Rora has the standard beauty of Korean style, is the main visual of BABYMONSTER?

Phi ĐứcApr 11, 2024 at 15:06

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Recently on the Pann portal, a post appeared with the topic "BABYMONSTER Rora's visual is the best". Under the post, many compliments for Rora's visual made fans extremely happy.

Netizen commented:

"You look like the type of visual that Koreans would love the most."

"Super surprising because she controls her facial expressions very well. She's agile and full of enthusiasm."

"She's beautiful in a pure and innocent way. I think I've seen the group's content before, right? She looks smart and has a gentle personality."

"Rora is truly beautiful according to Korean standards, both elegant and pure."

"Rora is really beautiful. Her visual is the type that the more you look at it, the more pleasant you feel."

"She's really pretty, but when I look at the group's content, I think she's kind of clever, it's not funny."

Rora has the standard beauty of Korean style, is the main visual of BABYMONSTER? - Photo 1

"She's like the "free-pass" type, fair, neat, and pure."

(free-pass is the type of person that when you bring home and introduce to your parents, they will immediately like that person)

"Just looking at Rora, you will feel very comfortable. She looks very gentle and will not harm anyone."

"I think she's the most beautiful."

"I saw the group's stage yesterday, she looked very beautiful."

Rora has the standard beauty of Korean style, is the main visual of BABYMONSTER? - Photo 2

"She seems like a nice person."

"Rora and Pharita both have innocent beauty. So great!"

"She was Mr. Yang's first choice. He even gave her his own stage name. I like his stage name so much"

"I feel like she will have the biggest fanboy base in Baemon. Because she looks like she has a gentle, gentle vibe."

"Very pretty, not the type that makes you uncomfortable, but the type that makes you feel comfortable and at peace."

Rora has the standard beauty of Korean style, is the main visual of BABYMONSTER? - Photo 3

To date, the main visual (the person whose appearance represents the group) of BABYMONSTER has not been officially announced. In addition, other positions such as vocal, rap, dance are similar. Since her official debut, Rora has always been considered the member whose visuals best suit Korean taste. Not only that, she is also a potential candidate for the main vocal position of the group.

Rora's current position in the group is Vocalist and Dancer. In addition to her outstanding beauty, Rora also possesses a voice that is considered sweet and powerful, and good vocal skills, but even so she is not pushed as much by the company as the other members.

Rora has the standard beauty of Korean style, is the main visual of BABYMONSTER? - Photo 4

This makes Rora's fans feel extremely angry, frustrated and pity the little female idol. There was even information that the reason why YG kept Rora in the BABYMONSTER lineup was because they were afraid that fans would "disturb the water". Rora's popularity in Korea is no joke no matter how much the company holds back.

Rora has the standard beauty of Korean style, is the main visual of BABYMONSTER? - Photo 5

As soon as YG introduced member Rora in the clip, most comments praised Rora's voice. Her high-pitched or harsh notes are all surprising because of her professional handling. Some people even claim that if you only listen to the audio, it will be difficult to recognize that this is the voice of a l.ittle g.irl with a "baby" face. With this performance, fans also think that Rora will be the main vocal of BABYMONSTER when they debut.

Rora has the standard beauty of Korean style, is the main visual of BABYMONSTER? - Photo 6

Producer Yang Hyun Suk, producer Sony, and dancer Lee Jung also praised Rora for her understanding of the song and her delicate way of conveying emotions in her voice.

The beauty born in 2008 also surprised many audiences with her charisma and attractive expressions in front of the camera. Her impressive ability to pose and capture the camera has received many compliments. Rora's own color may become an important factor to help her shine brighter.

Rora has the standard beauty of Korean style, is the main visual of BABYMONSTER? - Photo 7

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