Law professor analyzes Fat Cat's case, could she be guilty of a crime and have to go to jail?

Minh LợiMay 22, 2024 at 16:41

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Recently, the police of Chongqing, China posted a document announcing the results of the investigation of the case related to the tragic passing of the 21-year-old man, also known as Fat Cat.

According to the report, he and Dam Truc have known each other since November 2021 through the game. More than a month later, the two officially started dating. Both have introduced their families.

During their relationship, Dam Truc and Fat Cat often argued. Therefore, she said she didn't want a long-distance relationship, so Fat Cat moved to Chongqing to live. He went to Dam Truc's house many times to visit.

Law professor analyzes Fat Cats case, could she be guilty of a crime and have to go to jail? - Photo 1

The two of them opened a flower shop together, with Fat Meo's capital being 70,000 yuan (more than 250 million VND). The two also opened a joint savings account to serve their business. After more than 2 years of love (from November 2021 to April 2024), Fat Meo transferred 800,000 yuan (more than 2.8 billion VND) to Dam Truc. Dam Truc also transferred 463,000 yuan (more than 1.6 billion VND) to him.

In short, Fat Cat and Dam Truc love each other for real, there is no "money digging" behavior. After he transferred her the last amount of m.oney marked "voluntary", he blocked Dam Truc's account from allowing her to transfer it again, and then left forever.

Law professor analyzes Fat Cats case, could she be guilty of a crime and have to go to jail? - Photo 2

The police said that Fat Cat's sister intentionally led public opinion, brought down Dam Truc to demand m.oney, and used her younger brother for her own profit. In addition, those who spread false content in this case were also administratively sanctioned by the police.

Immediately after the police announcement, 2/3 of the H.ot Search board in the Entertainment section on Weibo were all hashtags related to the Fat Cat incident. Topping both the Entertainment table and the general table is the tag "Police announce results of investigation into Fat Cat case", "red storm" with visits reaching millions, increasing rapidly.

Law professor analyzes Fat Cats case, could she be guilty of a crime and have to go to jail? - Photo 3

The official investigation results surprised Cnet and turned back to criticize Fat Cat's sister. Many people left comments or posted statuses apologizing to Dam Truc. Some people think that Fat Cat's sister's actions are understandable because she believes that breaking up with Dam Truc was the main reason for her brother's d.eath, but the manipulation of public opinion caused the story to be taken too far. is unacceptable:

"I felt like hamburgers and drinks left at the bridge at that time were a waste."

"Everyone apologize to Dam Truc."

"Why doesn't the police report mention the chat about the two girls who said Dam Truc was dating during the time they met Fat Cat?"

"Those who spread rumors must be punished."

"Read the police statement and wake up."

Law professor analyzes Fat Cats case, could she be guilty of a crime and have to go to jail? - Photo 4

After the above incident, Zhang Xinyu, an associate professor at the Beijing University of Technology and Business School of Law, said that according to the investigation's conclusion, "Fat Cat's" sister had at least revealed Dam's privacy rights. comments and comment orientation. Her goal was to "cause Dam to be bullied online" and violate Dam's privacy.

Therefore, the behavior of Fat Cat may constitute the crime of insulting honor and dignity. She also hired people to write articles that distorted the truth and posted them on other websites, which also constitutes the crime of Libel.

Law professor analyzes Fat Cats case, could she be guilty of a crime and have to go to jail? - Photo 5

In addition, she continued to r.eveal Dam's related addresses and buy traffic on this platform for malicious speculation, which are acts falling under the crimes of Infringement of Citizens' Personal Information and Illegal Use of Citizens' Personal Information. information network license. Associate Professor Zhang Xinyu said that the risk of "Fat Cat"'s sister facing criminal charges is very high, even multiple crimes.

In the Fat Cat case, the Weibo platform handled 235 illegal accounts and 2,569 illegal content.

Law professor analyzes Fat Cats case, could she be guilty of a crime and have to go to jail? - Photo 6

Associate Professor Zhang Xinyu said that with these platforms, if online v.iolence and other related illegal and criminal information are discovered, the platform needs to fulfill its security management obligations, including including the timely removal of clearly offensive and abusive information.

Otherwise, the widespread illegal dissemination of information or other serious circumstances may constitute the crime of refusing to perform information network security management obligations.

Law professor analyzes Fat Cats case, could she be guilty of a crime and have to go to jail? - Photo 7

A series of social network accounts with offensive behavior and even threats to harm Dam Truc have also been handled by the police.

Law professor analyzes Fat Cats case, could she be guilty of a crime and have to go to jail? - Photo 8

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