Le Nam's bare face is "degraded" like never before, raising questions about family turmoil

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"Miss Nam Em's older sister" Le Nam attracted attention with her unattractive bare-faced image on social networks. Many people speculate that Le Nam is having family troubles, especially after her sister's emotional turmoil.

Le Nams bare face is degraded like never before, raising questions about family turmoil - Photo 1

Recently, the bare-faced images of Le Nam - Miss Nam Em's older sister - attracted the attention of the online community. Many people commented that Le Nam's beauty without makeup surprised many people because her skin was not smooth and had many freckles and dark circles that were less sharp than the images often seen on social networks.

This makes many people question whether Le Nam is experiencing family troubles or not. Before that, Nam Em was also constantly entangled in noises that made many people worried.

Le Nams bare face is degraded like never before, raising questions about family turmoil - Photo 2

It is known that Le Nam and Nam Em are no longer living together due to some personal conflicts. Nam Em even declared that she would "expose" her sister if Le Nam did not participate in the practice. The reason is said to be because Le Nam does not support her sister in continuing her relationship with her current boyfriend.

Previously, Nam Em's biological sister once showed quite a liking for the personality of her future "brother-in-law". However, during this period, Nam Em and her boyfriend got into a livestream controversy. Le Nam suddenly posted an article expressing concern for her sister when she thought that Nam Em's boyfriend was isolating her from her loved ones. Le Nam's post attracted a lot of people's attention and left many people confused as to what was really going on.

Le Nams bare face is degraded like never before, raising questions about family turmoil - Photo 3

In addition, Le Nam also continuously posted "strange" status lines on his personal page, causing many people to be confused. After a few hours, Le Nam deleted the post. Her move caused a stir in the online community.

Previously, Nam Em was invited to work by the Department of Information and Communications. Accordingly, on February 28, Bui Huu Cuong's boyfriend told Nam Em that she had difficulty breathing due to an allergy to painkillers and had to be hospitalized in the emergency room, unable to come to work with the Department as scheduled. Originally shared by Nam Em's boyfriend: "I am Bui Huu Cuong, the representative and manager of Nam Em. This morning, February 28, 2024, on the way to the Department of Information and Communications, Nam Em showed signs of had difficulty breathing due to an allergy to painkillers and was f.orced to go to Binh Thanh hospital. After that, I went to the information and communications department to represent.

I would also like to correct the information that Nam Em received an invitation, not a summons, so I hope you look at it from an objective perspective. After working with the Department of Information and Communications, Nam Em and I will have an upcoming meeting this week, after which there will be official results from the Department of Information and Communications. Regarding Nam's work, no one wants me to not meet the health conditions to cooperate with the Department of Information and Communications."

Le Nams bare face is degraded like never before, raising questions about family turmoil - Photo 4

Le Nam's incident is attracting public attention and making many people curious about the next developments behind the photo that Le Nam published on social networks.

Nam Anh - Nam Em are famous twin sisters in Vietnamese showbiz. Not only do they have similarities in appearance, but the careers and lives of these two sisters also have things in common, such as both coming from the Military University of Culture and Arts, famous for their beauty contests in Vietnam. water.

Le Nams bare face is degraded like never before, raising questions about family turmoil - Photo 5

Le Nam was born in 1996, 1m75 tall and is known as the twin sister of Miss Nam Em. Le Nam has participated in many large and small beauty contests and achieved a number of achievements such as top 16 Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 and "Most Beautiful Face" at this contest.

After that, she continued to compete in Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 but only reached the top 10 finals. Currently, Le Nam is pursuing a career in music and writing books.

Le Nams bare face is degraded like never before, raising questions about family turmoil - Photo 6

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