Roy Kim: The only person to escape Burning Sun, his biological father disowned him after the Seungri incident

Đình NhưMay 24, 2024 at 22:13

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In the shocking incident in the Korean entertainment industry about Jung Joon Young's group chat, Roy Kim was also one of the people investigated. Before the scandal, he was originally a "male god" known as the "Ballad Prince" with his gentle, considerate and obedient appearance.

Recently, BBC World Service's investigation team released a documentary titled Burning Sun: Exposing Kpop's secret chat groups. The episode, which lasted more than 1 hour, exposed the dark sides of the shocking Burning Sun case that had never been made public.

Roy Kim: The only person to escape Burning Sun, his biological father disowned him after the Seungri incident - Photo 1

The content revolves around the thorny journey of two Korean female journalists - Park Hyo Sil and Kang Kyung Yoon - exposing the crimes of people masquerading as idols. Burning Sun is considered the most terrible scandal of Korean showbiz, changing the view of the entire fan community who consider idols as "ideal models".

Burning Sun includes 2 main developments - the chat group headed by Jung Joon Young, with the participation of "famous" names such as Seungri, Choi Jong Hoon (FT Island), Kwon Hyuk Jin (Yuri SNSD's brother), ... and attacks and p.rostitution inside the club that the former BIGBANG member ran. After 5 years since the scandal broke out, "shaking" Asia, once again, the public witnessed the whole truth and crimes of those masquerading as stars.

Roy Kim: The only person to escape Burning Sun, his biological father disowned him after the Seungri incident - Photo 2

No words can express the disappointment of the audience right now, especially those who were fans of one of the idols mentioned above. In addition to the problems that have existed through the indictment, the crime of these people is also "killing" the beautiful memories, youth, and trust of fans. In addition to the most famous name - and also the decisive one, Seungri, Roy Kim is also one of the disappointing people.

Who is Roy Kim?

Roy Kim was born in 1993, his real name is Kim Sang Woo. He grew up in America and was the champion of Mnet Korean television station Superstar K season 4. He is famous for many famous ballads such as Only then, When Autumn comes, Spring Spring Spring...

Roy Kim: The only person to escape Burning Sun, his biological father disowned him after the Seungri incident - Photo 3

When participating in game shows and reality TV, Roy Kim always appears to be an honest person. Roy Kim himself once admitted that his father advised his son to limit contact with Jung Joon Young when he saw that the two played together very closely. Not to mention, Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young once had a great collaboration in the famous Korean hit Becoming Dust.

At that time, in order to serve the investigation, Roy Kim, who was studying at Georgetown University, USA, was urgently summoned back home. Police do not rule out the possibility of including Roy Kim as a suspect in the case.

Roy Kim: The only person to escape Burning Sun, his biological father disowned him after the Seungri incident - Photo 4

Roy Kim's father - Mr. Kim Hong Taek is the founder of Seoul Taekju company and teaches at Korea's leading Hongik University. When the scandal broke out, Mr. Kim had to bow his head and apologize to his students. He planned to quit teaching, but because he thought of his students, he decided to work one more year, then retire.

He was so ashamed of his son that he deleted Roy Kim's name from his personal profile on Naver. Kim Hong Taek's biological father's name also no longer appears in Roy Kim's profile.

The only one who escaped?

After receiving the summons, Roy Kim was present at the police station in Seoul, Korea. In front of Korean media, he said: "I am extremely sorry to my fans and relatives. I will honestly report."

Then, in a program, famous journalist Kim Jin Hyun caused confusion when asserting that the "Only Then" singer was completely innocent of related charges.

Roy Kim: The only person to escape Burning Sun, his biological father disowned him after the Seungri incident - Photo 5

Specifically, she said: "Many people do not know that Roy Kim, Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong Hoon are all members of a chat group specializing in fishing. Of course, the fish here are real fishing. Because At that time in the group chat, there was information circulating about a certain artist's sensitive image. Roy Kim took a photo from that information source to clarify: 'This is absolutely not human in the photo'. However, this action accidentally became evidence to turn Roy Kim into the person who spread the sensitive images as accused. In fact, Roy Kim posted the photos in the chat group not to transmit sensitive content but only to confirm that the photo has been edited."

This journalist continued: "He did not receive any verdict and was continuously investigated. This caused Roy Kim's image and honor to be seriously affected. Therefore, until now, Roy Kim still can't promote. I really hope everyone can know this unresolved story."

Roy Kim: The only person to escape Burning Sun, his biological father disowned him after the Seungri incident - Photo 6

Journalist Kim Jin Hyun's assertion also made the public stir.

After the above vindication news, Roy Kim also spoke up, affirming that he was not guilty.

"Hello, I'm Roy Kim.

For all those who have been waiting until the news was announced today, I'm not sure if I have the courage to write to everyone now. However, I am drawing down my heart to express to you how sincerely sorry I am and how grateful I feel.

I recently received the results of the investigation. I planned to tell you all first, and I'm sorry that everything has been made public through the news.

Roy Kim: The only person to escape Burning Sun, his biological father disowned him after the Seungri incident - Photo 7

First, in 2016, I found a blog post through an information portal, explaining that the rumored photo at that time was an edited product. I took a screenshot and sent the image to a group of friends and acquaintances with similar interests, along with a message saying the news wasn't true. I realized that sharing such photos was wrong, regardless of the intention or content of the message. I was acutely aware of that.

Roy Kim: The only person to escape Burning Sun, his biological father disowned him after the Seungri incident - Photo 8

I sincerely apologize that I have hurt so many people because of my ignorant and reckless actions. I was worried about what to say and how to say it to you. And then I went through days of great fear as I watched the controversy continue to grow. During that time, I humbly looked back at myself, and once again I realized that the love you have for me is endless.

To all of you who have supported and loved me unwaveringly over the past few long days, I'm so sorry that I can't express it in words, I'm truly extremely grateful. I will step forward with great responsibility and thoughtful thinking so as not to disappoint you, the people who have trusted and waited for me until the end, so that I can return to being the Roy Kim that everyone has always known. always loved and admired. Thank you very much."

Roy Kim: The only person to escape Burning Sun, his biological father disowned him after the Seungri incident - Photo 9

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