Huynh Ngan Kaleidoscope: I asked to be a porter but was refused, my tomboyish appearance remained unchanged

Minh LợiMay 15, 2024 at 14:18

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Huynh Ngan - who plays the role of Van Chau in the once famous movie "Kaleidoscope", now has a hard life, having to earn a living every day, making everyone feel sad.

The version of Kaleidoscope by director duo Nguyen Minh Chung - Do Phu Hai was the childhood of many generations. The film is adapted from the story of the same name by writer Nguyen Nhat Anh, broadcast on HTV channel from 2004 to 2008 including 3 parts with 28 episodes.

The story revolves around the lives of a group of three close friends with opposite personalities: Quy "rom": smart, kind but cowardly and somewhat heartless, a bit hot-tempered; Tieu Long is stupid and good at martial arts; Little Hanh studies well, is gentle but clumsy. Each episode is a story about the daily lives of three friends: sometimes funny, sometimes heart-wrenching, but always ending with profound lessons about friendship.

Huynh Ngan Kaleidoscope: I asked to be a porter but was refused, my tomboyish appearance remained unchanged - Photo 1

With confident, witty acting, Kaleidoscope brought great success to the actors, helping them become known to more audiences. The trio of c.hild actors playing the main roles received a lot of love from the audience and appeared continuously in magazines. By 2008, the producer was f.orced to close the student film project after three seasons because "the c.hild actor grew up too quickly and could not find a suitable replacement".

However, this is also a typical product for the golden age of Vietnamese television dramas.

Appearing since part 2 of Kaleidoscope, Van Chau is the special name added to the Long - Quy - Hanh friendship group. Although she is a g.irl, Van Chau's appearance, dress, personality, and interests are all similar to those of a b.oy. She is also a Judo expert, as good at martial arts as Tieu Long. Coming from a rich family, Van Chau lives a very simple life, has a straightforward and sincere personality. Those special elements make Van Chau very beloved by the audience.

Huynh Ngan Kaleidoscope: I asked to be a porter but was refused, my tomboyish appearance remained unchanged - Photo 2

Every time Van Chau appeared, viewers were able to admire eye-catching action scenes and a series of quite beautiful martial arts fights at that time. It can be said that he is the most unique character, bringing new colors to the film. Ngoc Trai himself also admitted that Van Chau is the most impressive role in Kaleidoscope.

Despite making such a big impression, Huynh Ngan only considered Kaleidoscope as his artistic outing.

Huynh Ngan Kaleidoscope: I asked to be a porter but was refused, my tomboyish appearance remained unchanged - Photo 3

Huynh Ngan once said that he was invited by director Nguyen Minh Chung to participate in Kaleidoscope, playing the role of Van Chau by chance. At that time, Huynh Ngan was playing soccer with his friends, then the director saw that the role was suitable for him so he invited him in to try it out and "closed" it. The actor playing Van Chau also shared that he was very happy to participate in the movie and later became close with Ngoc Trai and Vu Long, leaving beautiful memories of his youth.

Recently, on his personal page, actor Ngoc Trai suddenly posted a clip of Van Chau's reunion with the sharing line: "Standing on the street, I suddenly met an acquaintance, everyone, do you miss anyone?" ?!".

Huynh Ngan Kaleidoscope: I asked to be a porter but was refused, my tomboyish appearance remained unchanged - Photo 4

After the first two parts of the film, the character Van Chau in part 3 was changed to an actor, making the audience regretful for a while. In fact, not only Van Chau but most of the characters have changed. The change of director's chair from Nguyen Minh Chung to Do Phu Hai caused chaos to the crew, cast and filmmaking style.

When Kaleidoscope ended, Huynh Ngan left the showbiz spotlight and returned to a normal, quiet life. In the comments section, some viewers revealed that they had seen Huynh Ngan working as a worker at an industrial park in My Phuoc 2 in Binh Duong province. Others said Huynh Ngan worked as a photographer with her sister.

The only thing that hasn't changed is probably Huynh Ngan's style. "Girl Van Chau" has not changed too much compared to the Kaleidoscope era, even keeping the simple tomboy style like in the movie 20 years ago.

Unemployed, thanks to the online community for help

Most recently, Huynh Ngan suddenly shared a video about applying for a job. Currently, "big sister" Van Chau in Kaleidoscope is unemployed and has to ask netizens for help and introduction to recruitment places.

Huynh Ngan Kaleidoscope: I asked to be a porter but was refused, my tomboyish appearance remained unchanged - Photo 5

At the beginning of the clip, Huynh Ngan still greeted the audience and did not forget to thank the netizens who introduced her job.

"Thank you for introducing me to jobs these past few days. Now I'm going to interview for a job, thank you very much," actor Huynh Ngan said in a TikTok clip shared on his personal page.

In the next segment of the clip, Huynh Ngan recorded the moment she introduced herself to a boss who was looking to hire workers.

Huynh Ngan Kaleidoscope: I asked to be a porter but was refused, my tomboyish appearance remained unchanged - Photo 6

This person said that the position being recruited is for heavy manual work. As soon as Huynh Ngan shared that she was female and 38 years old, the other person tactfully refused by saying: "Female, because you always do heavy work, have to carry loads and that. So I sympathize."

At the end of the clip, Huynh Ngan shared that he was not accepted for the job. However, the c.hild star "Kaleidoscope" still promised that, when she finds a job, she will record a video to share with the audience. Looking at this image, most netizens expressed their regret and sympathy for Huynh Ngan's difficult daily life. At the same time, the public hopes that the c.hild star "Kaleidoscope" will soon find a good job to stabilize her life.

Huynh Ngan Kaleidoscope: I asked to be a porter but was refused, my tomboyish appearance remained unchanged - Photo 7

Previously, in a livestream, actor Huynh Ngan revealed that he was working as a worker in Ho Chi Minh City. She shares her life after more than 20 years of fame from Kaleidoscope: "I'm working in Tan Binh. I print wedding photos, kind of working for people. In general, I work as a worker. At night, I sell goods. online, chatting with friends".

Sharing about the reason for not continuing to pursue an acting career after the success of Kaleidoscope, Huynh Ngan said "because there are no more suitable movies for me" so he does not participate in acting.

Huynh Ngan Kaleidoscope: I asked to be a porter but was refused, my tomboyish appearance remained unchanged - Photo 8

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