BABYMONSTER receives rain of praise for vocals, ILLIT gets comparisons

Minh NgọcApr 08, 2024 at 15:27

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Despite being the first live singing stage, BABYMONSTER surprised and delighted the audience with its live skills worthy of the name " BLACKPINK sister". ILLIT was suddenly compared.

On the afternoon of April 7, YG rookie BABYMONSTER made their debut stage at SBS's Inkigayo music show with the song Sheesh. The first time performing live on stage in front of a large audience, the members could not hide their nervousness.

BABYMONSTER receives rain of praise for vocals, ILLIT gets comparisons - Photo 1

On social media platform Weverse, BABYMONSTER admitted that he was extremely shaken before stepping on stage for the first time. But thanks to the support of the fans, all was done well and without any mistakes.

BABYMONSTER receives rain of praise for vocals, ILLIT gets comparisons - Photo 2

Not only impressed with the spirit of performing professionally on stage in the first "debut", BABYMONSTER also surprised many people with their ability to sing live. Underneath the comment section there was a lot of winged praise for BLACKPINK's younger sisters.

BABYMONSTER receives rain of praise for vocals, ILLIT gets comparisons - Photo 3

In particular, the vocalist of main vocal Rami also made a strong impression when showing his ability through the interaction with 2 MCs, the clip was cut to cause a fever in the online community. Everyone was surprised and admitted that she only had 1 verse but was enough to "swallow the mic" with extremely "terrible" vocals. Some comments also affirmed that if BABYMONSTER sings encore, this ability will definitely "chop" many other groups.

BABYMONSTER receives rain of praise for vocals, ILLIT gets comparisons - Photo 4

No one else, ILLIT accidentally got his name shouted amid a storm of praise for BABYMONSTER. Because recently, HYBE's "dinosaur rookie" has received a lot of criticism for his controversial live singing ability on the encore stage.

ILLIT was quite excellent when it only took 8 days to win their first weekly music show. After receiving the trophy and thanking the fans, the girls showed off their voices without lyric accompaniment for the first time during the encore.

BABYMONSTER receives rain of praise for vocals, ILLIT gets comparisons - Photo 5

The group's singing ability at this encore stage created mixed opinions. Most netizens commented that only members Minju and Yunah sang the lyrics clearly, the volume was high, not much different from the record. In contrast, Wonhee, Moka and Iroha sing quite quietly. The youngest Iroha also failed to sing her full high note. In particular, member Moka has a rather shaky voice, unable to hear clearly.

BABYMONSTER receives rain of praise for vocals, ILLIT gets comparisons - Photo 6

Many viewers expressed disappointment that a group of potential rookies like ILLIT had incomplete singing abilities. In addition, a part of the opinions also expressed their discouragement when HYBE g.irl groups focus too much on dancing and performance skills instead of vocal training.

However, perhaps netizens are being too strict with female rookies when they are named "BLACKPINK sister" and " Newjeans sister". About ILLIT, although it is recognized that the encore stage has revealed many weaknesses in the voice, but the girls do not have to perform too badly, there is still a lot of potential for development in the future. Each member of each group has their own color and personality full of potential, contributing to creating a new generation "ecosystem" of Kpop, extremely desirable.

Constantly being put on the scale because there is the same time of song release, the same two strong rookies from 2 big empires, YG and HYBE, so BABYMONSTER and ILLIT constantly have to play each other's rivals. However, facing this, the "BLACKPINK sister" has a very interesting and commendable perspective. Specifically, BABYMONSTER was asked about HYBE rival - ILLIT: " BABYMONSTER is classified as a 5th generation idol. What do you guys think of rival group ILLIT that recently debuted?"

Rora responded tactfully on behalf of the group: " I have a close relationship with one of the members of ILLIT. I've always cheered her on as a colleague. Our team will operate with its own hip-hop style. Among the 5th generation idols there are many who stand out so we will try to work hard. I will not be discouraged and will try to move forward with faith in my members."

BABYMONSTER receives rain of praise for vocals, ILLIT gets comparisons - Photo 7

In addition, member Ahyeon also emphasized that focusing on self-development rather than competing with other groups , "I think it's more important to develop yourself than trying to compete with other groups. We need to cheer each other on and bring out the best images."

BABYMONSTER receives rain of praise for vocals, ILLIT gets comparisons - Photo 8

In the future, fans hope the girls will have interesting interactions, participate in the show or share the big stage.

BABYMONSTER receives rain of praise for vocals, ILLIT gets comparisons - Photo 9

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