Huu Dang: From family events to "durian cones" and love stories through dating apps

Hoàng PhúcFeb 18, 2023 at 14:35

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Associated with humorous roles on stage, the audience rarely sees Huu Dang's quiet and closed image behind the lights. Therefore, when knowing the actor's family background, many people were surprised.

Rarely does an online movie project change the career of a young star like Family Cuc Suc. Released in 2021, the film became a craze, creating many trends in which the merits of the "durian cone" teacher is not small. Only appearing in a supporting role, but Master Ba is famous throughout social networks, earning millions of views thanks to the "durian cone" line and humorous gestures.

Huu Dang: From family events to "durian cones" and love stories through dating apps - Photo 1

Yet, behind the image of this strange but lovely character is an actor who possesses both looks and talent, fortunately famous for this last-minute improvisation in The Animal Family.

Behind the character of Teacher in the online movie Family Cuc Suc who once "made a storm" on MXH is actor Huu Dang. Different from the somewhat strange and humorous image in the movie, Huu Dang in real life is quite handsome and bright. But in fact, "durian cone" is the milestone that helped him become famous after many years of "floating" in the entertainment industry.

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Who is Huu Dang?

Huu Dang failed the exam twice to enter the School of Theater and Cinema. He thought that the art door would close for him, but thanks to the "Last Ticket", he passed the exam to enter the drama actor class of Hong Van Stage, studied methodically and gradually matured in the acting profession.

Since then, he has had the opportunity to challenge himself with many great comedy competitions and began to gain more attention before succeeding at the championship of the show Tieu Lam Tu Tru 2018.

Huu Dang: From family events to "durian cones" and love stories through dating apps - Photo 3

After the success in Tieu Lam Tu Tru 2018, he was fortunate to find for himself the key to successfully shine himself. The comedian left an impression on the audience with his hilarious first performance.

The title of champion is the result of what he has worked hard for over the years and his efforts have helped him achieve that success.

Before that, the actor opened up about family events. He said that at that time his family invested in a crane, unfortunately, his father had an accident at work and was hit by the family's crane, resulting in a broken leg. The business failed, the family fell into debt shortage, at that time the family had to stay at home to rent and could not afford to buy another house.

From a playful young man who did not know what to do, he was forced to become stronger, rushing out to find ways to take care of his loved ones.

Huu Dang: From family events to "durian cones" and love stories through dating apps - Photo 4

Too many things happen that make him feel that he is not worried enough for his family, need to try harder, every time he encounters difficulties and wants to give up, he will think about his family, about his father, about his mother to motivate him to continue working. f.ight. He wants to succeed before his parents get too old.

Before that, Huu Dang shared that he had to work for 8 years until he got a kidney stone but still wanted to save m.oney to take care of his parents and earn a roof to cover the rain and wind.

After the Family Department of Animals, Huu Dang's career clearly has a great advancement. The actor has more projects, from web films, stage plays to even commercials. Huu Dang also often returns with the image of "durian cone" in some special projects of the Family Department of Animals, or events such as interviews, talkshows, etc. Currently at the age of 30, the handsome actor was finally able to enjoy his first "sweet fruit".

Huu Dang: From family events to "durian cones" and love stories through dating apps - Photo 5

The relationship between Huu Dang and Nam Thu

Huu Dang considers himself to be a sensitive person to the point of melancholy and sentimentalism, many conflicting emotions always exist in him. At work, Huu Dang is a lively, lively person and often the lively factor when actors gather together, but when he comes home, he becomes a completely different person.

He said, due to the nature of his work, he "must be sensitive, must be happy, must be in harmony, everyone does what he does". But when he returned home, he didn't talk to anyone, just stayed in his room with the door closed all the time and just wanted to eat alone.

Huu Dang: From family events to "durian cones" and love stories through dating apps - Photo 6

The actor added, there was a time when he couldn't play with anyone, only facing himself. Huu Dang recalls: "I often talk to myself, there is a mirror like a mirror at the barbershop, then at night I light up a lamp and talk alone in front of the mirror. Now I feel better." . Huu Dang's sharing surprised the rest of the artists because they did not think that a person who is always cheerful and energetic like Huu Dang would have such a closed life.

Huu Dang also added that around him, there are friends and colleagues who are so good that they always support, help and share with him. One of them has a sister that Huu Dang respects very much, is Nam Thu. "Ms. Thu understands Dang so much that I just need to post a status line, even though I don't know what's going on, Ms. Thu will take action immediately. She doesn't text to ask this or that, but makes an appointment to hang out and have fun. Let me feel comfortable and then I will go straight to the main topic", he shared. And there are many times, Nam Thu knows Huu Dang's heart even though his close brother has not shared. He added: "Actually, Ms. Thu must understand me very well, be very sensitive and love me very much to spend time with me like that".

Huu Dang: From family events to "durian cones" and love stories through dating apps - Photo 7

The close sisterhood between Huu Dang and Nam Thu is famous in the entertainment industry, because of the help they give to the juniors of the "beautiful women of the comedy village". Knowing that Huu Dang still dreams of having his own products, but worrying about costs and guests, Nam Thu "speaks" of not receiving sand. The actress even intends to invite comedian Hoai Linh if Huu Dang implements the project. Seniors like Dai Nghia and close friends like Vo Dang Khoa, Vo Tan Phat, BB Tran, Hai Trieu... also promise to appear in his products.

Love story for the past 2 years dating app

In the movie and on stage, that's how, in real life, Huu Dang is a rather tight-lipped person about love affairs. Rarely in a recent interview, the guy revealed that he was in a love relationship with a person.

Huu Dang: From family events to "durian cones" and love stories through dating apps - Photo 8

The guy said that his lover is a person who is psychological, understanding, caring and especially good at cooking while Huu Dang himself is a very picky eater. The two know each other from a dating app.

Huu Dang: From family events to "durian cones" and love stories through dating apps - Photo 9

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