Truong Giang officially "responded" to Nam Em, and was immediately compared to Tran Thanh

Hoàng PhúcFeb 29, 2024 at 14:45

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Without mentioning the noise on social networks related to Nam Em, male comedian Truong Giang suddenly took his wife Nha Phuong to Da Lat to rest and enjoy marital happiness.

It is known that the couple stayed at the homestay of a close friend. During the trip, Truong Giang - Nha Phuong mainly spent time resting, participating in many activities such as baking potatoes outdoors, driving an electric car...

Truong Giang officially responded to Nam Em, and was immediately compared to Tran Thanh - Photo 1

The two wore matching sweatshirts bought by Phat La juniors and took romantic photos. Truong Giang - Nha Phuong's naughty moments when going out were praised by many viewers as adorable.

Truong Giang officially responded to Nam Em, and was immediately compared to Tran Thanh - Photo 2

After 5 years of marriage, the couple maintained their passionate relationship thanks to traveling or "escaping" to go on dinner dates. Every time they go out, the couple often shows their bond by wearing matching, tonal clothes. Nha Phuong said that since getting married and having children, she feels that Truong Giang has become more mature and loves her family. In the actress's eyes, her husband is a kind person. She said that at home, Truong Giang is often in charge of cooking and is very happy when he sees his wife and children eating well. Nha Phuong said she was lucky to have a mentally ill husband, who was always a solid support for her to quickly get back in shape and return to work after giving birth to her second c.hild.

Truong Giang officially responded to Nam Em, and was immediately compared to Tran Thanh - Photo 3

In a podcast at the end of last year, Nha Phuong frankly shared about past hurts when falling in love with Truong Giang. The actress said that in 2018, she showed a decisive attitude to cut him off when he got into a noisy relationship with two beauties Nam Em and Que Van. However, when Truong Giang proposed to her on television, she felt that his love was not fake and believed in the relationship between the two.

Truong Giang once said that he used to like staying out late and h.anging out with friends... but since getting married, he has gradually abandoned those habits and spent more time with his family. According to the male artist, to maintain family happiness, he must learn to listen, share and forgive.

Truong Giang officially responded to Nam Em, and was immediately compared to Tran Thanh - Photo 4

"As human beings, there are times when people make mistakes. At times like that, husband and wife have to be in harmony, people rise and fall, but everyone is busy and can easily fall apart," Truong Giang said. .

Lately, the powerful couple has been involved in Nam Em's noise. Instead of speaking out, Truong Giang - Nha Phuong continued to go out to eat and freely take photos with colleagues.

Truong Giang officially responded to Nam Em, and was immediately compared to Tran Thanh - Photo 5

Talking about the reason why she always chooses to stay silent in the face of scandals and dramas that happen in work and life, Nha Phuong also confided: "I simply think that if I speak out, what will I gain? Will the story calm down or inflame things even more? The waves are calm, the sea is calm, then I just keep quiet. At some stage there will be an answer, the important thing is that the people around you understand you. , knowing that my personality is not like that."

Truong Giang officially responded to Nam Em, and was immediately compared to Tran Thanh - Photo 6

Truong Giang - Nha Phuong's silent attitude towards gossip was also compared to Tran Thanh - Hari Won. Accordingly, every time there are false rumors, the Ghost Hospital actor couple frankly responds.

Recently, Tran Thanh heard many malicious rumors about his marriage. Initially, he planned to stay silent, but because he was reminded again and again, Tran Thanh decided to speak up. He said: "When we first met, they said I was the third person. Once we got to know each other, we said Mrs. Heo (Hari Won's intimate name) had moved on. The wedding was a cover-up. I've been filming a new movie for the past month. , his head turned dark and he didn't take a picture with his wife to post it, then he said the end of the marriage contract. So creative, he could say anything, it's really good."

Truong Giang officially responded to Nam Em, and was immediately compared to Tran Thanh - Photo 7

In response to the news that Hari Won did not pair up with Tran Thanh at the weddings of the couple's close friends, the male MC explained: "Hari Won went to Korea to work, and if she didn't post a picture, it would mean that my husband and I had a f.ight. The Ministry Husband and wife have to be together to be happy, right? They have to separate to m.ake m.oney.

Truong Giang officially responded to Nam Em, and was immediately compared to Tran Thanh - Photo 8

Can you love someone who stays home all day waiting for you to come home? I'm the one who can't love. My wife and children must work and help society. Of course, I will take full care of my wife and children, but it is important that they go to work to love and see their own value. I'm afraid of free women."

Truong Giang officially responded to Nam Em, and was immediately compared to Tran Thanh - Photo 9

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