Rosé struggles to find glory after leaving YG, far behind the BLACKPINK sisters?

Thanh PhúcApr 08, 2024 at 14:43

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Korean female idol artist Rosé, a member of the top g.irl group BlackPink, has just confused K-pop fans when she struggled to find a foothold in a music show for rookies, after leaving YG she was said to have lost her aura, sisters far behind.

According to Allkpop, Blackpink's Rosé contributed vocals to the title track "Final Love Song" for the survival show, casting K-pop idol "I-Land 2", the show produced by Mnet and "music wizard" Teddy. Korean media claimed that Rosé accepted the project because she had been close to Teddy for a long time.

Rosé struggles to find glory after leaving YG, far behind the BLACKPINK sisters? - Photo 1

Rosé's singing of the theme song for "I-Land 2" helped the show get noticed. However, the station did not release this song on digital platforms, only videos of the contestants' performances. As such, the audience can only hear Rosé's vocals by pressing the trainees' stage views. Many people believe that the idol is using her name to increase the heat for Teddy's show.

Earlier, on the survival show "Mixnine", Rosé also sang a demo of the song "Just Dance" produced by Teddy. So far, she has only sung a short part of the song but was heavily promoted by the station before the show aired.

Rosé struggles to find glory after leaving YG, far behind the BLACKPINK sisters? - Photo 2

After 3 years since her debut solo album, Rosé chose to return with a hybrid project but her role only served as a background for the trainees. Meanwhile, Rosé's solo production that has been prepared for a long time has not yet reached the audience.

Teddy is the creator of many Blackpink hits such as "How You Like That", "As If It's Your Last", "Kill This Love" ... When he was working under YG, Teddy once said that Rosé was the hardest working member of the group.

Rosé struggles to find glory after leaving YG, far behind the BLACKPINK sisters? - Photo 3

However, fans were unhappy that Rosé's first music-related activities after her separation from YG were lackluster and underfunded. Late last year, Rosé and the 3 Blackpink members did not renew their individual contracts with YG Entertainment. After that, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa in turn opened their own companies, implementing personal activities.

Jennie announces the creation of her own agency OA, Jisoo joins the company run by her brother and receives new films, Lisa also attends many fashion events and performs at fundraising events organized by the First Lady of France.

Rosé struggles to find glory after leaving YG, far behind the BLACKPINK sisters? - Photo 4

Meanwhile, news about Rosé was scant. Not only is the activity quiet, the idol's profile is also sparse with posts, with only a few images sponsored by brands.

In February, Rosé sent a food truck to support Jisoo's crew but did not show up. Fans claim that Rosé is in the US through some leaked images on X and the location of her social media accounts.

Rosé struggles to find glory after leaving YG, far behind the BLACKPINK sisters? - Photo 5

After her personal contract with YG was terminated, Rosé stopped appearing in public. Rosé is taking a rare break after 7 years of activity with a tight schedule with Blackpink.However, she is also hatching new plans. In early January, she posted a rare photo of her recording studio.

Rosé struggles to find glory after leaving YG, far behind the BLACKPINK sisters? - Photo 6

According to Sports Kyunghyang, many famous European and American music producers have followed Rosé's Instagram account. Music producer Cirkut – who co-produced and composed hits such as "Roar" and "Dark Horse" (Katy Perry), "Wrecking Ball" (Miley Cyrus) ...

Rosé struggles to find glory after leaving YG, far behind the BLACKPINK sisters? - Photo 7

At the end of 2023, Rosé said: "2023 is a year where I have proven myself. Earlier this year, I doubted whether I could make the right decisions responsibly and independently as a 26-year-old adult. Looking back, I think I finally did well... At least for me personally, I proved myself by "listening to my own voice."

Rosé struggles to find glory after leaving YG, far behind the BLACKPINK sisters? - Photo 8

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