Le Quyen praised Lam Bao Chau but decided not to marry for this reason!

Bảo NamJun 17, 2024 at 13:47

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Le Quyen - Lam Bao Chau is one of the Vbiz couples receiving attention from fans. Overcoming age prejudice, the two still accompany and support each other in life and work.

However, when asked about organizing a wedding with Lam Bao Chau after 3 years of dating, Le Quyen said: "For me, I think it's as simple as this. The two have been together for many years. Everything has become familiar now, there are many things that the two of us are focusing on building. I want to accompany and share with Chau the difficulties that she and I have I hope you will achieve that dream brilliantly.

Le Quyen praised Lam Bao Chau but decided not to marry for this reason! - Photo 1

When you feel like your career has achieved a certain level of success, your love life will blossom and bear fruit. Quyen herself is in no hurry, Chau herself is still too young. Let's slowly conquer our own desires. The important thing is that we stick together, we stay together, have fun and be happy. Of course, whatever will happen will happen, and when that time comes, I won't leave everyone guessing, I will be ready to share for everyone to enjoy."

Le Quyen praised Lam Bao Chau but decided not to marry for this reason! - Photo 2

Looking back at the journey of loving her younger boyfriend, the tea room queen confided: "At first we came together out of affection, but then it was about responsibility, love, care and protection for each other. Over time , our relationship from lovers to relatives.

After declaring my love, there were harsh prejudices that made me laugh. Life doesn't have to be "50-50" in all aspects to be beautiful to people. Choosing Chau means I have found a valuable man.

I am never influenced by public opinion. If I lived for the praise of others, I would never have dared to step past the past to choose the present life. I don't pay attention to other people's comments or judgments to avoid being psychologically affected. Now I know what I need and have to act properly."

Le Quyen praised Lam Bao Chau but decided not to marry for this reason! - Photo 3

"I once told my boyfriend that "once you choose someone, in my eyes the world seems like no man exists, only you." I went through a sad, stressful time. When Chau came soothed and comforted me a lot emotionally.

Right now I feel like I'm quite lucky in love. Sometimes, I am also irritable, inhibited, and my emotions exceed the limit in response to some life situations. However, Chau always held back and chose a suitable time to give me feedback. When he whispers something, I always find it poignant.

I need a man who is altruistic, understanding, tolerant and knows how to teach me at the right time. If that person is afraid of me, cowardly, they will definitely break up after a month. I found things in Chau to build happiness together," the female singer added.

Le Quyen praised Lam Bao Chau but decided not to marry for this reason! - Photo 4

It can be seen that Le Quyen said her current desire is to accompany Lam Bao Chau to help her boyfriend develop his career and achieve certain success first. After that, both will consider love. The "Queen of the Tea Room" affirmed that she will be ready to share funny stories with fans at a more appropriate time.

Le Quyen and Lam Bao Chau publicly dated at the end of 2020. On social networks, the two often openly express their affection and share a series of moments together. Talking about Lam Bao Chau, Le Quyen said: "I like his calmness and warmth. I understand that when he loved Le Quyen, Chau suffered many disadvantages, even facing a lot of pressure and hurt from public opinion. However, he still stood there, giving me a gentle hug every time I was sad and chose to behave, very manly.

Le Quyen praised Lam Bao Chau but decided not to marry for this reason! - Photo 5

He also knows how to make efforts to prove himself. Recently, in my new music product, Chau took on many roles at the same time including director, scriptwriter, and actor. I think you should take the time to learn more about directing and staging because your talents are suitable.

Sometimes, Chau is also stubborn and rigid. I advise you to be soft because being soft is not a lack of bravery but a way to find more opportunities for development. At the age of 30, many people out there are also struggling to find ways to assert themselves like Chau, so it's not too late."

Le Quyen praised Lam Bao Chau but decided not to marry for this reason! - Photo 6

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