Rumor has it that Thuy Tien has her first movie role, starring in the movie Linh Mieu?

Thảo MaiJun 18, 2024 at 17:06

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At the present time, the story of post-transformation girls acting in movies is no longer a new thing. Recently, information on social networks began to spread that Thuy Tien is about to have her first movie role.

Specifically, the movie "Linh Mieu" recently released a promotional poster, announcing the expected release date in November 2024. On the poster is an image of a cracked porcelain mosaic and a series of strange but familiar faces that arouse curiosity.

Rumor has it that Thuy Tien has her first movie role, starring in the movie Linh Mieu? - Photo 1

Many people began to guess who the female protagonist featured on the film's poster was, in which Miss Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien's name was mentioned the most.

Looking from the eyes and mouth of the face on the right side of the poster is very similar to Miss Thuy Tien. Meanwhile, the part of the face on the left is unknown which female artist belongs to.

Rumor has it that Thuy Tien has her first movie role, starring in the movie Linh Mieu? - Photo 2

In addition, many people realized that around the end of May to early June, when the film crew "Linh Mieu" was filming in Hue, Thuy Tien was also present in the ancient capital at this time. Therefore, the speculation that Thuy Tien is the female lead on the poster of the movie "Linh Mieu" is completely valid.

Rumor has it that Thuy Tien has her first movie role, starring in the movie Linh Mieu? - Photo 3

Currently, Miss Thuy Tien as well as the producers of the movie "Linh Mieu" have not announced the main actresses of the movie. However, the public is looking forward to Thuy Tien's big screen debut, and there are also many skeptical opinions when the queen chose a heavy horror movie to "debut" in acting.

Rumor has it that Thuy Tien has her first movie role, starring in the movie Linh Mieu? - Photo 4

Miss Thuy Tien once wanted to try her hand at a role on the big screen when she participated in the casting for a popular movie recently but was not selected for the movie. The director of that movie also said he chose the actors based on the criteria of being suitable for the role. However, not being cast in the film does not mean not having acting ability. At the same time, depending on fate, if we do not cooperate on this project, we may work together on future projects if suitable.

Rumor has it that Thuy Tien has her first movie role, starring in the movie Linh Mieu? - Photo 5

As for Thuy Tien, she is currently not commenting on the above suspicion. Instead, she happily celebrated her birthday early with her special someone.

Specifically, Miss Thuy Tien happily said that two close friends, singer Duc Phuc and streamer Misthy, came to her place of work to wish her an early happy birthday. When appearing in the same frame with Duc Phuc - Misthy, she quite comfortably revealed her bare face, dressed simply and was present at a popular restaurant. It is known that the beauty was born on August 12, it is about two months before she officially turns a new age.

Rumor has it that Thuy Tien has her first movie role, starring in the movie Linh Mieu? - Photo 6

Therefore, Duc Phuc - Misthy's thoughtfulness made Thuy Tien extremely touched: "My brother and sister came all the way to Hue to wish me a happy birthday. Are you close?" Duc Phuc also left a comment: "What a lie, seeing that we came out as a surprise, so he suddenly lied to me, happy birthday." Netizens left positive comments and expressed admiration for the friendship between Thuy Tien and her two famous brothers and sisters: "Start celebrating Tien's birthday from now on. The three sisters are so cute." , "And then you have a two-month birthday party too", "I wish I could meet her on the street"...

Rumor has it that Thuy Tien has her first movie role, starring in the movie Linh Mieu? - Photo 7

Thuy Tien - Duc Phuc - Misthy quickly became close friends while filming together, experiencing many new challenges in a work project. After completion, the three still maintained a good friendship, often chatting and meeting in everyday life. As for Thuy Tien, she also accepted a cooperation invitation from Duc Phuc by participating in some of the male singer's MVs.

Thuy Tien is still a name that attracts public attention 3 years after w.inning the first Miss Grand International crown for Vietnam. Along with her successes, the beauty born in 1998 also encountered many incidents. However, she emphasized that she has never worried if one day the halo no longer exists.

"I'm not afraid of this because ever since I became famous I've thought about the time when I won't be famous anymore. I think it's normal for the aura to gradually fade, and one day it will come, so why should I be afraid of something? "Obviously. The important thing is that when corona comes, I live my life to the fullest and fully with it," Thuy Tien shared

Rumor has it that Thuy Tien has her first movie role, starring in the movie Linh Mieu? - Photo 8

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