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Mina (TWICE): Kpop's "black swan" comes from a prestigious background like a real-life princess

Famous stars

17:36:42 18/05/2024
TWICE's famous female idol has always been known for her image like a black swan thanks to her elegant charisma, radiant aura, and even just breathing. When she first debuted, Mina's family background was revealed, surprising fans.

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Cement factory accident in Yen Bai: 1 out of 7 victims received 1.7 billion compensation

H.ot news

17:21:12 17/05/2024
Regarding the recent serious occupational accident that occurred at a cement factory in Yen Bai, a life insurance company has decided to accept compensation payments to 2 workers out of 7. gone.

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The groom gave a gown made from 440 million VND in cash to the bride on the wedding day

H.ot trend

16:39:56 17/05/2024
Groom John Clavecillas in the Philippines caused a stir in the online community when he decided to boldly spend 440 million VND to make a robe with m.oney for the bride to wear on her big day.

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Nathan Lee bought Huong Tram's famous hit and gave it to his student Myra Tran

Vietnamese showbiz

21:22:51 15/05/2024
Nathan Lee called out his junior Huong Tram 3 years ago in a campaign to e.xpose showbiz, but he expressed his affection for the female singer, only blaming her for choosing the wrong friend to hang out with when she was close to Cao Thai Son. .

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Ten (NCT): Thai prince from a wealthy family still 'left the country' to pursue art

Famous stars

17:00:55 14/05/2024
Ten (NCT) is likened to a Thai Prince because he has a very powerful family background, but he still endures hardships and tries to leave his homeland to go to Korea to fulfill his dream with art.

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Ha Ho shows off Kim Ly - Subeo's emotional moment, making netizens admire

Vietnamese showbiz

11:13:45 14/05/2024
Kim Ly and Subeo are extremely close, not only like father and son but they are even like friends. Ha Ho's husband accompanies Subeo on his growing up journey, which makes many people happy. people who admire him greatly.

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Thuy Tien posted a clip implying concern for Quang Linh, causing netizens to riot?


13:29:11 13/05/2024
Thuy Tien - Quang Linh every time they appear next to each other, they cause a fever for a long time. Although they have repeatedly corrected that their relationship is just friends, the online community still continues to associate the couple.

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Suni Ha Linh shined in Attack 2 as captain, but the results were still disappointing

Vietnamese showbiz

16:25:10 11/05/2024
Suni Ha Linh lit up the stage in the second performance round, performing excellently and taking the spotlight as team captain. However, the results were not very positive, which made fans extremely worried.

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Mango Non - Pham Thuy Trang: from hotgirl who dropped out of school to become a daughter-in-law of Hao Mon

Famous people

16:31:18 09/05/2024
Having made a fuss about school, the hotgirl who dropped out of school at the end of grade 10 changed her life after becoming the daughter-in-law of Hao Mon, the wife of the young family. Non Mango has always been a name that attracts special attention of the online community.

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Rosé - Jennie goes viral with a private date moment on the streets of New York

Korean stars

15:41:22 06/05/2024
On the morning of 6/5 (Vietnam time), Rosé (BLACKPINK) made the international online community stand still when dating Jennie in New York (USA). However, the group's lead vocalist also made fans regret not attending the 2024 Met Gala.

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Quang Linh Vlogs 'caught the eye' of three Thuy Tien, have extremely special actions

H.ot KOLs

14:35:54 06/05/2024
Miss Thuy Tien's father showed great love for the person and personality of YouTuber Quang Linh Vlogs. Recently, the two had the opportunity to meet, making the online community extremely excited.

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Lee Chaeyeon: Chaeryeong ITZY's older sister, IZ*ONE's dance machine, career

Famous stars

10:39:09 06/05/2024
As talented as it is, IZ*ONE's once-popular dance machine had a very difficult career after the group officially disbanded. With Chaeyeon's abilities, she should have deserved to be known and liked more.

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