The youngest BABYMONSTER was accused of "ignoring fans", immediately apologized

Khánh HuyềnApr 09, 2024 at 09:30

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Chiquita - "Little Lisa" is currently a hotly controversial name for being the victim of a poor comparison on social media. She was accused of ignoring fans, not spending as much time with fans as other members.

Since the moment after officially debuting again with the 7-member lineup, YG dinosaur rookie BABYMONSTER has received a lot of attention from fans.

On Weverse social network, all 7 members regularly interact and chat with fans. BABYMONSTER even stays up late, waking up early just to tell fans to go to bed or ask if they have breakfast.

The youngest BABYMONSTER was accused of ignoring fans, immediately apologized - Photo 1

However, recently, the online community has passed on an extremely unkind comment from a fan. Accordingly, this person ranked the interactions of BABYMONSTER members:

"Ranking the most active members on Weverse:

– Ahyeon – She is the most energetic and always responds to fans

- Ruka


- Rora

- Pharita


- Chiquita - Just post and leave

Imagine you're a fan of Chiquita."

Notably, this comment "drifted" to the person in question named Chiquita, who was dubbed "Little Lisa", who read the comment and replied: "I'm sorry. I'm here for you."

The youngest BABYMONSTER was accused of ignoring fans, immediately apologized - Photo 2

Seeing that the youngest sister, who was only born in 2009, had to face the "distorted" thinking of a section of toxic netizens, the fan community was extremely frustrated. Since then, there have been many posts urging the fan community to stop making hurtful comparisons to idols, posted on X (Twitter).

The youngest BABYMONSTER was accused of ignoring fans, immediately apologized - Photo 3

The Weverse platform is exclusively developed by HYBE, with the aim of creating a bridge for idols and fans to exchange more freely. It can be seen as a small social network dedicated to "idol swing" fans. Here the idol uploads articles, exclusive images, livestreams ... and fans can comment live or interact via broadcasts. For example, BTS used to teach Korean via video to fans on the platform. In addition, fans can also buy merchandise exclusively through the online shop.

The youngest BABYMONSTER was accused of ignoring fans, immediately apologized - Photo 4

Weverse has become a trending platform in recent years with the participation of top idols such as BTS, BLACKPINK, BIGBANG, (G)I-DLE, Newjeans, Apink...

However, many viewers expressed concerns about the new paid feature called Weverse DM. According to them, this feature can negatively impact the artist's mental health by allowing anyone who pays the fee the ability to send private messages to idols. The concerns of fans are completely valid when BTS members themselves have spoken out about negative comments that appeared while chatting at Weverse. Chiquita's recent case is also worrisome.

Chiquita, born in 2009, is the youngest member of BABYMONSTER. Even before her debut, Chiquita made many people call her "Little Lisa". From having the same homeland of Thailand to the face, expression, smiley face,... all of which give Chiquita special similarities to her elder sister Lisa.

The youngest BABYMONSTER was accused of ignoring fans, immediately apologized - Photo 5

There are opinions that this may be the intention and image orientation of YG company when it wants Chiquita to have many similarities with Lisa. However, fans want Chiquita to have its own colors so as not to be confused with anyone in Korean showbiz.

The youngest BABYMONSTER was accused of ignoring fans, immediately apologized - Photo 6

Recognized for her star qualities and good musical ability, Chiquita joined the BABYMONSTER project just 3 months after becoming a trainee, showing impressive potential.

The youngest BABYMONSTER was accused of ignoring fans, immediately apologized - Photo 7

Meanwhile, BABYMONSTER is YG's first g.irl group in 7 years since Blackpink's debut. As a multinational group, including members from Korea, Thailand, Japan with outstanding vocal, dance, rap and beauty skills, after their debut again with a full 7 members, the group is receiving the attention of Korean and international netizens.

The youngest BABYMONSTER was accused of ignoring fans, immediately apologized - Photo 8

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