Ha Pham Anh Thu - Do Re Mi Champion: Boyfriend is a very famous character, his beauty suddenly changed

Hoàng PhúcNov 24, 2023 at 16:37

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Not choosing to enter the entertainment world, Ha Pham Anh Thu - 2008 Do Re Mi Champion pursued traditional folk music. After graduating from University, Anh Thu immediately studied for a Master's degree in Vocal Performance.

The champion left an impression on the audience

Do Re Mi, a music talent contest for children, was loved by many people. From this playground, many musical talents have been discovered and nurtured. 16 years have passed since the first season of Do Re Mi, the innocent and lovely boys and girls have now grown up, grown up, and walked on their own paths. One of the contestants who left the biggest impression on audiences who love Do Re Mi is Ha Pham Anh Thu, the champion of season 2.

Ha Pham Anh Thu - Do Re Mi Champion: Boyfriend is a very famous character, his beauty suddenly changed - Photo 1

Anh Thu was born in 1999, from Binh Duong. During the contest, Anh Thu successfully performed many songs such as: Bamboo Bridge; I miss the Central Highlands; The moonlight season of my hometown, Murmur murmur,... Anh Thu's voice is considered excellent, smooth, clear, high and very bright.

Ha Pham Anh Thu - Do Re Mi Champion: Boyfriend is a very famous character, his beauty suddenly changed - Photo 2

From gentle songs with folk influences to vibrant dance songs and hip hop music, Anh Thu performed well, making the audience admire her outstanding performance.

Anh Thu is also the fastest contestant to learn new songs, record them and learn dance moves. The g.irl also left a strong impression on the judges in her personal interviews. With her pretty appearance, plump face, and chirpy voice, Anh Thu is a contestant with a large fan base. It was not too surprising when she became the champion of Do Re Mi 2008.

Ha Pham Anh Thu - Do Re Mi Champion: Boyfriend is a very famous character, his beauty suddenly changed - Photo 3

15 years have passed, Anh Thu is now a 24 year old young woman. The 2008 Do Re Mi champion confided that he had a very beautiful childhood thanks to the contest. She received a lot of love from everyone during her participation in Do Re Mi. The letters that fans sent have been treasured and carefully preserved by Anh Thu until now.

She said: "I will be very happy and happy if the audience of Do Re Mi in 2008 still remembers and gives me love over the past 15 years."

Graduated from university with honors, in love with a famous boyfriend

The title of Do Re Mi champion is something that Anh Thu always feels proud of. This is also a stepping stone for her journey to pursue music professionally. Over the past 15 years, Anh Thu's life has changed quite a lot, but her love for music is getting bigger and bigger.

Ha Pham Anh Thu - Do Re Mi Champion: Boyfriend is a very famous character, his beauty suddenly changed - Photo 4

Mr. Thu has just graduated from University with Honors, majoring in Vocal Performance - Faculty of Vocal Music, Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music.

Currently, Anh Thu is studying for a Master's degree in Vocal Performance, and is also a singer at the Lotus Ethnic Music and Dance Theater. Anh Thu also teaches vocal music to the acting class of actor couple Thanh Thuy - Duc Thinh. While singing, going to school, and teaching, she is quite busy.

Ha Pham Anh Thu - Do Re Mi Champion: Boyfriend is a very famous character, his beauty suddenly changed - Photo 5

Talking about the reason for pursuing traditional folk music instead of youth music, she confided: "A lot of people asked me about that issue and also commented that my personality is very suitable to pursue and develop in the music industry. entertainment world. I myself have had a musical background since I was young, then during my studies, my teachers said that if my voice sings songs with traditional folk music, it will be very suitable. But if I choose another genre of music and don't pursue folk music, it would be a bit of a waste. Actually, the teachers' advice is only part of it, mainly my passion. I feel happy when I receive it. sing songs about the homeland, sweet folk songs.

I do not agree that singing market music or pursuing pure entertainment music is not good. But personally, I still want to find a way to develop music in a sustainable, long-term way, and the music I pursue really brings value to the music industry."

Ha Pham Anh Thu - Do Re Mi Champion: Boyfriend is a very famous character, his beauty suddenly changed - Photo 6

In addition to her singing voice, Anh Thu is said to be more handsome as she grows older. The beautiful features on the chubby face are now more perfect and delicate. The 2008 Do Re Mi champion has a well-proportioned physique. Because she pursues traditional music, every time she goes on stage, Anh Thu often wears a very graceful and loving ao dai. However, in real life, Anh Thu has a youthful and attractive fashion sense.

This year's Do Re Mi champion now has a boyfriend. More interestingly, Anh Thu's other half is Vietnam's Super Intelligence - Ha Viet Hoang. The fate that made Hoang and Anh Thu know each other was also thanks to the Do Re Mi program. Ha Viet Hoang used to be a fan of Do Re Mi. He once watched Do Re Mi season 2 and was extremely impressed with Anh Thu. Later, Viet Hoang proactively searched for Anh Thu's Facebook because he wanted to know what her current life was like.

Anh Thu also knows Viet Hoang through the Vietnam Super Intelligence Contest. The two became friends on Facebook and then talked, met, and learned. Up to now, the talented couple has been dating for more than a year.

Ha Pham Anh Thu - Do Re Mi Champion: Boyfriend is a very famous character, his beauty suddenly changed - Photo 7

In Anh Thu's eyes, Viet Hoang is a humorous, thoughtful, sophisticated guy who knows how to create surprises, knows how to pamper his girlfriend,... All of these things make a couple, whether one is from the North or the other from the South. but it feels like the distance is not too far. Once rarely sharing about his girlfriend, Viet Hoang said that although Anh Thu is 1 year older than him, the two do not see any problems.

Ha Pham Anh Thu - Do Re Mi Champion: Boyfriend is a very famous character, his beauty suddenly changed - Photo 8

When they can arrange their time and work, Viet Hoang and Anh Thu will fly back and forth to visit each other. On the day Viet Hoang received his diploma from Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Anh Thu was also present to congratulate him. In the future, whether "Vietnam's Super Brain" develops her career in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, Anh Thu will support her boyfriend.

Ha Pham Anh Thu - Do Re Mi Champion: Boyfriend is a very famous character, his beauty suddenly changed - Photo 9

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