Song Hye Kyo beamed after rumors of a new love, implicitly affirming her current happiness

Phương ThảoApr 20, 2024 at 17:39

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The beauty named Song attracted attention when she posted a new photo on social networks, r.evealing the hidden meaning of a new romantic relationship after many years of breakup. Many people speculate that this is a symbol of Song Hye Kyo's current happiness.

Many years have passed since Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki divorced, their love story still attracts public attention. The Song beauty suddenly shared a new photo on social networking sites after a long period of silence, attracting the attention of many fans.

Song Hye Kyo beamed after rumors of a new love, implicitly affirming her current happiness - Photo 1

In the photo, Song Hye Kyo is bare-faced, dressed simply, wearing a red cap, showing off her youthful and radiant beauty even with only light makeup. What makes people "guess" is the shy smiling emoticon attached to the post by Song Hye Kyo. Many people think that this is a hint for a new romantic relationship, and the actress is enjoying happiness in both career and love.

However, some fans think that this is just a normal image that Song Hye Kyo wants to share with fans after focusing on work.

Song Hye Kyo beamed after rumors of a new love, implicitly affirming her current happiness - Photo 2

Regardless of the truth, Song Hye Kyo's new image still makes fans extremely excited and excited. Hopefully in the future, the actress will continue to share beautiful images and interesting stories with fans.

It is known that Song Hye Kyo is currently busy with a new film project after 9 years away from the big screen. The beauty named Song will appear in the movie Dark Nuns, a spin-off of the blockbuster Pastor that caused a fever in 2015 starring Kang Dong Won. Expected to be released in July 2024, Dark Nuns promises to bring thrilling and exciting moments to the audience with the story of nuns performing exorcism rituals.

Song Hye Kyo will play nun Junia, who possesses the special ability to expel demons. Joining the actress is a cast of famous actors such as Kim Jung-hoon, Kim Nam-gil, Park Sung-woong,...

Song Hye Kyo beamed after rumors of a new love, implicitly affirming her current happiness - Photo 3

The presence of Song Hye Kyo - one of Korea's top actresses - is expected to be a highlight for Dark Nuns. The audience hopes that she will deliver an impressive performance, different from her previous roles. Because of her comeback, many friends enthusiastically supported her. It is known that many people sent cafe and food carts to the beauty's film crew.

Besides her successful acting career, Song Hye Kyo is also known for her youthful and beautiful beauty. Even though she has turned 40, the actress still maintains her slim figure and radiant face.

Song Hye Kyo beamed after rumors of a new love, implicitly affirming her current happiness - Photo 4

Currently, Song Hye Kyo is focusing on filming for Dark Nuns. Fans look forward to her return to the big screen and hope she will achieve much success in this new project.

In addition, fans also hope that Song Hye Kyo will soon find new happiness in love. Although information about the actress's new boyfriend has not yet been confirmed, fans always want her to be happy and cheerful.

Song Hye Kyo is a familiar name to those who love Korean culture. Surveys by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, Tourism and the Korean Agency for the Promotion of International Cultural Exchange over the past 11 years on the hallyu (Korean) wave, Song Hye Kyo is in the list of top 5 actors. Most popular abroad.

Song Hye Kyo beamed after rumors of a new love, implicitly affirming her current happiness - Photo 5

In 2024, Song Hye Kyo ranked 3rd, behind Lee Min Ho and Hyun Bin and is the only actress in the top 5. For many years she has held the first place in terms of international popularity of Korean female actors.

Since her debut until now, the Song beauty has maintained her form, building a glorious career over the past two decades.

Song Hye Kyo beamed after rumors of a new love, implicitly affirming her current happiness - Photo 6

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