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BABYMONSTER dominated thanks to BLACKPINK "hibernating", surpassing their seniors spectacularly

Gia Nhi13:31:56 13/06/2024
After a long period of inactivity as a group, BlackPink's younger sister - rookie g.irl group BabyMonster - has had a spectacular comeback by increasingly dominating the Kpop market. Fans think that YG has gradually succeeded in creating a new generation of idols.

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BABYMONSTER plots to "eliminate" NewJeans, ILLIT, causing "wobbly" with superb visuals

Kim Lâm11:25:02 10/06/2024
In the new product, 7 BABYMONSTER members appeared without a dead angle, making fans swoon. With a remarkable increase in performance, many people believe that BLACKPINK's sister will far surpass the rest of the competitors.

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BABYMONSTER made a spectacular comeback, bringing Sheesh to the top 10 of Melon

Vân Anh17:15:48 29/04/2024
SHEESH was a song that received a lot of criticism from BABYMONSTER when it first debuted. However, after a period of proving their strength with their ability to sing extremely well live, even using handheld microphones, the 7 girls brought this song back up the charts.

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BABYMONSTER deserves the title of the group possessing the top live singing ability of Gen 4

Minh Ngọc19:25:35 26/04/2024
YG is worthy of being the leading idol training company in Korea when it recently launched the group BABYMONSTER. Even though they are just rookies, the girls are gradually showing off their reputation as BLACKPINK's little sisters with outstanding talent.

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BABYMONSTER was praised by Korean newspapers for their ability to sing live amid HYBE's internal turmoil

Mẫn Nhi15:26:24 25/04/2024
While NewJeans and ILLIT are facing a storm due to internal conflicts, LE SSERAFIM left a deep impression on the Coachella disaster, the Korean media gave compliments, affirming their ability to sing live. BABYMONSTER.

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Pharita is confident in BABYMONSTER's live singing skills and vocal techniques

Phi Đức11:42:22 23/04/2024
Pharita BABYMONSTER confidently affirmed the group's live singing skills. This statement made netizens nod because the rookie dinosaur's abilities have been proven through just a few stages.

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Chiquita's mother caused a fever with her beauty like a Kpop idol, extremely "trending".

Phong Trần19:23:30 20/04/2024
The mother of BABYMONSTER's youngest sister - Chiquita posted a trending clip to support her daughter, but unexpectedly it became viral because of her extremely beautiful and youthful beauty. Many people also compare her to having charisma no less than 2nd generation Kpop idols.

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BABYMONSTER became YG's "exception", not compensating for BLACKPINK's 7 years

Minh Ngọc15:40:14 19/04/2024
Although it has been less than a year since their debut, YG has continuously promoted activities for BLACKPINK girls in recent times, even stronger than BLACKPINK's 7 years.

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BABYMONSTER embarrassed fans, far behind ILLIT, is the name BLACKPINK's little sister worthy?

Đức Trí06:47:48 17/04/2024
YG's rookie g.irl group - B.aby Monster, known as BlackPink's younger sister, disappointed fans when their performance was far behind rival group ILLIT, failing on the charts when making a comeback with Sheesh.

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BABYMONSTER shows the class of 'BLACKPINK's little sister', live like swallowing a plate

Phong Trần07:06:59 13/04/2024
YG's new recruits have just participated in the program It s Live. BABYMONSTER stirs up the atmosphere with the newly released song Sheesh. 7 girls are gradually proving the class of BLACKPINK's sisters.

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Rora has the standard beauty of Korean style, is the main visual of BABYMONSTER?

Phi Đức15:06:58 11/04/2024
Recently on the Pann portal, a post appeared with the topic BABYMONSTER Rora's visual is the best. Below the article, many compliments were given to Rora's visual, making fans extremely happy.

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Rora (BABYMONSTER): almighty idol held back by YG, the group's "black swan".

Khánh Huyền13:48:06 10/04/2024
Rora possesses beautiful beauty, is extremely talented, and has an attractive charisma, but is treated quite unfairly by YG, has no status, and is always lower than the other members.

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Lisa revealed that Pharita (BABYMONSTER) once burst into tears when confiding in her

Mẫn Nhi07:44:52 10/04/2024
Recently, Lisa's sharing about her younger sister Pharita (BABYMONSTER) was rediscovered. Thereby r.evealing the close relationship between two fellow countrymen, Lisa also recalled Pharita burst into tears in front of her because of a lot of pressure.

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Rami: the feverish lead vocalist of BABYMONSTER, praised by Rosé

Vân Anh10:44:23 09/04/2024
Rami BABYMONSTER recently received extremely positive feedback when he appeared on stage singing live for the first time with the members. Even when singing vegetarian, YG's lead vocalist is still extremely well rated.

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The youngest BABYMONSTER was accused of "ignoring fans", immediately apologized

Khánh Huyền09:30:06 09/04/2024
Chiquita - Little Lisa is currently a hotly controversial name for being the victim of a poor comparison on social media. She was accused of ignoring fans, not spending as much time with fans as other members.

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BABYMONSTER receives rain of praise for vocals, ILLIT gets comparisons

Minh Ngọc15:27:02 08/04/2024
Despite being the first live singing stage, BABYMONSTER made the audience extremely surprised and excited by their live skills worthy of BLACKPINK's sister. ILLIT was suddenly compared.

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"BLACKPINK sister" surpasses "NewJeans sister", still criticized by music website

Nguyễn Tuyết13:39:06 08/04/2024
Debuting at the same time, BABYMONSTER was inferior to HYBE's rookie - ILLIT. However, sales of the group's debut album still managed to set a new record on Hanteo.

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BABYMONSTER "patted" reporters when asking about ILLIT, not ashamed of YG's "chicken"

Vân Anh10:27:53 05/04/2024
The reporter suddenly asked the YG rookies about their opponent ILLIT, but their answers made fans extremely cool because they were too skillful and smart, thereby receiving countless compliments from netizen.

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BABYMONSTER was praised by Mixi despite having a headache because of the loss of the channel

Mẫn Nhi21:31:39 03/04/2024
Mixi just had his Youtube channel hacked yesterday, and he doesn't seem to be in the mood to release new content. However, the male streamer still made netizens laugh c.razy with BLACKPINK's sobbing reaction.

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"BLACKPINK sister" debuted flops, criticized for poor ideas, all at YG

Phi Yến14:03:18 02/04/2024
Expected to succeed the senior, BLACKPINK BABYMONSTER's sister's comeback could not meet the tastes of the audience. The debut MV was added badly, not ranking on the charts.

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Rookie Ahyeon (BABYMONSTER) feels honored to be called "Little Jennie"

Minh Ngọc07:24:46 02/04/2024
Ace Ahyeon of the BABYMONSTER rookie squad recently shared his feelings about being called Little Jennie. She considers it her own honor and motivation to try.

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The just-released BABYMONSTER has caused controversy, blatantly copying BLACKPINK seniors?

Diệu Anh20:11:58 01/04/2024
Rookie g.irl group YG Entertainment has officially released their debut mini album titled BABYMONS7ER, and also released the title music video Sheesh. This is also an important milestone marking the official debut of new member Ahyeon.

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"NewJeans sister" has such a strong trump card, "BLACKPINK sister" can only wish

Hoa Tuyết15:44:46 31/03/2024
Chinese netizens couldn't help but be excited when they discovered that the HYBE rookie has a similar appearance to Queen O La Thi Nghi Tu of the famous movie Chan Hoan Truyen.

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"BLACKPINK's younger sister" clearly imitated Lisa, dreaming of going viral like her senior

Phượng Vũ20:10:20 29/03/2024
After causing controversy for changing BABYMONSTER's debut date on the homepage, YG continued to attract attention when releasing a teaser introducing the group's theme MV. After watching, netizens thought Lisa was solo.

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