Trieu Le Dinh is "inferior" to Duong Mich in terms of behavioral skills, fans recommend practicing more

Hướng DươngSep 22, 2023 at 16:18

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Recently, Trieu Le Dinh was suddenly advised to learn from Duong Mich on how to answer interviews. Because of the same question, "Auntie" Bach Thien had a behavior that was highly praised by the public.

Accordingly, people recently suddenly "dug up" the behavioral competition of Cbiz's two leading flower girls and quickly caused a stir all over the internet. It's worth mentioning that when receiving the same question about the kiss scene with a male co-star, Trieu Le Dinh seemed a bit confused so her answer was not as expected. As for Duong Mich, the actress showed much more ingenuity and intelligence than her colleagues.

Trieu Le Dinh is inferior to Duong Mich in terms of behavioral skills, fans recommend practicing more - Photo 1

Specifically, when the reporter asked the rating queen: "Have you ever had a physiological reaction when filming so many kissing scenes?", she replied: "When filming kissing scenes, it's not like male actors will have many. more physiological response?".

This answer from Trieu Le Dinh made everyone present "freeze for 5 seconds", even the reporter did not expect it and did not know how to continue the story. Then, the flower g.irl added that it is normal to have physiological reactions when filming a kiss scene. Even though it was a bit embarrassing, it was enough to see how honest the Trieu star was.

Trieu Le Dinh is inferior to Duong Mich in terms of behavioral skills, fans recommend practicing more - Photo 2

On the contrary, Duong Mich has proven his bravery and agility thanks to many years of experience in the Chinese entertainment industry. On another occasion, the actress also received a similar question: "Are there any physiological reactions when filming a kissing scene? And what should be avoided?".

Not answering the first part, she directly mentioned the second part: "Eat a little garlic. This is really effective in avoiding trouble." Duong Mich's response also quickly received compliments from many netizens.

Trieu Le Dinh is inferior to Duong Mich in terms of behavioral skills, fans recommend practicing more - Photo 3

In fact, when filming romantic movies, kissing scenes are indispensable. Because there are works that also attract more audience attention thanks to such intimate scenes.

Most actresses (in China) will proactively eat garlic or some strong-smelling foods to avoid unnecessary incidents. It is also for this reason that Duong Tu was repeatedly criticized by male colleagues who accused the actress of "eating garlic every time she goes to a kiss or intimate scene".

Trieu Le Dinh is inferior to Duong Mich in terms of behavioral skills, fans recommend practicing more - Photo 4

In another development, the series "Little Red Fox" has just released a new trailer that has made Chinese movie buffs even more excited. However, the female supporting character's beauty was praised for overwhelmingly beautiful Duong Mich.

At iQIYI's trade conference that took place not long ago, it attracted great attention from the public. After many days of anticipation, the official trailer of Ho Ye Tieu Hong Nuong - Nguyet Hong Thien has been released to "treat" fans. Just released, this trailer has received countless compliments from the audience.

Trieu Le Dinh is inferior to Duong Mich in terms of behavioral skills, fans recommend practicing more - Photo 5

The official trailer of the movie caused a stir because the cast was so beautiful. The appearance of the characters is also highly appreciated, each person has a unique nuance. In addition, the skills in Demon Fox Tieu Hong Nuong - Nguyet Hong Thien were also highly praised for their extremely impressive magic performances.

Duong Mich's character Do Son Hong Hong is even more impeccable, with many outstandingly beautiful designs that make viewers extremely satisfied. The actress's youthful beauty is also a huge plus. However, there are many opinions that the male and female couple do not have chemistry, and there is still a difference in appearance, especially in age.

Trieu Le Dinh is inferior to Duong Mich in terms of behavioral skills, fans recommend practicing more - Photo 6

While Duong Mich caused great controversy, the film's female supporting cast was constantly praised. In the trailer released this time, the character that attracts the most attention is Nguyet De Ha (played by Tran Do Linh). Although her appearance time is quite small, her beautiful, flexible and extremely adorable beauty is enough to make the audience fascinated.

Trieu Le Dinh is inferior to Duong Mich in terms of behavioral skills, fans recommend practicing more - Photo 7

In particular, creating a "full of greenery" image helps Nguyet De Ha stand out when she appears. In addition, the kiss scene between her and Ho Vi Sinh (played by Truong Lang Hach) also attracted great attention.

Possessing a stable cast of actors with beautiful appearances, "Ho Yeu Tieu Hong Nuong - Nguyet Hong Thien" is a film project that is extremely anticipated by the audience right now. However, at the present time, the first collaborative work of Duong Mich and Cung Tuan still does not have a specific release date.

Trieu Le Dinh is inferior to Duong Mich in terms of behavioral skills, fans recommend practicing more - Photo 8

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