Karik spoke up when his name was called out and hurt Bella: "Please stop creating dramas"

Duyên TrầnNov 03, 2021 at 17:21

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The love story of Karik and the h.ot g.irl Bella once received the attention of the public, but the two "went their separate ways" in the regret of the audience.

Nearly a year after breaking up, the two's names were suddenly placed next to each other because of an unclear post. Accordingly, Karik's ex-girlfriend posted an angry message about the story of being offended by someone, the more silent the more misunderstood. It is not clear how the story ends, Karik was also involved, a series of moves he posted were scrutinized and attributed to the noisy incident. Recently, the male rapper expressed his anger on his personal page.

Karik spoke up when his name was called out and hurt Bella: "Please stop creating dramas" - Photo 1

The male rapper re-shared the title of the article with the content: "Amidst the noise of his ex-girlfriend posting to r.eveal that someone was hurt, Karik posted only 8 words but it was extremely stressful", he affirmed that this was the case. unrelated assignment. Karik wrote: "Journalists and sisters, everyone who looks at me knows that I write for contestants, but why do you attach me to other people's stories like this. Please stop creating dramas." Previously, Karik posted on his personal page: "All risks must have a basis!" The status line of only 8 words without mentioning anyone was posted in the middle of the noise, causing some people to misunderstand. However, with the move to speak out from Karik's side, it can be affirmed with certainty that those words are simply for the contestants, not with a profound meaning as people think.

About Bella - Karik's ex-lover, on November 2, she suddenly posted on the forum with an extremely angry attitude, saying that she had suffered silently because of being bullied and defamed all the time. On her personal page, she wrote: "Things that can't be saved should be accepted, not tortured, slaughtered, vilified uneducatedly with others because people do not forgive their mistakes. everything has gone too far and can't be saved. I've endured silence for so long to be misunderstood many times, but everything has its limit." Netizens immediately stirred up, gossiping about the character mentioned by Karik's ex-girlfriend.

Sharing with the press about the frustrations she is suffering, Bella confided: "I am very shocked and not okay, but not to the point of letting everything fall apart when bringing stories that can affect my life. However, this is only temporary, I hope that person's side will stay awake and not hurt myself anymore, because everything should have a certain limit! I want to keep the best, treat it as a memory and keep a good image of myself!"

When questioned about the character in question as Karik, Bella refused to answer with the desire not to affect that person's career. Karik and Bella used to be known as a young couple in the entertainment industry. During the time of love, the two publicly broadcast "wage pay" many times on social networks. However, in December 2020, in a comment, Bella confirmed that she had broken up with Karik. On his side, the male rapper shared: "Currently, my love story is very difficult to talk about. The problem is that Karik doesn't know how to share it with everyone because everything is very bad and has not been going anywhere. I think Bella was under a lot of pressure. When I was still acquainted, I also encouraged Bella a lot."

Karik spoke up when his name was called out and hurt Bella: "Please stop creating dramas" - Photo 2

About Karik, both an official member of Running Man Vietnam season 2 and a coach of Rap Viet season 2, Karik has recently occupied the hottest shows and received much love from fans. However, recently, netizens have stirred up, extremely regretful at the news that Karik will leave Running Man Viet because of the Rap Vietnamese schedule.

Recently, the move of Thuy Ngan - Lan Ngoc shows that the Vietnamese Running Man cast is currently filming in Phu Quoc. But with the latest photo that Karik posted, the male rapper is still in Ho Chi Minh City meeting with friends. On Mai Music's story, netizens also discovered that she posted pictures of her coach. It's possible that Karik was busy with Rap Vietnamese schedule, so he couldn't record with the members of Running Man Viet this time. With Karik's new move, some fans still believe that Karik is still with Vietnamese Running Man. However, there will be episodes where he does not join the members if the schedule coincides with Rap Viet's schedule.

Karik spoke up when his name was called out and hurt Bella: "Please stop creating dramas" - Photo 3

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