These statistics show that Lee Kang In is indeed an important part of PSG.

Last summer, PSG parted ways with Lionel Messi, which was a big loss. But for Lee Kang In, whose style of play is almost similar to the Argentine superstar, the French team is somewhat relieved because they now have a player "almost like Messi".

Lee Kang In: Asian Messi, bad temper, team fighting, Kpop idol dating - Photo 3

Of course, all comparisons to Leo are lame. However, seeing the way Lee Kang In dribbles confidently, it brings excitement to the audience.

The unexpected progress helps Lee Kang In be considered a promising factor of football in the land of kimchi. In 2019, the striker led the South Korea U20 team to the U20 World Cup final. It was a tournament where Lee Kang In scored 2 goals and had 4 assists.

In the championship match, he also opened the scoring from the 11-meter mark, but the South Korea U20 team then lost 1-3 to Ukraine U20. His impressive performances on Polish soil at the 2019 U20 World Cup Finals earned Lee Kang In the Golden Ball of the tournament, the a.ward won by Lionel Messi (2005) and Paul Pogba (2013).

Lee Kang In: Asian Messi, bad temper, team fighting, Kpop idol dating - Photo 4

After that, the striker born in 2001 was called up to the national team by coach Paulo Bento, to attend the Tokyo 2020 Olympics - this player scored 3 goals in 4 matches. At the 2022 World Cup, Lee Kang In also had the opportunity to participate, becoming the youngest player of the kimchi representative.

However, coach Paulo Bento only let Lee Kang In start one match. In the tournament played in Qatar, Lee Kang In played a total of 145 minutes.

"A Weirdo"

According to observers, Lee Kang In grew up in a relatively free environment, and is a good player with good dribbling and ball control skills. Therefore, the striker also faced a lot of criticism within the team, with other members considering him a "weirdo".

Lee Kang In: Asian Messi, bad temper, team fighting, Kpop idol dating - Photo 5

Lee Kang In is also said to have repeatedly angered South Korean players from a young age, before a "physical collision" incident with Son Heung-min ahead of the 2023 Asian Cup semi-final against Jordan. "Kang-in has a bad temper," M.oney Today quoted FC Seoul striker Cho Young-wood as saying. "Everyone knows Kang-in sometimes makes outrageous jokes with older players."

Many experts emphasize that since football is a team sport, players with strong personalities can only be accepted within certain limits. Lee Kang In is said to have a big ego, so turned on captain Son Heung-min when the captain asked him and his group of players who were playing table tennis to quietly return to the dinner table ahead of the 2023 Asian Cup semi-final.

As revealed by Kbizoom, Lee Kang In had a fierce argument, responding to Son Heung-min saying, "What's wrong with playing table tennis in the evening?" or "The coach hasn't said anything, why did you mess up my break," when the two sides exchanged words.

When the situation calmed down, his teammates advised Lee Kang In to show respect to Son Heung-min, but the player ignored him. When an older player scolded Lee Kang In, the PSG striker challenged, "I will withdraw from the team."

Lee Kang In: Asian Messi, bad temper, team fighting, Kpop idol dating - Photo 6

Earlier, while attending the U20 World Cup 2019, many teammates in Korea complained about Lee Kang In's attitude. According to M.oney Today, the striker born in 2001 crossed the line by swearing, having many actions that created inconsistency within the team.

Hankuoreh commented that Lee Kang In's problems (from the past) come from cultural differences. But there is also a view that the player disrespects captain Son Heung-min. However, Lee Kang In apologized to the senior immediately after the incident as well as publicly admitted the mistake.

On social media, users thought that Lee Kang In was young, so he was shallow. He may be to blame, but above all, the Korea Football Federation needs to end the internal friction soon. The longer it lasts, the harder things will become to control.

H.ot History Returns

Just last month, Lee Kang In and Lee Naeun (April) became the 2024 New Year couple in Korean showbiz. The Fact has released an exclusive series of photos of female idols born in 1999 and cult players born in 2001 dating at the dormitory of the Korean national team as well as at his home.

Lee Kang In: Asian Messi, bad temper, team fighting, Kpop idol dating - Photo 7

After the news broke, Lee Naeun's side said they were just acquaintances, while Lee Kang In's representative did not give an answer. Although Lee Naeun denied that the relationship was the case, she was scrutinized for deleting "proof" photos of traveling with Lee Kang In in Bali, Indonesia.

This series of Bali check-in photos was posted by the idol last September. Meanwhile, a fan who went to Bali last June saw Lee Kang In with a g.irl. The act of deleting Naeun's photos amid dating news was "opened" made netizens believe that she and Lee Kang In are actually a couple.

Lee Kang In: Asian Messi, bad temper, team fighting, Kpop idol dating - Photo 8

On January 5, SPOTV News suddenly revealed the shocking information, which is that both couples broke up before being exposed by the media. According to this news site, the 2 stars have a headache because of the dating after "going their separate ways".

Lee Kang In: Asian Messi, bad temper, team fighting, Kpop idol dating - Photo 9

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