Rumors of Nam Thu "holding the mic" as a singer are rumored, people are still arguing about the truth

Thảo MaiJun 19, 2024 at 15:11

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During Ha Nhi's concert in Ho Chi Minh City, Nam Thu suddenly appeared when switching roles with the female singer in the opening part, making the audience both confused and excited. Some people even thought she was about to debut as a singer.

Accordingly, at the SHE in SHINE concert in Ho Chi Minh City, the "twin version" of Ha Nhi, Nam Thu, suddenly appeared, making many viewers wonder which version is really Ha Nhi, when both are the same. Wear a sparkling design like a queen. The two had a charming "comedy" exchange on stage, causing the show to open in an atmosphere full of laughter.

Rumors of Nam Thu holding the mic as a singer are rumored, people are still arguing about the truth - Photo 1

The image of Nam Thu "holding the mic" sparked news that she was about to debut, but this was just an incarnation of the beauty of the comedy industry to support her colleagues.

Rumors of Nam Thu holding the mic as a singer are rumored, people are still arguing about the truth - Photo 2

Coming back to Ha Nhi, in addition to her vocal ability, she is also one of the artists who "jokes" the most when appearing on stage. And indispensable for Ha Nhi's extremely close communication "specialty" is making the audience "return" unexpectedly, making everyone nervous because they don't know when it will be their turn to be called. "Reluctant victims" include Lam Vi Da and Kha Nhu in the exchange "There is fate without debt".

Rumors of Nam Thu holding the mic as a singer are rumored, people are still arguing about the truth - Photo 3

To attend Ha Nhi's concert, Mai Tien Dung just got off the plane and went straight to the venue. Love songs like Endgame - People like you, Don't apologize anymore, Can't get you out of my head - Hate myself for loving you... are two voices blended together with "backing" What could be more wonderful comes from the position of thousands of spectators.

Rumors of Nam Thu holding the mic as a singer are rumored, people are still arguing about the truth - Photo 4

With the songs Every party ends, Don't expect me to be happy..., Ha Nhi not only conquered the most demanding audiences, but also satisfied the tastes of young audiences.

In 2015, Ha Nhi was first known to the audience when participating in the program Vietnam Idol. However, luck did not really smile, she did not make it to the final round. After leaving the competition, Ha Nhi had a period of struggling with her passion when she received many refusals to perform from tea rooms.

Singer Ha Nhi has had a "transformation" in her name since ending her journey on the game show The Masked Singer. Ha Nhi's career flourished and received a lot of love from the audience and fans.

Rumors of Nam Thu holding the mic as a singer are rumored, people are still arguing about the truth - Photo 5

The pop ballad "Long Again" was once performed by Ha Nhi on the Masked Singer stage, in a vocal duel with the mysterious character Blue Eyes Leopard. After that, the song went viral on the TikTok platform. From the existing effects of social networks, Ha Nhi's new MV was released and continued to attract a lot of attention from fans.

Currently, Ha Nhi is a singer who is sought after by many events and always maintains her hotness through quality musical works.

Her schedule is always full with many artistic events, diverse in performance styles. Ha Nhi not only covered the country but also made her mark at major international events.

Rumors of Nam Thu holding the mic as a singer are rumored, people are still arguing about the truth - Photo 6

Dubbed the "grateful to her ex-lover" singer, Ha Nhi puts stories into her musical works to create her own unique style. With high standards, she often refines each note, making the listener "absorb" every sentence and every word. When listening to Ha Nhi sing, the audience feels like they are the characters represented in each song.

Not only that, with her powerful voice and deep emotions, Ha Nhi is a prominent name on h.ot music nights with sweet ballads, like notes in heaven. Ha Nhi once had a "feverish" sharing about herself, when she said that she was a person with many "personalities". It is expressed through character transformation, singing techniques and performance style at each event.

Rumors of Nam Thu holding the mic as a singer are rumored, people are still arguing about the truth - Photo 7

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