BABYMONSTER deserves the title of the group possessing the top live singing ability of Gen 4

Minh NgọcApr 26, 2024 at 19:25

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YG is not ashamed to be Korea's leading idol training company when it recently launched the group BABYMONSTER. Although they are just rookies, the girls are gradually demonstrating their reputation as " BLACKPINK's little sisters" with outstanding talent. dominant.

From past to present, the encore stage (the ending stage at music shows) has always been a measure of the singing ability of Kpop idols. Surely Kpop fans are familiar with the fact that idols will have an encore stage if they win No.1 in weekly music shows on SBS Inkigayo, MBC Music Core, KBS Music Bank,... This is where artists will comfortably celebrate their wins with their fans, have the opportunity to interact and thank the audience. If the main stage is meticulously staged with the support of MR (accompaniment music) including chorus and vocal recording, the encore stage will be completely eliminated, thereby showing each person's true singing ability. artist or individual band member.

BABYMONSTER deserves the title of the group possessing the top live singing ability of Gen 4 - Photo 1

The generation transition period of the Kpop idol wave is coming when a series of idol groups with very young ages are debuting. Even though they have been in operation and have been widely promoted, many new music groups that have recently debuted are still disappointing because they cannot sing live without the "powerful" support of a sound system like when performing. main. This makes idols' anxiety and pressure about the encore stage increase.

Recently, on the M Countdown stage on April 25, a "wind" appeared to dispel the tense drama atmosphere of HYBE. Although still losing in terms of data compared to their contemporaneous group ILLIT, BABYMONSTER still occupies the spotlight.

To celebrate the last week of attending the music show, YG "went big" and prepared a live band and handheld microphone for the 7 "little monsters" to o.ff their live singing skills.

BABYMONSTER deserves the title of the group possessing the top live singing ability of Gen 4 - Photo 2

Bringing a whole live band to the M Countdown stage is extremely rare for artists performing at this show. As Korean newspaper ONSEN also commented, this is "unusual" when a music group promoting a new song does not use an existing beat.

Even though the stage took place right in the heart of the storm of Min Hee Jin and the HYBE group, BABYMONSTER was still able to impress and go viral thanks to its ability to master the stage and excellent vocals. Looking at the rookie group exploding, people can't help but remember the time when BLACKPINK was still "rocking" on the music show stage.

BABYMONSTER deserves the title of the group possessing the top live singing ability of Gen 4 - Photo 3

The reason this surprised many people is because B.aby Monster is a rookie group that debuted less than half a year ago, and the fan community is definitely not as strong as TXT or J-Hope.

Besides, B.aby Monster's music products do not resonate in Korea, so the group will easily be left behind in polls like this.

BABYMONSTER deserves the title of the group possessing the top live singing ability of Gen 4 - Photo 4

But in contrast to their disappointing digital music achievements, B.aby Monster members are conquering the audience with their own talent.

After releasing his first mini album "BABYMONS7ER" (April 1), B.aby Monster had many promotional stages on music shows, or participated in variety shows. Some members like Rami, Asa, Ahyeon had the opportunity to o.ff their impressive live vocals while interacting.

That's why many audiences, even though they don't love B.aby Monster's songs, still vote, hoping the group will win on a music show, so that all members can have a true live stage.

BABYMONSTER deserves the title of the group possessing the top live singing ability of Gen 4 - Photo 5

In addition, YG Entertainment was praised for its ability to train artists. Like Big Bang, 2NE1, Winner, Blackpink, and then B.aby Monster, YG company idols have gradually built a loyal fan base, thanks to their unique talents and personal colors.

BABYMONSTER deserves the title of the group possessing the top live singing ability of Gen 4 - Photo 6

Especially in the context of many Gen 4 and Gen 5 idols causing controversy because of their poor live singing, idols who sing well live like the B.aby Monster group are always highly appreciated.

BABYMONSTER deserves the title of the group possessing the top live singing ability of Gen 4 - Photo 7

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