Eddy Kim was proposed to be prosecuted for the Burning Sun - Seungri scandal, and finally escaped

Đình NhưMay 30, 2024 at 16:21

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The return of this case through a BBC documentary has once again reignited controversy and a wave of criticism among the public, negatively affecting the lives and careers of many Korean stars.

One of them is Eddy Kim - a Korean male singer. This is a male artist who was involved in this scandal, but when he was proposed to be prosecuted, it was rejected.

Eddy Kim was proposed to be prosecuted for the Burning Sun - Seungri scandal, and finally escaped - Photo 1

Eddy Kim admitted to spreading sensitive content in the scandalous chat group

Eddy Kim is a famous singer and musician in Korea and is known for becoming a contestant on the television talent show Superstar K 4 in 2012 - the program that gave him the opportunity to get to know and be close to Jung Joon Young. .

In addition, he also contributed his voice to many famous soundtrack songs such as You are so beautiful (Goblin OST), When Night Falls (While You Were Sleeping OST),...

In 2019, Eddy Kim was called out in a group chat led by Jung Joon Young. He was summoned and questioned by the police for 2 hours on March 31, 2019. After an investigation by the police, Eddy Kim admitted to spreading sensitive content and temporarily ceased operations after this scandal.

Eddy Kim was proposed to be prosecuted for the Burning Sun - Seungri scandal, and finally escaped - Photo 2

Eddy Kim was recommended for prosecution but the charges were quickly dismissed

Eddy Kim was named in the scandal as a member of a chat group specializing in filming illegal videos of Jung Joon Young and was investigated by the police for spreading sensitive content. The male singer was then brought to the prosecutor's office with a request for prosecution, but received a suspension of the indictment.

At that time, Eddy Kim's management company Mystic Story said: "Eddy Kim did not directly film or distribute illegal videos, but he was investigated after it was confirmed that he had uploaded an image. Photos were taken online.

Eddy Kim was proposed to be prosecuted for the Burning Sun - Seungri scandal, and finally escaped - Photo 3

During the investigation, it was also confirmed that the chat room that Eddy Kim was a member of was a private chat room - a place where people gathered for hobbies, unrelated to the chat room sharing illegal videos."

As for Eddy Kim, he admitted that he acted thoughtlessly: "I'm sorry because it was a thoughtless action and am thinking deeply about it."

Eddy Kim was proposed to be prosecuted for the Burning Sun - Seungri scandal, and finally escaped - Photo 4

Eddy Kim returns after 5 years but no one cares

After a 5-year hiatus due to scandal, Eddy Kim returned as a singer for his fourth album It'll Be OK in producer Yoon Jong Shin's music project Track by YOON on January 23. January 2024. However, not many people care about his comeback as Seungri and Jung Joon Young were involved in chat room scandals in the past.

Korean media also commented that Eddy Kim's return was not welcomed by the domestic public. This is probably the result that Eddy Kim is suffering after spreading sensitive content from illegal images in the scandalous chat room.

Eddy Kim was proposed to be prosecuted for the Burning Sun - Seungri scandal, and finally escaped - Photo 5

Some stars were called out

In addition to Eddy Kim, a number of Kpop stars were also named after the BBC documentary about the Burning Sun case was broadcast.

According to Star News Korea, singer HyunA is currently facing many malicious comments due to her romantic relationship with Yong Jun Hyung. Yong Jun Hyung was once controversial because of his involvement in the chat group of Seungri, Jung Joon Young and others. Although Yong Jun Hyung affirmed that he only chatted with Jung Joon Young and did not participate in the group chat with Seungri, he admitted to watching an illegal video from Jung Joon Young. After the incident, Yong Jun Hyung was strongly boycotted by the public, leading to HyunA also being attacked on social networks.

Eddy Kim was proposed to be prosecuted for the Burning Sun - Seungri scandal, and finally escaped - Photo 6

Actor Go Jun Hee also encountered a similar situation. In a program released on the evening of May 28, Go Jun Hee expressed that she was caught up in too many rumors related to the Burning Sun case. Go Jun Hee's representative has confirmed that she will take strong legal action against individuals and organizations spreading false information about the actress. "Rumors on YouTube that Go Jun Hee is an actress involved in the Burning Sun case are completely untrue. They are false and provocative news maliciously created," the representative of Go Jun Hee emphasized.

Eddy Kim was proposed to be prosecuted for the Burning Sun - Seungri scandal, and finally escaped - Photo 7

Model and actor Lee Cheol Woo also had to explain when he was once again suspected of being involved in the chat room. He emphasized on social networks on May 20 that the chat room he joined was only to share schedules and content necessary for the filming of JTBC's entertainment program "Hit Maker" in 2016. "After the show ended, that chat room was also deleted. Not only me, but also my family and acquaintances are suffering because of the false information and malicious comments that continued throughout. for many years", Lee Cheol Woo shared and affirmed that he will take strong action against malicious comments and spreading false information.

Eddy Kim was proposed to be prosecuted for the Burning Sun - Seungri scandal, and finally escaped - Photo 8

The Burning Sun scandal in 2019 shocked all walks of life in Korea. Burning Sun is a bar owned by Seungri - a former member of the group Big Bang. After the investigation, Seungri was tried on 9 charges. His group of friends includes many famous people who participated in a chat group specializing in sharing content that violates the law such as secretly filming and commenting on women. Male singer Jung Joon Young - a prominent member of this chat group - distributed 11 videos secretly filming women. Other members like Choi Jong Hoon were also accused of spreading the video and mocking the victim.

Eddy Kim was proposed to be prosecuted for the Burning Sun - Seungri scandal, and finally escaped - Photo 9

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