Singer Quang Binh: Divorced Trang Thanh Lan, now half paralyzed, living in poverty

Bảo NamJun 20, 2024 at 16:40

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Singer Quang Binh was born in 1957, the son of famous singer Hung Cuong. In the 1980s, Quang Binh sang with his ex-wife, Trang Thanh Lan, and was loved by many audiences through the songs Road to Homeland, Truong Son Dong Truong Son Tay, Perfume of Young Rice,...

In 1992, the couple Quang Binh - Trang Thanh Lan moved to the US to settle down, experienced many incidents and then their marriage broke down. Currently, the male singer's life is difficult, he lives alone, and experienced a stroke in 2022.

Singer Quang Binh: Divorced Trang Thanh Lan, now half paralyzed, living in poverty - Photo 1

Singer Quang Binh said he had artistic talent since childhood. However, famous singer Hung Cuong once told his son "not to follow this career because it is very expensive". The male singer said his father once advised him to try to study so that he can later pursue a career as a doctor or engineer... and singing is just fun and entertainment, not to consider it as a main profession.

Singer Quang Binh said: "At first, my father didn't teach me anything because he didn't like me pursuing a career. However, I still secretly went to study music with him. One time he came to see me organize a show, and he saw me singing. If he could, he would take me with the group. At that time, my father's salary was 50,000 VND, so I was paid 5 VND. If I followed him, I would do whatever he said, but I didn't dare argue. I was only 18 years old, so I didn't know what to do After singing for about 2 weeks, my salary increased to 15 dong, and Trang Thanh Lan was paid 50 dong. At that time, I called Trang Thanh Lan my sister because we were 4 years older than me. We often went out to eat and drink In my heart, I also paid attention to her."

Singer Quang Binh: Divorced Trang Thanh Lan, now half paralyzed, living in poverty - Photo 2

The 67-year-old male singer confided that when he followed the group for a while, he was sad when many people said he was similar to famous singer Hung Cuong. At the same time, male singer 5X discovered that Trang Thanh Lan had a family so he decided to leave for another singing group. Quang Binh believes that he and Trang Thanh Lan are fated. Because 5 years later, they met again in another theater group. At that time, Trang Thanh Lan said that she had divorced her husband, so the two decided to get together. However, their love was not supported by famous singer Hung Cuong. Quang Binh said that at that time his father was angry and wanted to beat him, but he still decided to make love with Trang Thanh Lan.

In 1992, the couple Quang Binh - Trang Thanh Lan moved to the US to settle. However, after 5 years of living together, their marriage broke up. The male singer confided: "When it comes to love, my personality is still the same, once I leave I won't come back. At that time, I asked Lan if she had decided yet. If she had decided, I would sign the application. I don't know whose fault it is, maybe Lan saw that I did something wrong but didn't tell me what she did wrong I just said to think carefully, if I don't reply the next day, I will sign the form. The thing I regret most is breaking up with Trang Thanh Lan. After breaking up, I decided to return to Vietnam As for my mother, I still have a family. Lan said she would take care of the children. If I got divorced, I would have to move out of the house and live alone. I couldn't accept living alone, so I returned to Vietnam with the thought of building a life new but in the end it didn't work".

Singer Quang Binh: Divorced Trang Thanh Lan, now half paralyzed, living in poverty - Photo 3

How are you living now?

Nowadays, the lives of two people have changed a lot. Trang Thanh Lan enjoys a peaceful life with her children. She shares that her life is now like a spiritual journey, where she no longer depends on anyone and only focuses on building a home. Meanwhile, Quang Binh still faces many difficulties, is tormented by illness, and is lonely without relatives.

Accordingly, at the end of April, the female comedian posted a video to singer Quang Binh's house. Accordingly, she went to buy a refrigerator for her colleagues to move to their new home in the US.

Singer Quang Binh: Divorced Trang Thanh Lan, now half paralyzed, living in poverty - Photo 4

She said: "Today I went to the supermarket to buy Mr. Quang Binh a refrigerator. He just moved into a new house, and now he's shy so he said he doesn't need a refrigerator. But if he doesn't have a refrigerator, then The food will go stale, which is not good for Mr. Quang Binh. I was free to go buy a refrigerator yesterday but I couldn't take the car with me today , help bring the refrigerator to Mr. Quang Binh's house."

Singer Quang Binh: Divorced Trang Thanh Lan, now half paralyzed, living in poverty - Photo 5

The refrigerator Thuy Nga bought for Quang Binh was only $250 and very small. But because Quang Binh's house is very narrow, it can only fit such a refrigerator. In addition to the refrigerator, the female comedian also bought a microwave and rice cooker for her colleagues.

When she brought the refrigerator to Quang Binh's house, the audience was surprised to see that the male singer's new house was so small. In fact, it is just a rented room with an area of less than 20 square meters. Because the area is so small, this place only fits a single bed, a refrigerator, a wardrobe and a few items. The furniture in the house is still very messy.

Singer Quang Binh: Divorced Trang Thanh Lan, now half paralyzed, living in poverty - Photo 6

Singer Quang Binh's new apartment makes everyone extremely sad because almost all Vietnamese artists in the US have majestic properties, several hundred to thousands of square meters wide. Many viewers still don't believe that he has to live in such a cramped apartment in America.

Quang Binh also recently had a stroke so he has difficulty walking and has to use a walker to walk. He said he is paralyzed on one side and is trying to exercise to move.

Singer Quang Binh: Divorced Trang Thanh Lan, now half paralyzed, living in poverty - Photo 7

Quang Binh's economy is quite difficult, so Thuy Nga came to help, buying furniture for him. Not only that, the female comedian also contributed to cleaning and rearranging furniture in the house, and called on sponsors to help her seniors.

Singer Quang Binh: Divorced Trang Thanh Lan, now half paralyzed, living in poverty - Photo 8

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