Mr. Duck - Pepper Play was turned away by Hero Team, Simmy Cat, Sammy Dao "rejected"?

Trí NhiJun 24, 2024 at 14:31

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After the storm of love drama between Mr. Duck and Pepper Play, suspicion of a.dultery, rumors also revealed that Pepper Play broke up Mr. Duck's marriage, f.orced him to divorce his wife and demanded his status. Netizens recently discovered Hero Team members making strange moves.

In recent days, netizens have been constantly buzzing about the incident of YouTuber Mr. Duck and female tiktoker Pepper Play being suspected of secretly having an affair and falling in love while Mr. Duck had a wife and children. Even Tieu Play was exposed with text messages asking for status with her lover, f.orced to divorce his wife and abandon his family and children. A wave of indignation quickly broke out, arrows of criticism simultaneously focused on these two characters, blaming Pepper for destroying the happiness of other people's families.

Mr. Duck - Pepper Play was turned away by Hero Team, Simmy Cat, Sammy Dao rejected? - Photo 1

Amidst the controversy, netizens recently suddenly discovered a strange move from Hero Team members - the gamer team of Mr. Duck and Pepper. Accordingly, fans exposed Simmy Cat and Sammy Dao, and silently unfollowed all Hero Team members on tiktok, including Mr. Duck and Pepper. Both currently only follow their own secondary accounts. Many rumors began to erupt, all pointing to Mr. Duck's love drama.

Mr. Duck - Pepper Play was turned away by Hero Team, Simmy Cat, Sammy Dao rejected? - Photo 2

Many people believe that the noise of Mr. Duck's a.dultery has greatly affected the image of Hero Team, especially the team's audience is children. If they do bad things, they will definitely lose their image. photos, no longer receive trust. The fact that Simmy Cat and Sammy Dao unfollowed made netizens fear that Hero Team had officially disbanded, and at the same time Mr. Duck and Pepper Play had been "cut off".

Mr. Duck - Pepper Play was turned away by Hero Team, Simmy Cat, Sammy Dao rejected? - Photo 3

However, these are still just speculations from netizens, because insiders have not yet spoken or had any confirmation. Fans also hope that the actions of Simmy Cat and Sammy Dao are just their new directions on social networks and there will be no departure from Hero Team.

Mr. Duck - Pepper Play was turned away by Hero Team, Simmy Cat, Sammy Dao rejected? - Photo 4

Hero Team is a famous team of gamers, with a common fan group called 'Hero Team - Mini World Minecraft Super Hero Group' with hundreds of thousands of members. According to research, Hero Team's fans are mostly young but all have a love for the game. It is the cuteness and adorableness of Hero Team's Streamers and YouTubers that has attracted the attention of this fan base.

Mr. Duck - Pepper Play was turned away by Hero Team, Simmy Cat, Sammy Dao rejected? - Photo 5

Besides, each member of Hero Team has a separate fan group with numbers ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands of members. The topics that Hero Team fans share are often images and clips cut from the members' livestreams, sharing about the group's music products or vlogs. Besides, fans who share the same passion for gaming also spend time designing characters that simulate their idols in the game.

Mr. Duck - Pepper Play was turned away by Hero Team, Simmy Cat, Sammy Dao rejected? - Photo 6

Regarding Mr. Duck and Pepper, around the end of 2023, people discovered some dating hints of the two and also enthusiastically "pushed the boat" because they were considered compatible from appearance, personality to work. . The couple also appears more and more in each other's videos, shoots trends and shows many intimate gestures.

Mr. Duck - Pepper Play was turned away by Hero Team, Simmy Cat, Sammy Dao rejected? - Photo 7

However, recently, rumors have surfaced in the online community that Mr. Duck has had a wife and children since 2018. However, this information was not shared by the male YouTuber on his personal platforms. Some posts even "exposed" Mr. Duck leaving his wife and children to run away with a "third person", Pepper Play.

In the viral messages believed to be from Pepper Play and Mr. Duck, the female TikToker also knew that he had a wife and children but still wanted to continue the relationship. Tieu Play also expressed that she had given her boyfriend "something to keep for 29 years", wanted to make it public as her phone wallpaper, date, and wanted to marry Mr. Duck.

Mr. Duck - Pepper Play was turned away by Hero Team, Simmy Cat, Sammy Dao rejected? - Photo 8

This makes people extremely angry and frustrated when the female TikToker publicly acts as a "little tam", deliberately destroying the happiness of other people's families. Not to mention, the online community also criticized Mr. Duck for hiding the fact that he had a wife and children, met a new person and then became "unfaithful", demanding a divorce from the person who had been with him for 10 years.

Mr. Duck - Pepper Play was turned away by Hero Team, Simmy Cat, Sammy Dao rejected? - Photo 9

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