BABYMONSTER became YG's "exception", not compensating for BLACKPINK's 7 years

Minh NgọcApr 19, 2024 at 15:40

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Although it's been less than a year since their debut, YG has continuously promoted activities for the " BLACKPINK girls" recently, even stronger than BLACKPINK's 7 years.

On the morning of April 17, YG released a poster announcing BABYMONSTER's first fanmeeting tour, making people restless. After returning to the full 7-member lineup, YG stepped up promotional activities for rookie BABYMONSTER.

Recently, the group has had a busy schedule appearing on music shows, variety shows, constantly filming content and going on shows. Despite product-related controversy, BABYMONSTER still easily won the public's hearts thanks to its talent that contributes to enhancing its reputation.

BABYMONSTER became YGs exception, not compensating for BLACKPINKs 7 years - Photo 1

Accordingly, the 7 female rookies will have the opportunity to meet fans all over Asia in 6 cities for the See You There fanmeeting in May and June. Rarely is any YG group able to do a fanmeeting tour on a large scale in Asia like BABYMONSTER. right in the first year of his career.

BABYMONSTER became YGs exception, not compensating for BLACKPINKs 7 years - Photo 2

Meeting fans in many countries opens up more opportunities for BABYMONSTER, attracts more die-hard fans and contributes to building a strong fandom. From here, it can be clearly seen that YG is determined to "push" the rookie g.irl group BABYMONSTER to make it big this year.

BABYMONSTER became YGs exception, not compensating for BLACKPINKs 7 years - Photo 3

As soon as the BABYMONSTER fanmeeting tour schedule was announced, Kpop fans were excited about YG's plans for the new g.irl group. Many people also consider BABYMONSTER to be an exception for YG. This company rarely allows "domestic chickens" to organize fan meeting events.

Even in BLACKPINK's 7 years of operation, the global g.irl group only held one fanmeeting.

BABYMONSTER became YGs exception, not compensating for BLACKPINKs 7 years - Photo 4

Besides, even though it is always known for its principle of little but quality, many people are still surprised by the number of songs BLACKPINK has after 7 years of operation. According to statistics at the end of 2023, BLACKPINK only released 33 Korean songs throughout their career. Even though there are more English singles, the number can only be counted on the fingers of one hand. Up to now, the global g.irl group has released 2 full albums ( The Album - 2020; Born Pink - 2022) and a series of singles in the first 2 years of their debut.

BABYMONSTER became YGs exception, not compensating for BLACKPINKs 7 years - Photo 5

Compared to contemporaneous g.irl groups like TWICE or Red Velvet, BLACKPINK's music repertoire is truly limited. For group fans, listening over and over and memorizing all the b-sides is a familiar thing every time they are "hungry for music". Meanwhile, TWICE, with more than 8 years of experience, has released 132 "pure Korean" songs (excluding English - Japanese singles - December 2023 data).

There is no denying that YG's strategy for BLACKPINK is quite effective, because the quantity is small, each product released has high recognition and achievement. But the fact that a big name like BLACKPINK owns less than 40 songs in nearly a decade of operation also raises a lot of controversy.

BABYMONSTER became YGs exception, not compensating for BLACKPINKs 7 years - Photo 6

A group of demanding music fans believe that BLACKPINK is just a successful product of media and image-building "tricks". In terms of music alone, as an artist with influential music discography, the YG g.irl group still lacks many elements.

Looking at what YG is doing for BABYMONSTER at the present time, fans are even more certain that BLACKPINK's decision to stop renewing the contract with YG is extremely correct. Of course, BLINKs understand enough and do not show any hostility towards the younger sisters, on the contrary, they support and love the little girls.

BABYMONSTER became YGs exception, not compensating for BLACKPINKs 7 years - Photo 7

However, netizens still point the finger at the 7 rookies with comparisons that make many fans misunderstand.

Up to now, BABYMONSTER is increasingly asserting the capabilities of YG's "dinosaur rookie". Although the group's debut song was constantly criticized, the girls' ability to sing live overwhelmed everything. Not only that, BABYMONSTER is also expected to soon "follow" BLACKPINK to Coachella.

BABYMONSTER became YGs exception, not compensating for BLACKPINKs 7 years - Photo 8

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