Thuong Tin's wife speaks out about the rumor of keeping 1 billion from MTQ for her elderly husband to wander around?

JLOJun 17, 2024 at 17:08

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Recently, artist Thuong Tin's life has become a topic of interest to many audiences. Even the male actor of the movie Saigon Rangers was caught wandering everywhere, thanks to the help of acquaintances.

In response to the information spreading on social networks about Thuong Tin's current life, the male artist's wife recently spoke up to correct many false rumors.

Thuong Tins wife speaks out about the rumor of keeping 1 billion from MTQ for her elderly husband to wander around? - Photo 1

Responding to the question about holding 1 billion VND in a bank account shared by musician To Hieu not long ago, Thuong Tin's wife denied it. She affirmed: "That is inaccurate news."

Questioning the news that she neglected her husband and wandered around, Thuong Tin's wife confided: "In general, those are just fake news, but people say that, it's a bit hard to listen to...".

Thuong Tin's wife shared that Thuong Tin currently has no income so he does not send her m.oney. Talking about the reason for not living together, she confided: "He doesn't live with me but lives with his elderly mother. Sometimes he only stays for a few days, then goes home with his elderly mother, but it's cramped here, and he also lives there. no way".

Thuong Tins wife speaks out about the rumor of keeping 1 billion from MTQ for her elderly husband to wander around? - Photo 2

Previously, musician To Hieu said: "There was a sponsor abroad who transferred m.oney to him through his wife's account, requiring Thuong Tin to accompany his wife to receive the m.oney.

When he went to the bank to receive m.oney, Thuong Tin learned that his wife's account had more than 1 billion. Thuong Tin asked to take out some expenses, but his wife did not let him. Even with the m.oney the sponsors just sent to Thuong Tin, his wife said to leave it there, to earn interest and still live."

Thuong Tins wife speaks out about the rumor of keeping 1 billion from MTQ for her elderly husband to wander around? - Photo 3

When mentioning Thuong Tin, people will immediately remember the most flamboyant actor on screen at one time. His name is associated with many famous roles such as the role of Major Liu Ky Vong in Upside Down, the bandit Bach Hai Duong in SBC, Sau Tam in Saigon Rangers, Tam Thuong in Halves Battlefield. moon...

As of 2015, Thuong Tin is the actor who has participated in the most feature films and videos in Vietnam with more than 200 large and small films. At his peak, one year he played up to 12 main roles in different films. The actor's life at that time was extremely rich and prosperous.

Thuong Tins wife speaks out about the rumor of keeping 1 billion from MTQ for her elderly husband to wander around? - Photo 4

However, despite his talent, Thuong Tin made many mistakes. In his youth, he indulged himself in entertainment and many scandalous love affairs. Then, in his old age, the male artist had to accept "bitter fruit".

Once a gallant actor, admired by many people on screen, but now Thuong Tin's situation is very difficult. He lived in poverty and had seriously weakened health due to multiple strokes.

After being caught up in a series of scandals in recent years, the male artist moved back to his hometown. Initially, he came to live with his 32-year-old wife and daughter, but then moved back to his mother's house because he could not stand the pressure of life. Occasionally, people meet Thuong Tin wandering around Phan Rang, Da Lat with a haggard appearance...

Thuong Tins wife speaks out about the rumor of keeping 1 billion from MTQ for her elderly husband to wander around? - Photo 5

Sometimes, Thuong Tin accepted a show and earned m.oney. But he sometimes leaves the show and cannot be contacted.

Thuong Tin has a son named Bui Thanh Tung, born in 1978. At the age of 20, he married a rich lady named Thuy Tien and had a son together. However, after a period of living together and many conflicts arose, the two broke up.

When Thuong Tin was repeatedly entangled in scandals, his son was also "called names". Many people wonder why Thanh Tung let his father live a miserable and miserable life without taking Thuong Tin home to take care of him.

Thuong Tins wife speaks out about the rumor of keeping 1 billion from MTQ for her elderly husband to wander around? - Photo 6

However, Thuong Tin's son also has a not very prosperous life. Business was sluggish and he had to take care of his wife and two children, so he was having a hard time. However, when witnessing his father's situation, Thanh Tung repeatedly wanted to take him home to live with him, but Thuong Tin refused.

"Dad wants to have privacy. When he goes to see a doctor, it's Tung who takes him to the doctor, not because he doesn't care about him," Thuong Tin's son shared with Luat and readers.

When Thuong Tin returned home, Thanh Tung still kept in touch with his father. But later, because the male artist constantly changed his phone number, it was difficult for his son to contact him.

Thuong Tins wife speaks out about the rumor of keeping 1 billion from MTQ for her elderly husband to wander around? - Photo 7

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