Ho Minh Quang: Minh Nhi's "giant student", U40 is just starting out in the profession

Trí NhiJun 22, 2024 at 16:54

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Ho Minh Quang was once called by the press as Minh Nhi's "rich student" because he was a successful businessman, but if anyone understands him, he will see that Ho Minh Quang is also a rich "giant". emotional, rich in learning spirit and progress.

Ho Minh Quang is not a prominent name in the southern entertainment industry. He is a successful businessman with a passion for art. More than ten years ago, thanks to the guidance of Meritorious Artist Minh Nhi and People's Artist Hong Van, he came to the acting profession with all his enthusiasm.

Ho Minh Quang: Minh Nhis giant student, U40 is just starting out in the profession - Photo 1

Ho Minh Quang participated in many productions from theater to movies. Because he was so passionate, he also ventured into being a film producer, going to Cambodia to film, but still no product reached the public. However, the actor's artistic passion has never cooled.

Ho Minh Quang is the oldest contestant in the Tieu Lam Tu Tru contestants in 2017. Coming to the program, Ho Minh Quang, like many other contestants, is nervous and stressed before each exam night. Ho Minh Quang once shared that when he received a lesson from master Minh Nhi, he practiced day and night until he slept with his lines. Ho Minh Quang shared: "One night, when I came home from practice, I was so tired that I fell asleep. In the morning, when I woke up, my family told me that I was still reading lines until I fell asleep. Honestly, I longed to stand on stage and burn my heart out in each performance."

Ho Minh Quang: Minh Nhis giant student, U40 is just starting out in the profession - Photo 2

Because his work was quite busy, Ho Minh Quang at that time always had to balance business and training in the best way possible. He admitted that he was stressed when he worked too much, which affected his training process. This multi-talented boss shared: "Many times, in order to focus on training, I have to turn off my phone to focus on thinking about comedy." , focus on the competition night without being influenced by outside factors." Because of his heavy workload, when he has free time, Ho Minh Quang always spends it practicing. He shares: "There are times when I have to arrange everything at the office early and then start practicing from 10 a.m. to 10 a.m. I forgot to eat and drink until 11 o'clock at night. One day, I was so into exercising that I just drank a quick cup of milky coffee to get through the day."

Ho Minh Quang: Minh Nhis giant student, U40 is just starting out in the profession - Photo 3

Everyone thinks that with a well-off family background, Ho Minh Quang came to art as an entertainment hobby, but in fact, his passion for standing on stage was formed in him a long time ago, but because family conditions did not allow it. So he chose another direction. Sharing about his difficult childhood, this experienced man still could not hide his tears as he recounted the most difficult period in his life: "I loved acting and comedy, but at that time my family was poor. Then I chose the pharmaceutical industry with the hope of opening a pharmacy in the future, but my family did not support me because I had no capital and nothing I did was satisfactory My parents, I always get scolded by dad no matter what I do, I feel like I'm useless."

Ho Minh Quang: Minh Nhis giant student, U40 is just starting out in the profession - Photo 4

Ho Minh Quang sadly recalled the difficult times before: "Everyone around me told me to go to school to repair phones, but honestly at that time I didn't know what it was for, but I still listened to my family to study. Gom I was able to open a store with my contributions, but I just learned that I don't know everything. It's too difficult to receive goods from customers, so I took them to another place to have them repaired and only got gas m.oney."

Even though he is a boss, Ho Minh Quang still retains the simplicity and sincerity of a simple Westerner: "I try to do as much as possible so that when my parents and relatives in the countryside see me on TV, they can help themselves." proud of me, even my children will grow up and see my efforts and efforts and follow them."

Ho Minh Quang: Minh Nhis giant student, U40 is just starting out in the profession - Photo 5

Only when his job was truly stable did Ho Minh Quang dare to re-implement his childhood passion. Ho Minh Quang shared that he had to work very hard to convince his family to let him study at the Hong Van theater stage. He said: "On the day of the semester exam, I invited my family, parents and some relatives to watch me perform. Only then did everyone recognize my abilities and support me in pursuing my interests."

Not stopping at acting, Ho Minh Quang also spent many years studying vocal music. Thanks to diligent practice and his rich voice, Ho Minh Quang regularly attends shows big and small. He also used to sing in tea rooms.

Ho Minh Quang: Minh Nhis giant student, U40 is just starting out in the profession - Photo 6

Not only does he not differentiate between big and small stages, male singers also do not care about salary. For him, being able to make art is a priceless happiness and something he gave himself after a period of hard work in business, creating an economy to take care of his family.

"Instead of rewarding myself with material gifts like branded shoes, designer bags, houses, cars, I choose to make products. For me, going on shows or releasing products is something I should do after working days. hard work," Ho Minh Quang confided.

Ho Minh Quang: Minh Nhis giant student, U40 is just starting out in the profession - Photo 7

Even though he has a complete and prosperous property, this successful man still has not fully lived his life's greatest passion. Ho Minh Quang shared: "A happy life is not only about making a lot of m.oney but also I still have to do what I love and am passionate about. For me, acting and standing on stage is a happiness."

Recently, Ho Minh Quang "rewarded" himself with an extremely touching music video called "Father's Smile". The MV was directed by Meritorious Artist Vu Xuan Trang - also a teacher that Ho Minh Quang highly respects.

Ho Minh Quang: Minh Nhis giant student, U40 is just starting out in the profession - Photo 8

"Father's Smile" was written by a young writer named Truong Quoc Huy, a student of Meritorious Artist Vu Xuan Trang. The song has lyrics rich in images and a gentle and profound melody like a father's confession to his c.hild.

Along with the lyrics, Ho Minh Quang's heartfelt, story-telling voice gently leads the listener into a touching story about a poor single father who works as a street vendor and struggles to raise his children. Just like the love that a c.hild has for his father.

Ho Minh Quang: Minh Nhis giant student, U40 is just starting out in the profession - Photo 9

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