Pepper Play: Tiktoker is rumored to be "little tam", breaking up the marriage of Youtuber Mr. Duck

Gia NhiJun 20, 2024 at 16:10

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Play Pepper (real name Nguyen Hoang Diem My) is a familiar name to young people. She is one of the hottest TikToks with a TikTok channel of nearly 1.7 million followers and a Youtube channel of nearly 1 million subscribers.

Her channel is mostly videos sharing useful knowledge about the game Play Together. All of them have received huge views, many videos even have millions of views.

What's attractive about Pepper Play's videos is the positive energy they bring. Just open any video, you will immediately feel happy because of the useful but extremely funny content. Before starting to become a content creator on digital platforms, Tieu Play was a Korean student at Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Pepper Play: Tiktoker is rumored to be little tam, breaking up the marriage of Youtuber Mr. Duck - Photo 1

After graduating from college, Pepper Play tried a few jobs but quickly got bored and quit. She realized she was not suitable for the boring office environment. During the days when she didn't know what to do, she spent more time making videos and gradually became a genuine content creator. With healthy and quality content, her TikTok and Youtube channels have a respectable number of followers, and she can begin to earn extra income without having to work as an employee.

Pepper Play: Tiktoker is rumored to be little tam, breaking up the marriage of Youtuber Mr. Duck - Photo 2

Always cheerful and full of energy in her videos, Tieu Play in real life has a fear of camera lenses and cameras. 9X shares that she is only comfortable sitting in front of the camera alone or working with acquaintances. At work, female tiktokers are careful and responsible.

Recently, Pepper Play got caught up in unnecessary noise when he was rumored to be the one who sabotaged the marital happiness of YouTuber Mr. Duck, r.evealing messages forcing him to divorce his wife and demanding his status. Accordingly, Mr. Duck and Pepper Play knew each other through work, and there were a number of events where fans saw them appearing together. Around the end of 2023, people discovered some dating hints of the two and also enthusiastically "pushed the boat" because they were considered compatible from appearance, personality to work. The couple also appears more and more in each other's videos, shoots trends and shows many intimate gestures.

Pepper Play: Tiktoker is rumored to be little tam, breaking up the marriage of Youtuber Mr. Duck - Photo 3

However, recently, rumors have surfaced in the online community that Mr. Duck has had a wife and children since 2018. However, this information was not shared by the male YouTuber on his personal platforms. Some posts even "exposed" Mr. Duck leaving his wife and children to run away with a "third person", Pepper Play.

In the viral messages believed to be from Pepper Play and Mr. Duck, the female TikToker also knew that he had a wife and children but still wanted to continue the relationship. Tieu Play also expressed that she had given her boyfriend "something to keep for 29 years", wanted to make it public as her phone wallpaper, date, and wanted to marry Mr. Duck. This makes people extremely angry and frustrated when the female TikToker publicly acts as a "little tam", deliberately destroying the happiness of other people's families. Not to mention, the online community also criticized Mr. Duck for hiding the fact that he had a wife and children, met a new person and then became "unfaithful", demanding a divorce from the person who had been with him for 10 years.

Pepper Play: Tiktoker is rumored to be little tam, breaking up the marriage of Youtuber Mr. Duck - Photo 4

Faced with the increasingly widespread information, Mr. Duck officially spoke up on his personal page. The male YouTuber admitted that he has been married and has children since 2018. He also said that he had made his marriage public and did not hide it as rumored. However, because the number of followers is increasing day by day and becoming a famous KOL, Mr. Duck wants to protect his c.hild's image so he has hidden all information about the family.

Pepper Play: Tiktoker is rumored to be little tam, breaking up the marriage of Youtuber Mr. Duck - Photo 5

"I lived with my children during my childhood years with my friend N, a person I will call "Ex-Wife". We had 4 peaceful and happy years. By January 2024, N and I had a b.aby. Many life perspectives changed over time and could not find common ground, so they conducted separation and divorce procedures with the consent of both parties.

I myself have made a proposal, I want to have custody of the children and am willing to share 1/2 of my assets with my ex-wife. But the b.aby's mother wants to raise the c.hild and because I don't want to f.ight with my ex-wife, I choose to leave all my assets to the c.hild and my ex-wife, giving up custody of the c.hild," Mr. Duck clarified. about his marriage.

Pepper Play: Tiktoker is rumored to be little tam, breaking up the marriage of Youtuber Mr. Duck - Photo 6

In addition, the male YouTuber also clarified the rumor of "abandoning the child" and not providing support as rumored online. He listed all the amounts of m.oney he sent to his ex-wife during the 6 years of marriage, depending on his working capacity. In 2024 alone, because he completely lost the ability to generate income due to failure and heavy losses in business, Mr. Duck switched back to providing support according to his ordinary capacity. He also affirmed that he left with empty hands and started from scratch because he wanted to leave all his assets to his daughter.

Pepper Play: Tiktoker is rumored to be little tam, breaking up the marriage of Youtuber Mr. Duck - Photo 7

Currently, due to pressure and discussion from the online community, both Mr. Duck and Pepper Play are temporarily blocking comments on TikTok. Many people realized that Pepper Play also hid some videos taken with Mr. Duck on his personal page. Most fans hope that both will clearly correct the incident because they do not want to be "led by" fake news.

Pepper Play: Tiktoker is rumored to be little tam, breaking up the marriage of Youtuber Mr. Duck - Photo 8

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