Kieu Linh divorced Mai Son, still living with her ex-husband's stepchild, and was sobbingly praised

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Comedian couple Mai Son - Kieu Linh used to be one of the couples with many age differences and was admired in the Vietnamese entertainment industry. However, after more than a decade, the two recently admitted that they had gone their separate ways.

After the divorce, the two's behavior made people admire.

Kieu Linh divorced Mai Son, still living with her ex-husbands stepchild, and was sobbingly praised - Photo 1

Accordingly, Kieu Linh said that she and her ex-husband still maintain a close relationship, and she is even still taking care of Mai Son's eldest son.

She shared with the audience that although her marriage had broken down, her life was still fine: "Everyone can rest assured, Kieu Linh is now very well, happy and happy with what she has, even though her family imperfective".

Kieu Linh confided: "Up to now, Mr. Son and I are like each other's soulmates. Mr. Son still takes care of the big tasks in life for me that women cannot do. He takes care of the decoration and construction. Currently, he is in Da Lat to build a house there according to my dream, but not as a husband but as a soulmate.

I know that when I share this, many people will say I'm lying and there is no such thing. But for the past 3 or 4 years, we've still treated each other like that."

Kieu Linh divorced Mai Son, still living with her ex-husbands stepchild, and was sobbingly praised - Photo 2

The actress said the reason she and Mai Son broke up was because of contrasting personalities, not because of a "third person": "Because there is no other person, up to now we can still take care of each other.

Mr. Son is a good-natured person with no outside friends. But he has an unchangeable point of being heartless, while I am an introverted, emotional person, he has to take care of me little by little and he has to understand my wishes. That's each person's personality, not a fault, but we can't 'fit' each other."

Breaking up but still keeping love, always taking care of the other person's life is a humane way of life that the couple has for each other. Mai Son is currently in Da Lat to take care of his ex-wife's small dream garden. And Kieu Linh lives in Ho Chi Minh City with Mai Son's stepson, accompanying him on his online business path. Both of Mai Son's sons consider Kieu Linh as a second mother.

Kieu Linh divorced Mai Son, still living with her ex-husbands stepchild, and was sobbingly praised - Photo 3

Previously, at the program "Knocking on the Door to Visit Home", Mai Son's son gave many compliments to "stepmother" Kieu Linh.

Minh Nhat confided: "I've been living with Ms. Linh and my dad since 2015. Between my dad and Ms. Linh, I'm more compatible with Ms. Linh. Ms. Linh doesn't share her love story with me, but I think that children shouldn't talk about adults. I still respect the decision of the two of you. I think it's okay, as long as the whole family is happy, it's okay. Since coming to live with Ms. Kieu Linh, I'm more than happy The mother is like a sister, a friend. Ms. Linh and I talk to each other about many things like a previous teacher at work.

Kieu Linh divorced Mai Son, still living with her ex-husbands stepchild, and was sobbingly praised - Photo 4

Kieu Linh divorced Mai Son, still living with her ex-husbands stepchild, and was sobbingly praised - Photo 5

Also in the program, Kieu Linh revealed the reason she "disappeared" from the entertainment industry for the past 4 years: "I have a business streak, I plan to do both business and artistic activities.

But when online sales livestreams started appearing, it was not considered a profession and when I livestreamed, I was 'c.ut o.ff' from the show. People worked with the editor to stop working with me because at that time, selling online was considered cheap, and artists who sold online were discriminated against.

Kieu Linh divorced Mai Son, still living with her ex-husbands stepchild, and was sobbingly praised - Photo 6

I'm also sad but still try to maintain both art and business. One day, my business grew so much that I had to spend a lot of time on it, so sometimes I forgot my lyrics when performing. I had to choose to focus on only one thing and I decided to do business. Because if I do business, I can take care of my family and the more than 400 dogs I adopted."

Kieu Linh divorced Mai Son, still living with her ex-husbands stepchild, and was sobbingly praised - Photo 7

Referring to her future plans, Kieu Linh said that when Mai Son's eldest son has his own family, she will live alone: "I know that when I get old I will be lonely because I have no husband or children." , I have to be alone. Everyone has a destiny and I accept that right now I'm really alone but I'm happy with my life."

Kieu Linh divorced Mai Son, still living with her ex-husbands stepchild, and was sobbingly praised - Photo 8

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