Trieu Le Dinh dominated the social network for the whole year, but still lost to Dilraba Dilma

An NhiSep 30, 2022 at 11:05

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Overcoming famous names Duong Mich, Trieu Le Dinh, Angelababy ... "beautiful Xinjiang" Dich Le Nhiet Ba became the most popular female star on Weibo from the beginning of the year until now.

The list of top 10 female stars with popularity on Weibo from the beginning of the year until now is one of the topics that netizens are extremely interested in at this time. The names appearing in the chart also created many controversies from the audience.

Accordingly, the first place belongs to an extremely familiar character on social networking forums - young actress Dich Le Nhiet Ba.

Trieu Le Dinh dominated the social network for the whole year, but still lost to Dilraba Dilma - Photo 1

Although there has been no film since the beginning of the year, it is undeniable that the coverage of the Xinjiang beauty is extremely large. In addition, Dich Le Nhiet also often appears in promotional livestreams or big events of famous brands.

In addition, the trailer of the movie An Lac Truyen starring her and Cung Tuan has just been released and has attracted great attention from the media as well as netizens.

Trieu Le Dinh dominated the social network for the whole year, but still lost to Dilraba Dilma - Photo 2

"An Lac Story" is adapted from the novel De Hoang Thu by the author Tinh Linh. The content revolves around the life of Nham An Lac, because of a family incident that has to be lost. In the journey to find the truth to wash away the family, she was taken in by Crown Prince Han Diep and became his assistant.

Capital rich in wisdom, Nham An Lac helped Han Diep solve the cases in the capital. Until the war broke out, Nham An Lac followed Han Diep to the battle and fought together to bring peace to the people. Later, Han Diep helped Nham An Lac to re-investigate her case and clean up the family's injustice.

In the film, Dich Le Nhiet Ba plays Nham An Lac, Cung Tuan plays Crown Prince Han Diep, and Luu Vu Ninh plays Lac Minh Tay.

Embarrassed in second place is the famous female star Duong Mich. The attraction of the Ho Yeu Tieu Hong Nuong project has indeed made Duong Mich's name often become the topic of public discussion during the past time. That also brought her the runner-up position in this chart.

Trieu Le Dinh dominated the social network for the whole year, but still lost to Dilraba Dilma - Photo 3

In Ho Yao Tieu Hong Nuong, Duong Mich takes on the role of Do Son Hong Hong - the queen of the lake demon clan. In the film, her character had the grace to save the life of Taoist Dong Phuong Nguyet So (Cung Tuan) and then brought him to Do Son mountain to practice. The two then fall into a "love net" and work together to f.ight the evil.

According to Sohu, Ho loves Tieu Hong Nuong is the "resolution" project for Duong Mich this year.

Following immediately is the 3rd place belongs to actress Angelababy. It can be seen that in addition to the two famous stars mentioned above, Angelababy is also one of the names that climbed to the top of Weibo's search the most from the beginning of the year until now. "Ex-wife Huynh Xiaoming" often causes netizens to admire her beautiful and gorgeous beauty despite being at the age of 33.

Trieu Le Dinh dominated the social network for the whole year, but still lost to Dilraba Dilma - Photo 4

The position that causes the most surprises as well as controversy is that of the female star Hoa Thien Cot - Trieu Le Dinh. The audience was very surprised when the talented actress only ranked 6th in this chart, because from the beginning of the year until now, Trieu Le Dinh's coverage is said to be not inferior to Duong Mich. or Le Nhiet Ba. However, the mother of one was even surpassed by Cuc Tinh Y and Liu Yifei in the above list.

Trieu Le Dinh dominated the social network for the whole year, but still lost to Dilraba Dilma - Photo 5

Currently, Trieu Le Dinh has 2 expected films: Da Man Born and Du Phuong Hanh.

Last August, Da Man Sinh Truong passed the censorship round and was granted a broadcasting license. The series is expected to have 36 episodes, shown on the IQIYI platform.

Trieu Le Dinh dominated the social network for the whole year, but still lost to Dilraba Dilma - Photo 6

Da Man Born Truong is a film marking the transformation of Trieu Le Dinh. Determined to give up the commercial and entertainment film line, she is aiming for quality scripts and difficult roles that need depth.

Meanwhile, Du Phuong Hanh is in the process of recording. In Du Phuong Hanh, Trieu Le Dinh plays the role of Shen Ly, known as Bich Thuong Vuong, a general of the demon world, famous for his weapon of silver spear. Because she did not want to marry the 33rd son of the Emperor, Phu Dung Quan, a famous man of passion and promiscuity, Shen Ly fled to the human world. Here, she meets the God of War from ancient times Hanh Chi, played by actor Lam Canh Tan.

Trieu Le Dinh dominated the social network for the whole year, but still lost to Dilraba Dilma - Photo 7

The combination of Lam Canh Tan and Trieu Le Dinh also makes a large part of the audience look forward to. In 2017, The Story of Kieu once caused a fever with more than 50 billion views. However, the end of the film is unfinished when both the male and female leads fall into the glacial lake. Many viewers expect the two actors to continue writing the old story.

In addition, a number of images of Trieu Le Dinh in the role of Tham Ly revealed also received praise from the audience. Many people praised the actress for her escapist shape, elegant beauty, creating sympathy, worthy of being a historical beauty.

Trieu Le Dinh dominated the social network for the whole year, but still lost to Dilraba Dilma - Photo 8

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