Lisa revealed that Pharita (BABYMONSTER) once burst into tears when confiding in her

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Recently, Lisa's sharing about her younger sister Pharita (BABYMONSTER) was rediscovered. Thereby r.evealing the close relationship between two fellow countrymen, Lisa also recalled Pharita burst into tears in front of her because of a lot of pressure.

In 2022, Lisa had an interview in Rolling Stone magazine, which has now been "dug up" by international netizens. Accordingly, in this interview, Lisa mentioned that no matter how busy she is, she still takes time to take care of the 17-year-old Thai trainee because it reminds her of herself when she was a trainee: "There is a The Thai intern reminds me of when I was young. I'm trying to take care of her. It's not really about giving advice. We eat together, go shopping. She's 17 and already here almost two years".

Lisa revealed that Pharita (BABYMONSTER) once burst into tears when confiding in her - Photo 1

Lisa's sharing made many people think that this Thai trainee is none other than Pharita - a member of the group BABYMONSTER. Because she was born in 2005 and will turn 19 years old in August this year.

In particular, Lisa also revealed that Pharita once burst into tears in front of her: "I once asked her, 'Is there anything you're having difficulty with?' and she started crying. 'I want to dance like you, but I'm so bad at it, I'm so sad about it'. I just told her 'Keep practicing'".

Lisa revealed that Pharita (BABYMONSTER) once burst into tears when confiding in her - Photo 2

After this sharing was "unearthed", netizens said that it was Lisa's encouragement and care that helped Pharita become the excellent female rookie idol she is today. Since her debut, Pharita has always received compliments for both her beauty and talent. Some comments even affirmed that Pharita is the "converged elite" female idol that YG needs to focus on developing further.

Lisa revealed that Pharita (BABYMONSTER) once burst into tears when confiding in her - Photo 3

Pharita possesses a clear, sweet and equally powerful voice. It is known that she surprisingly passed YG's 2020 audition, with a "match" ratio of 1226 to 1.

As a c.hild, Pharita was actively active in her home country of Thailand as a c.hild model. She ranked first in the Inter Model Thailand contest and participated in the program Idol Paradise - looking for members of a domestic g.irl group.

Lisa revealed that Pharita (BABYMONSTER) once burst into tears when confiding in her - Photo 4

In the past, Pharita has had experience competing in many major competitions and won many awards such as: Miss Popular Vote at Miss Teen Thailand 2018 , Talent Kids & Teen 2018 , Asia Junior Fashion Runway 2018 , Grand Prize , Quan Winner of International Fashion Show 2019 in China, Silver a.ward of Asia Pacific Art Fest 2019 , Global Fashion Show 2019 , Champion of Street Dance Junior from Idol World Dance Cups program in Korea.

Lisa revealed that Pharita (BABYMONSTER) once burst into tears when confiding in her - Photo 5

Pharita admitted that she admires Lisa and takes Lisa as her ideal model. The public also expects that with Pharita's outstanding talent and beauty, YG will have a globally famous "second Lisa".

Lisa revealed that Pharita (BABYMONSTER) once burst into tears when confiding in her - Photo 6

Before BABYMONSTER was officially launched, YG released a video, r.evealing the moment when two Thai members, Chiquita and Pharita, had the opportunity to meet BLACKPINK's Lisa. As compatriots, the meeting between senior Lisa and her two juniors made fans excited.

Also in the clip, Chiquita and Pharita showed Lisa their dance video and wanted to listen to advice from their seniors. The moment Lisa attentively watched the clip made many people remember the image of "Master Lisa" back in the day at the reality show Youth With Friends. However, in contrast to the strictness of the "survival" program, Lisa was extremely cheerful and shared useful advice with her juniors.

Lisa revealed that Pharita (BABYMONSTER) once burst into tears when confiding in her - Photo 7

Lisa was extremely surprised that at such a young age, Chiquita and Pharita were able to dance very well in high heels. Regarding Chiquita, the youngest member of BLACKPINK commented that even though the junior did not train for a long time, he was able to do it perfectly like everyone else.

Regarding Pharita, Lisa gave advice to her juniors on where to look when performing: (Temporary translation) Look at the center of the camera. Just try it first. You probably still feel embarrassed, but don't be embarrassed. Let's do it, girls."

Lisa revealed that Pharita (BABYMONSTER) once burst into tears when confiding in her - Photo 8

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