Seachains - Who is the Vietnamese Rap champion season 2 bringing glory to Karik?

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Seachains is not a strange name in the rap music lovers community. The male rapper is famous for his many hip-hop songs such as Slow Down (2018), Fourteen Hours Five (2019), Anh 17 (2020), Im Alright (2020), Simple Love....

Recently, Saechains overcame many heavyweight contestants to become the Vietnamese Rap Champion season 2.

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Popular rapper of OTD

Seachains real name is Huynh Long Hai, born in 1995, he expressed his love for rap, hip-hop since he was still in school. Therefore, he is determined to pursue this picky music genre and build his own strange and unique style. Seachains used to study and work at the group Pb Nation, produced by musician Phuc Bo along with 2 other members.

After a few years of operation, Seachains branched out into solo activities, composing songs with chill or playful trapsoul melodies with his typical Western voice.

Currently, Seachains is active in the famous Western group OTD Production Studios. This is the gathering place of many famous rappers such as Ricky Star, Lang LD, Obito. During his time with OTD, Seachains released the song "Simple Love" composed by him, causing a fever in the online community for a long time and now has more than 83 million views on Youtube.

Seachains' journey to become the Vietnamese Rap champion season 2

At the end of 2021, Seachains participated in Rap Viet season 2 and was immediately noticed thanks to a rap song called "Feel" based on the original song "Thinking in You". With an impressive performance, Seachains simultaneously received 3 golden hats from Binz, Karik and Rhymastic. Even Coach Rhymastic directly took the yellow hat to the stage, creating a thrilling robbery scene when declaring that he cherished the rapper born in 1995.

Seachains - Who is the Vietnamese Rap champion season 2 bringing glory to Karik? - Photo 2

The battle for the competition became more intense when Karik "boldly" announced that he would bring Seachains to the third round of Rap Viet. After that, Rhymastic was no less competitive when it "strongly" promised that it would bring Seachains to the end... the finale. In the end, Seachains selected to coach Karik's team.

In the head-to-head round of Rap Viet, Seachains played against Lil' Wuyn of Rhymastic team. If Seachains makes everyone surprised and emotional, before Lil' Wuyn appeared, Tran Thanh also predicted that: "The upcoming character will definitely bring an earthquake!".

In the end, Seachains won the head-to-head round and earned a ticket to the Finals night. Drawing experience from GDucky in season one, Karik assigned Seachains the right topic and composition to keep him in shape from the beginning. Seachains performs the Feel rap, on an Epic beat and a strong emotional drum beat.

This performance received many compliments from the coaches. JustaTee likened Seachains' performance to a song performed at the Olympic Games, and the audience commented that he kept his form in the first final.

Sharing about his journey at Rap Viet, the male rapper expressed: "Before the competition, I want to be the best rapper. After the exam, I want to be the happiest rapper. It feels like the best person may not be the best rapper. But the happiest rapper is to have conquered the goal."

In the end, with 37% votes from the audience, coaches and judges, Seachains won the top title, surpassing 2 heavyweights, Blacka and Lil Wuyn. The male rapper received a prize of VND 500 million and a music recording and distribution contract with an international singer worth VND 500 million.

Seachains - Who is the Vietnamese Rap champion season 2 bringing glory to Karik? - Photo 3

Seachains and the musical short film Dam Bich

Compared with many other contestants of Rap Viet, even before coming out of the competition, Seachains has had its own active activities, the most significant of which is the release of a musical short film called Dam Bich by the male rapper. right before the final of Rap Viet season 2.

Seachains' musical film Dam Bich is 12 and a half minutes long, including 3 songs: Five hundred and one thousand dong, Cho me for you (with Summer Vee's voice) and Dog. Dam Bich directed by Lam Tan Huy. This is the person who worked as a director for famous MVs of the rap and hip-hop community such as Den Vau, Lynk Lee...

However, according to some commenters, the musical short film of the winner of Rap Viet season 2 has not really impressed on the image as well as the lack of connection between the songs. Seachains is very private in his private life, he has never revealed his girlfriend or personal life.

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