"The Wind Blows Half Summer" helped Trieu Le Dinh "defeat" a series of strong opponents, despite being in hiding.

Nguyễn TuyếtDec 20, 2023 at 21:07

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Even though it has been on air for 1 year, "The Wind Blows Half Summer" still continues to bring new achievements for Trieu Le Dinh. It is also this "brainchild" that helps the little flower g.irl leave many competitors far behind.
At entertainment events at the end of 2023, Trieu Le Dinh was almost absent and there were no new works on air. However, the actress still continues to extend her golden list of achievements with quality titles in the past.

The Wind Blows Half Summer helped Trieu Le Dinh defeat a series of strong opponents, despite being in hiding. - Photo 1

"Presented" from the end of 2022, "The Wind Blows Half Summer" starring Trieu Le Dinh has just been honored by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Cinema and Television as one of the representatives of "Representative Masterpieces".

Notably, this is also the only work with the theme of a woman's maturity. The film clearly portrays the image of an independent, strong and intelligent woman, reaching out in the modern era.

The Wind Blows Half Summer helped Trieu Le Dinh defeat a series of strong opponents, despite being in hiding. - Photo 2

It is known that "The Wind Blows Half Summer" is set in China in the 1990s. The female lead Hua Ban Ha, played by Trieu Le Dinh, is a g.irl who grew up in a harsh environment when her mother died due to difficulty giving birth, and My father always maintained an attitude of not caring about me.

Because of this, Ban Ha grew up stronger and more resilient, arrogant and personable, always carrying within himself the will to move forward aggressively. After being betrayed by her husband, with the desire to change her life, she became a powerful businessman in the iron and steel industry. To m.ake m.oney, Hua Ban Ha must use intelligence and improvise in the face of brutal competition in the marketplace.

The Wind Blows Half Summer helped Trieu Le Dinh defeat a series of strong opponents, despite being in hiding. - Photo 3

In addition to "The Wind Blows Half Summer", other works in the list of "Representative Masterpieces" also include: Son Hai Tinh, The Age of Awakening, District Committee Dai Vien, Human World and Storm.

All are quality dramatic works, receiving recognition from both the audience and the media. Trieu Le Dinh's works appearing in the above list have partly proven her strength and success in planning her career.

The Wind Blows Half Summer helped Trieu Le Dinh defeat a series of strong opponents, despite being in hiding. - Photo 4

Remember when it aired, the achievements of "The Wind Blows Half Summer" were also very impressive. The movie has an iQIYI temperature exceeding the 10200 mark (specifically 10263). Not only that, the character Hua Ban Ha played by the "rating queen" also has a Vlinkage character index exceeding 9.0 (specifically 9.05); Vlinkage drama index exceeded 90 (specifically 91.02).

Trieu Le Dinh is currently the most prominent flower g.irl compared to her peers such as: Duong Mich, Angelababy,... After many years of struggling in the entertainment world, the actress not only has a successful career but also has the number huge assets.

The Wind Blows Half Summer helped Trieu Le Dinh defeat a series of strong opponents, despite being in hiding. - Photo 5

Most recently, the "mother of one child" posted a series of photos of herself taking pictures of the surrounding scenery while filming on the set of "Kieu Nghien's Confessions".

It is worth mentioning that this series of images is quite low quality, the details are blurred, the angle is quite unaesthetic. Immediately, fans joked that Trieu Le Dinh must still be using an old iPhone 8 to take such poor quality photos.

The Wind Blows Half Summer helped Trieu Le Dinh defeat a series of strong opponents, despite being in hiding. - Photo 6

However, soon after, netizens discovered that the actress had replaced her phone with a new one that was of higher quality than the old one. Before that, star Du Phuong Hanh used the Iphone 8 for many years.

Her phone is so old that it cannot open large files and videos, causing certain inconveniences. That's why when fans learned that the little flower g.irl had changed her phone to a new phone, they were very happy for her.

The Wind Blows Half Summer helped Trieu Le Dinh defeat a series of strong opponents, despite being in hiding. - Photo 7

Trieu Le Dinh is known as the type of person who does not live extravagantly for himself. This saving habit has been maintained since the actress was still poor until now.

Although the amount of m.oney she earns is not small, it is rare to see the 85-year-old flower g.irl buying branded goods, instead focusing on investing in real estate, vehicles or equipment for work.

The Wind Blows Half Summer helped Trieu Le Dinh defeat a series of strong opponents, despite being in hiding. - Photo 8

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