Goo Hara spent many years still helping to uncover the Seungri - Jung Joon Young scandal

Bút MàuMay 20, 2024 at 17:16

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Recently, Korean media reported that BBC has just released a documentary video report about Burning Sun. In particular, reporter Kang Kyung Yoon - who uncovered the case - suddenly revealed that the late artist Goo Hara (former member of Kara) helped her in the process of hunting for news.

Journalist Kang said that 5 years ago she had an unanswered question, which was the identity of the character "Police General Prosecutor" in Seungri - Jung Joon Young's chat group. It was Goo Hara who appeared promptly and gave the appropriate answer, helping Kang Kyung Yoon in uncovering the Burning Sun scandal.

Goo Hara spent many years still helping to uncover the Seungri - Jung Joon Young scandal - Photo 1

Goo Hara also helped the female reporter convince Choi Jong Hoon (former member of FT.Island) to provide information about the scandal. BBC said Goo Hara's brother overheard Goo Hara and Choi Jong Hoon's conversation through the speakerphone.

At that time, Goo Hara advised the male singer Choi: "Tell reporter Kang Kyung Yoon everything you know. Jong Hoon, I will try to help you. Tell reporter Kang everything you know." Please".

According to reporter Kang, Goo Hara has been close to Choi Jong Hoon since debut and also knows Seungri and Jung Joon Young. Because they are acquaintances, Goo Hara once saw 3 artists using their phones and noticed unusual signs. Former Kara member once shared with reporter Kang: "I actually noticed something very strange about them. What you said seems to be true."

Goo Hara spent many years still helping to uncover the Seungri - Jung Joon Young scandal - Photo 2

In an interview with the BBC, journalist Kang Kyung Yoon recalled the moment she received Goo Hara's request for help: "I still remember clearly her strong voice: 'Reporter. , I'm Goo Hara. I really want to help you'. Now that I remember, I feel very grateful for her help."

Kang Kyung Yoon commented that Goo Hara is an extremely brave and enthusiastic g.irl: "Every time I talk to her, no matter what I say, she always asserts: 'I also want to help you. Actually, I was a victim'. I remember clearly what she said."

Goo Hara spent many years still helping to uncover the Seungri - Jung Joon Young scandal - Photo 3

Goo Hara was born in 1991 and became famous as a member of the famous Korean g.irl group - KARA. KARA possesses many remarkable achievements in the music industry, dominating the Japanese market in 2010. KARA is the first Korean g.irl group to perform at Tokyo Dome.

At that time, Goo Hara was the most noticeable member of the group with her small face, big round eyes, slim b.ody and was called a "living doll". She was one of the most famous female stars in Korea in the period 2009-2011 with hundreds of advertisements and huge projects.

However, besides her successful career, Goo Hara also faced a lot of criticism for her statements. She admitted herself that she edited her face to have her current beauty. But before that, the female singer confided that when she was in school, she was isolated because she was too beautiful.

Goo Hara spent many years still helping to uncover the Seungri - Jung Joon Young scandal - Photo 4

After 9 years of operation, KARA officially disbanded in 2016 and at this time Goo Hara went solo. No longer keeping the innocent doll image, she began to shift towards a more daring image. However, the change to her s.exy image was unsuccessful and private scandals began to engulf her

Goo Hara's career really went downhill when she got caught up in a heavy love affair. In September 2018, Goo Hara accused her boyfriend, hair stylist Choi Jong Bum, of influencing her with pictures of her bruised limbs. However, Choi Jong Bum's boyfriend accused Goo Hara of influencing him.

Goo Hara spent many years still helping to uncover the Seungri - Jung Joon Young scandal - Photo 5

While Goo Hara received "criticism" for scratching her ex-boyfriend's face, Dispatch released a clip of Choi threatening to release a sensitive clip of him and Goo Hara, causing her to kneel down and beg. Although Goo Hara is the one who receives more public approval, there are many negative reviews about her, especially the fact that Goo Hara has a sensitive clip.

Under public pressure, in the early morning of May 25, 2019, the manager discovered the female singer unconscious at her home after she tried to sleep. Luckily, Goo Hara's condition is not too serious. In November 2023, the Korean press continued to be shocked by the news that Goo Hara continued to do negative things.

Goo Hara spent many years still helping to uncover the Seungri - Jung Joon Young scandal - Photo 6

Before her d.eath, Goo Hara posted a photo on Instagram on November 23 with the caption "Good night". This image of the female singer cannot help but make fans feel pity.

Goo Hara spent many years still helping to uncover the Seungri - Jung Joon Young scandal - Photo 7

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