Hong Hai passed away, his pregnant wife regretted not being determined to do this

JLOJun 15, 2024 at 10:05

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The information that actor Hong Hai of the movie 'Vi Ca prequel: Little fish crossing the big sea' passed away at the age of 31 due to illness, shocked the whole showbiz.

The most heartbreaking thing is probably his pregnant wife.

Sharing with the media, Ms. Le Thi Be Ngoan, 31 years old, was shocked by the passing of her husband - actress Hong Hai, even though she had mentally prepared.

Three weeks ago, Hong Hai had severe abdominal pain, plus jaundice, so she went to the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, People's Hospital 115 and Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital.

Hong Hai passed away, his pregnant wife regretted not being determined to do this - Photo 1

The diagnosis results included end-stage cirrhosis and duodenitis, which shocked Hong Hai. Before that, he had had stomach pain many times, but subjectively thought it was normal pain so he just went to the store to buy medicine and took it lightly.

As a fitness trainer, Hong Hai is conscious of taking care of her own health. However, according to his wife, he smokes a lot, drinks occasionally, and after each weight-lifting competition, his health is more or less affected.

When he was hospitalized, Ms. Ngoan, his biological mother and his wife's family were there to take care of him. In the last days of his life, the actor often looked forward to his wife. He often held Ms. Ngoan's hand and said, "Are you tired? I'm in so much pain" or was afraid that if he died early, there would be no one to take care of his wife and children.

Hong Hai passed away, his pregnant wife regretted not being determined to do this - Photo 2

During the last 3 days, Hong Hai gradually lost consciousness and did not leave a last wish or wish.

Ms. Ngoan had mentally prepared herself since her husband was hospitalized but still could not avoid the feeling of pain and confusion. However, she did not dare to cry too much, fearing it would affect the 4-month fetus - the crystallization of the couple's second love.

"The b.aby is very good today, not kicking the mother's belly like the previous days. The fetus can feel the mother's emotions so I don't dare to be too emotional. Also, I'm afraid that crying too much will make him feel uncomfortable." , she choked.

Ms. Ngoan added that she is now calm but has no regrets. "If only every time you had a stomach ache, I would have firmly forced you to go to the hospital...", Hong Hai's wife trailed off.

Hong Hai passed away, his pregnant wife regretted not being determined to do this - Photo 3

Actor Hong Hai and Ms. Be Ngoan got married 5 years ago and have a 5-year-old son named Hai Anh. Ms. Ngoan is pregnant with her second c.hild and plans to give birth to a b.oy named Hai Dang and a g.irl named Hai Van.

The couple lives in Ho Chi Minh City, since February 2023, they have moved to Phu Quoc, Kien Giang until now. Hong Hai works as a gym trainer, teaches martial arts, occasionally competes and acts in movies. Ms. Ngoan opened a hair and nail salon. He also has hairdressing skills so he helps his wife.

Hong Hai plans to finish a martial arts tournament here, bring his family back to Ho Chi Minh City to live and then open another store with his wife.

Hong Hai passed away, his pregnant wife regretted not being determined to do this - Photo 4

During his lifetime, the actor loved his wife, loved his children, worked hard to earn m.oney so that his wife and children could live happily. In addition, with his compassionate personality, he was loved by many brothers and friends.

Talking with Traffic Newspaper, director Mr. To couldn't hide his sadness when talking about his colleagues.

He said that three days ago, an audience member sent a text message informing him about Hong Hai, but by the time he read the message, the actor's health had worsened.

Hong Hai passed away, his pregnant wife regretted not being determined to do this - Photo 5

Although he only worked on one project with Hong Hai, director Mr. To said that the love and value the actor left behind for him and the whole crew is very great. He expressed his regret for a talented person.

"Since working on the script for the movie "Fish Crossing the Big Sea", I have imagined that the character Hai 33 must be a big, muscular person, over 1m8 tall, with a cold face. The crew suggested very much. There are many actors but no one meets my desired criteria. I decided to post online to look for new faces.

Hai texted me. When I looked at Hai's photo, I was shocked to see the character I was looking for. But, even though the crew stopped me because Hai is not an actor, I still believe that I can train Hai.

Hong Hai passed away, his pregnant wife regretted not being determined to do this - Photo 6

The next difficulty is that Hai lives and teaches gym in Phu Quoc, so traveling and arranging work to go to Saigon for a week is impossible. So my hope was crushed.

About 10 days later, I received a text message from Hai. She said that during that time, she flew to Saigon to participate in a tournament and could film with me. I was very happy and personally arranged Hai's schedule. As a result, Hai completed his character very well and created a highlight for the whole film. After filming finished, I also promised to invite Hai for future projects.

Hong Hai passed away, his pregnant wife regretted not being determined to do this - Photo 7

In my eyes, Hai is a special and talented factor. Hai's image in the movie looks grumpy, but in person she is very cute and gentle. She was always smiling and cheerful, everyone in the film crew loved her," director Mr. To emotionally recalled his memories with actor Hong Hai.

Hong Hai passed away, his pregnant wife regretted not being determined to do this - Photo 8

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