Ha Tinh: Shocking 6 seconds of the gold store robber's crime, what did the suspect declare?

Trí NhiApr 19, 2024 at 10:07

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Social networks are in s.hock at the shocking story that happened in Ha Tinh, a brazen robber rushed straight into a gold shop and only needed 6 seconds to commit the crime.

On the morning of April 18, talking to the media, Ms. H. (owner of a gold shop on Nguyen Thiep Street, Nghen Town, Can Loc District, Ha Tinh) said that she and her relatives were still shocked after the incident at the business. The family's business was attacked by robbers.

Ha Tinh: Shocking 6 seconds of the gold store robbers crime, what did the suspect declare? - Photo 1

A gold shop was recently robbed in Ha Tinh, curious people surrounded it.

Mr. S - Ms. H's husband said that his family lives in a 4-story house located on Nguyen Thiep Street. The first floor is used by the family to trade gold and silver. On the evening of April 17, after returning from the gym, Mr. S went upstairs to rest, while his daughter, Ms. , due to work, Mr. S's wife opened the door on the first floor to go out. Inside, her daughter took care of the store and worked.

Ha Tinh: Shocking 6 seconds of the gold store robbers crime, what did the suspect declare? - Photo 2

The homeowner was extremely shocked when 6 seconds lost his property.

"At this time, the family usually closes the shop because there are no more customers, but last night, because my wife had to go out and my daughter was working, the shop was just closed without being locked. At about 8:50 p.m., The robber recklessly opened the door, rushed inside and used a hammer to s.mash the glass cabinet, stealing gold jewelry worth more than 200 million VND," Mr. S recalled.

According to Mr. S, because the robber acted so quickly, when his daughter discovered the incident, she chased after him but could not keep up. The robber quickly got into the car parked in front of the door and drove away. The entire robbery was recorded by the jewelry store's security camera.

Ha Tinh: Shocking 6 seconds of the gold store robbers crime, what did the suspect declare? - Photo 3

"The incident happened in just a few seconds. Immediately after the incident, H. Can Loc Police and Ha Tinh Provincial Police conducted a search for the suspect and just a few hours later, the suspect was arrested. hiding in Vinh City, Nghe An . Fortunately, the suspect has not yet had time to dissipate the gold he robbed from our gold shop. I am still working with H.Can Loc Police to determine the specific amount Gold was robbed," Mr. S said.

Also according to Mr.

Ha Tinh: Shocking 6 seconds of the gold store robbers crime, what did the suspect declare? - Photo 4

At noon on April 18, information from the Criminal Police Department of Ha Tinh Provincial Police said that, in coordination with the Ha Tinh City Police's CSHS Team, Can Loc District Police promptly arrested the NMT subject (born 1994, resident). in Thach Trung commune, Ha Tinh city), is the culprit responsible for the robbery of a gold store in Nghen town, Can Loc district.

At the investigation agency, T admitted that due to g.ambling and g.ambling, which led to debt and no m.oney to pay, on the evening of April 17, Toan had the idea to rob property and sell it to pay the debt. The same evening, T drove a car with license plate number 38A - 113.80 from Ha Tinh city along National Highway 1A to Nghen town (Can Loc district), he drove around to observe, looking for opportunities to rob property.

Ha Tinh: Shocking 6 seconds of the gold store robbers crime, what did the suspect declare? - Photo 5

When passing by this gold and silver store, seeing that the store owner was negligent, T drove to a deserted area and used tape to cover the license plate. After that, T drove the car to stop in front of the gold shop, used a hammer to rush into the gold shop, break the glass of the cabinet, took some gold from the shop, then quickly got into the car and fled.

Upon receiving the news, the Criminal Police Department coordinated with Can Loc District Police and related units to investigate and arrest the subject.

The police mobilized maximum forces and means, synchronously used professional measures, collected documents and evidence, blocked routes, searched areas to promptly arrest the subjects.

At about 1:00 a.m. on April 18, the Criminal Police Department and the Criminal Police Team - Ha Tinh City Police and Can Loc Police identified the suspect responsible for the above case and arrested Nguyen Minh Toan when This subject is hiding in Vinh City, Nghe An.

Conducting a search, the police confiscated 16 gold bracelets worth about 190 million VND, a car with registration plate 38A - 113.80 and documents and exhibits related to the case.

Ha Tinh: Shocking 6 seconds of the gold store robbers crime, what did the suspect declare? - Photo 6

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