Yang Kai had just announced the "good news" with the younger man, and was suddenly ranked "in the same tray" as Zhao Liying

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After a long time in hiding, Yang Kai officially returned with good news. Many netizens boldly guessed that this news is related to the upcoming film project of "auntie" Bach Thien.

Accordingly, yesterday, August 23, Yang Mi's office announced a good news to fans. Specifically, the TV series "Ho Love Xiao Hong Nuong" starring her and her 6-year-old "young love" has just reached 2 million preview bookings on the screening platform. To celebrate this memorable milestone, the film crew distributed "welfare" to fans, with a pair of extreme posters of the male and female leads.

Yang Kai had just announced the good news with the younger man, and was suddenly ranked in the same tray as Zhao Liying - Photo 1

It is known that "Hu Yao Xiaohong Nuong" is a multi-part historical television series, adapted from the "hit" Chinese comic. The content of the film mainly revolves around the fantasy love story between people and lovers.

Taking charge of the Nguyet Hong part of the film is the duo Yang Mich and Gong Jun. The combination of the 85-year-old top flower and the Chinese screen cult has received great attention from fans, since the film crew just announced.

Yang Kai had just announced the good news with the younger man, and was suddenly ranked in the same tray as Zhao Liying - Photo 2

As audiences everywhere are waiting for the drama to air, the "Ho Love Xiao Hong Nuong" crew announced the first achievements of the project. Based on the aforementioned figure, it can be seen that Yang Mi's strong comeback has attracted the attention of many Chinese-language movie nerds.

This is also considered a work that helps Yang Mo untie his acting style, after the unsuccessful film "The 80/20 Law of Love", starring Hua Kai before.

Yang Kai had just announced the good news with the younger man, and was suddenly ranked in the same tray as Zhao Liying - Photo 3

Currently, "Ho Love Xiao Hong Nuong" has not set a time for airing, but information related to the film is always paid special attention by the public. During this time, the main cast of the project is still actively participating in film and commercial activities, sometimes sharing their daily lives on their personal pages to "entertain" fans.

In another development, the series of Yang Kai, Zhao Liying or Tang Yan are all predicted to flop in the near future. By this time, the 85 miniature cast included names such as Zhao Liying, Yang Mi, Tang Yan, Liu Shishi,... all have historical dramas waiting to air. Many netizens have participated in predicting the achievements of these films.

The first is "Data Phoenix" by Zhao Liying. This is a historical set marking the 2nd collaboration of Xiao Hua with actor Lin Jingjin after the success at "Chu Qiao Story". According to many rumors, she did not want to receive this film because she was switching to the drama genre. The fact that Zhao Liying nodded in agreement was because he did not want to offend NSX and his former co-star.

Yang Kai had just announced the good news with the younger man, and was suddenly ranked in the same tray as Zhao Liying - Photo 4

As expected, the film's douban score at this time was only 6.0, so "Data Fengxing" was considered an unsuccessful film by Zhao Liying, similar to "Huu Fei" starring Wang Yibo.

In recent years, it can be seen that she does not seem to have much charm with the avant-garde fashion genre as before. Apart from "Heavenly Flower" and "Chu Qiao Story", Zhao Liying didn't have any really h.ot costumes.

Similarly, Yang Kai's "Hu Xiao Hongnuong" is the same. It is a project marking the return of Yang Mich after a long time without films to play. Despite being invested a lot in costumes as well as a massive script, the cast of the film is not very positive.

Yang Kai had just announced the good news with the younger man, and was suddenly ranked in the same tray as Zhao Liying - Photo 5

Since "Three Generations of Ten Li Dao Hua", Yang Mi's acting has been constantly criticized for being "greasy", trying to collaborate with younger male stars but without chemistry. As for Cung Tuan, he constantly received many controversies because the achievements of the films he starred in were not very positive, despite their high commercial value.

Finally, there is Liu Shi Shi with the set "Nhat Conception Quan Shan". Liu Shishi's return to the screen came as quite a surprise to fans. Because for many years now, the actress has been almost hidden to take care of her family. All the audience's impressions of Xiao Hoa only stopped at the role of Phuong Khanh Tran in "Tuc Linh Lung" since 2016.

Yang Kai had just announced the good news with the younger man, and was suddenly ranked in the same tray as Zhao Liying - Photo 6

Therefore, "Nhat Conception Quan Son" is predicted to have a douban score of 6-7 points, which does not make a big splash because the "big sister" has been in hiding for a long time.

Yang Kai had just announced the good news with the younger man, and was suddenly ranked in the same tray as Zhao Liying - Photo 7

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