100 years of glory of the royal football team Real Madrid

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35-time La Liga champion, 14-time European Cup champion, 5-time FIFA Club World Cup champion are updates from the football viewing channel XoilacTV, about Real Madrid's huge achievements.

In the history of live football, there are teams with extremely good performance for a while, but their performance declines later. There are also teams that maintain stability in performance but never reach the peak of glory. However, few people can maintain a long time at the top of glory like Real Madrid. Join the live football channel Xoilac TV to look back at the glorious past of the royal team in the cover below.

Overview of the history of Real Madrid's formation

100 years of glory of the royal football team Real Madrid - Photo 1

Real Madrid - The team with the most fans watching football online

Real Madrid is the best team of the 20th century voted by a prestigious agency in 2000. In fact, the live football channel Xoilac TV estimates that even if IFFHS does not a.ward the above title, no one will deny the position. The number one position of the Royal Spanish Football Team in the soccer watching village.

If Barcelona attracts fans to watch football online with its mysterious and romantic tiki taka style, Real Madrid is considered a sustainable club that attracts the most expensive talents and football lovers in the world. This team always has huge stars in the squad and has always had a stable performance for many years.

It was founded in 1902 and has maintained its white-clad identity since its founding until now. That's why fans call this team Los Blancos, a style that represents the identity and investment in image that the football team builds.

Eras in the founding history of Real Madrid

100 years of glory of the royal football team Real Madrid - Photo 2

Real Madrid team has gone through many years of ups and downs in its history

Real Madrid has more than 100 years of history, this team not only went through long periods of establishment, they also continuously conquered tournaments and became one of the most successful teams for many years. .

Era of instability (late 19th century - 1945)

Real Madrid had a very unstable first years of establishment, according to live soccer fans. War and economic crisis have prevented the team from having the best conditions to develop its forces. However, this is also the foundational stage for this team to breakthrough.

Era of Santiago Bernabéu Yeste

In 1945, Santiago Bernabeu was appointed president of Real Madrid, creating a major turning point in the team's history. Under his leadership, the club, its home stadium, the Santiago Bernabéu training ground and the City of Sport, were repaired from the damage caused by the civil war, allowing fans to watch football. online rock.

The De Carlos era and the journey to dominate Europe

During this era, Real Madrid has been honored many times as the best team in Europe. This is also a key period that helped Real be voted the best team of the century by fans watching live soccer.

La Quinta del Buitre era

Real during this period had certain wobbles due to major competitors. However, this team has proven that its classy position is forever as it continues to achieve success on the continental arena.

Los Galácticos and Los Galácticos 2.0

These are the periods that witnessed a series of stars arriving at Real Madrid. This has helped the team become one of the most difficult opponents in every arena.

Real Madrid football team symbols

Real Madrid is a team with a high identity, that's why there are many symbols that football fans assume belong to Real. Typically, symbols of the Milky Way, white vultures, the Spanish royal family, and the familiar crown-shaped Logo.


Until the 2023-2024 season, Real Madrid still shows its terrible strength in all fronts. Wait to watch online football Xoi Lac TV the vultures' matches at watch football https:// phongkhamago.com/.

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